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Hi my name is Daisy Melark Hawthorne; I was seventeen when I want to live with my grandmother in district 4. I train to become a nurse, and then move onto District 2 where I met none other than Gale Hawthorne. Of course I knew the stories about my mother and Gale having feelings for each other but did that stop me, no. When he first introduces himself to me, He calls me Katniss, thinking I was my mother. He soon learns that I was nothing like my mother or maybe I was. I am independent, wild and carefree. Gale fought us dating and fought our whole relationship in general but when I seduce him, he stopped fighting. So here I am today, Age 18, married to one mister Gale Hawthorne and we have a daughter name Hanna Primrose Hawthorne. Now we are about to introduce Hanna to her grandparents and all of District 12.

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