A new Penderwick story arriving soon: 'Wings.'

Batty experiences bullying in her fifth grade classroom, and must learn to ask for help( from certain sisters). Here's a sneak peek at what's coming:

Batty stared into Faith's cold green eyes. Faith glared into Batty's face, her lips puckered with hatred. "Loser."

Batty blinked and heard a thin buzzing in her ears; the room seemed to be tipping on its axis. She couldn't exactly breathe properly, as though there wasn't enough oxygen in the room. "You're wrong," she said quietly.

"Let me break it down for you, Penderwick. You are a freak! A failure! A complete loser. Nobody likes you." Faith tossed her sleek ponytail with air of utmost superiority. "And your name is fitting. Batty, the crazy girl."

Batty wished Faith would just evaporate and leave her alone, but she persisted. Faith reached into her pocket, and withdrew something, a very nasty smirk on her face. "Don't worry, Batty. I'll leave you to play your bizarre music in peace. Hey," she added, frowning at Batty's sweater. "I think you have a piece of lint on your sleeve. I'll get it." She glided up to Batty and with a swift movement, jabbed something into Batty's wrist, hard.

"Ouch!" Batty stepped back, a red smudge growing on her arm.

"Oops!" Faith said sweetly. "See you around!" She sashayed toward the door of the music room and vanished into the hall beyond.

Batty was examining her arm. Her stomach dropped when she saw the needle-like piece of lead that belonged in a mechanical pencil.

Coming soon...