In a time too distant for even the village elders to remember, a handsome young Lord lived within a small castle in the deepest part of the forest, where he governed over all villages in the Province. He was by no means a bad leader, but he was proud, cold, vain, and selfish.

One dark and stormy night, a beggar woman appeared at the gate of the castle, requesting even the smallest most uncomfortable place to stay the night. The young Lord refused to help such an old ugly thing, and sent her away.

Instead of leaving, the beggar revealed her true form: The Goddess that lived within the Tree of Life, and daughter of the Beast King: Kaio. She was testing his kindness, and therefore deemed him unfit to govern, placing upon him a terrible curse as punishment.

He would remain in the body of a grotesque cross of human and Komanoto, and all the other inhabitants of the castle would become Child and Adult form Spectrobes. The only way to break his curse was to prove his kindness. More specifically: he would need a woman- beautiful inside and out to love him unconditionally. But he did not have forever.

The Goddess selected one great tree within the Lord's courtyards, a tree that would no longer change with the seasons, but slowly shed its leaves over the course of several centuries. If he could not find a woman before the tree shed all its leaves...

"...He would die alone, his heart of ice untouched by the warmth of love." Salia recited the last line as she closed the book. The story was just an old fable told by grouchy old people to scare the younger children, but for the strangest reason she couldn't help but wonder if it were true.

The story had been her favorite as a child, and was now her one source of comfort. Her mother, who had once been the Village Cheif had died in an accident several months ago, leaving her under the care of her sickly father and older-than-dirt grandmother. They had hit a rough spot in finances and hung on by strings, slowly drowning within a sea of debts.

But if there was one thing that made Salia uneasy, it was knowing that the only way to save themselves, was to have her married off. It was imminent now. Her father taking her to visit some of the richest people in the village with unmarried sons. It was absolutely disgusting to be advertized like some sort of product, but she had no say in the matter.

Sighing, she stood up, white nightgown brushing the tops of her feet as she slid the book back into place on her shelf. She returned to her bed, blew out the candle, and wondered.

A/N: Well, I decided to give my Fairytale and Spectrobe Crossover thingie a go. And I might just delete this if no one really cares or if its really that bad. Some things might seem slightly inacurate since I haven't played Origins in a while.