This is a challenge story my wife gave me that will go real quick up until fifth year where the story will truly began enjoy Red haired Harem Challenge, I hope you all enjoy.


Harem pairing allowed must be paired with red heads only and must deal with issues that would come up with from dealing with multiple partners

Harry sarcastic/grey/slightly dark

Ginny darker then Harry left over from the diary and Parsel tongue

Snape is good but can be a bastard

Harry in Gryffindor but can be switched later

Dumbledore bashing- manipulative bastard

Molly bashing

Snape and Bella have to live

Fred has to survive

Kill Percy but must make amends with his family before he dies

Dumbledore most survive but suffer for his sins forever

A/N the only thing I own is Keira, she is my wife and lover and seeing as I give her my entire pay check every two weeks that means she is mine HAHAHAHA! The character is based off my wife and I have her approval to use her likeness for my story. (She is also a writer on this site pen name is Nancydrewpotter)

Chapter 1 the first ten years

Harry age 1 Privet Drive number 4 Surrey England

Albus and Minerva had just apperated away from Privet Drive leaving a baby in a basket on the door step when a figure limped out of the shadows and canceled his concealing charms. The elderly auror was beyond pissed at what he had just heard coming from the mouth of his supposed friends, how could they think he would ever allow a child any child to be raised by those monsters. Alastor picked up the sleeping baby and vanished the basket but pocketed the letter after he dispelled the compulsion charms on it he limped away from the house and activated the portkey his wife had made for him just in case.

Alastor landed across town still in Surrey and limped into his garage, squeezing between his wives' GTO and his work bench making a mental note to cast the expansion charms on the garage in the morning. First he glanced down at the rug with his good eye while his magical eye found her working in the kitchen seeing the soft rose color on the rug Alastor smiled and called out to her, "Keira love, I am home, it's time to meet our new son."

Out of the kitchen walked a woman that was Alastor's opposite in every way. Keira was a twenty six year old healer with a soft kind motherly look, a healthy sized woman who loved without reservation and never faltered in her belief that she had made the right choice, a muggleborn physical therapist at Saint Mungo's who saw past the gruff and angry hundred year old auror to see the man beneath the paranoid armor and fell in love with the man who would gladly give his life to protect everyone's right to live.

Numerous injuries had left Alastor without the ability to bare children but still perform his duties as a husband so his wife had told him they would adopt a war orphan and she didn't care from what side as long as a child needed a home she would take them in to theirs. Oddly enough Alastor took it as an order and not the request it sounded like when his wife had mentioned it while they were lying in bed. Keira took one look at the baby and fell in love with the little boy and scooped him up in her arms to hold him, before her husband could mention it she noticed the scar on his forehead and cocked an eyebrow at her husband who only handed her a letter as explanation before he poured himself a large glass of scotch.

Keira barely made it through the first paragraph before she threw it into the fire and curse in every language she knew, it took a while.

"What are we going to call our son, my husband?" Keira asked as she might believe in the goodness of people she still knew that Harry Potter would need to disappear for as long as possible to allow him a chance to live.

"Marcus…" Alastor offered then thought for a moment before continuing, "Marcus for your father, James for his own and Moody to let him know that even if we didn't bring him in to the world we will love him always." (From now on Harry will be called Marcus but still be referred to as Harry as his adopted parents want him to be proud of those who gave their lives for him.)

Harry Potter age 6 Wellington Drive number 16 Surrey England

The first day of school was already here and Harry Potter was bouncing off the walls to go to school. Thanks to his moms homeschooling Harry was able to read and write, do basic math and loved to play soccer with his mates, thanks to his dad who worked as a security consultant for foreign diplomat Harry was also taking kickboxing classes several times a week along with a strong physical work out ethic he was a real heart throb if the playground gossip could be believed, even a pair of older girls, both nine had said he was a hottie.

As it was the first day of school and school the lived only a few blocks away Harry and his mom walked to school. Keira as was her custom was wearing her spiked collar and hoop earing's with her warm summer dress that showed off several tattoos on her arms and shoulders, next to her was her son Harry like his dad always wore his kilt and fingerless gloves with silver studs along the knuckles and a t-shirt that read 'Mad-Eye Security' on the front while on the back it said 'you aren't paranoid if someone is after you' and his brand knew avengers backpack. Harry himself was bright handsome and very a very happy boy who loved life and having fun, the right potions and a plastic surgeon had healed up Harry's cursed scar nicely and added a new layer to his disguise.

When they arrived at school Harry and Keira walked up to the first grade teacher who looked at Harry like he was going to be a problem and his mother like she was going to get it if she told her son off. The teacher barely shook Keira's hand when she extended it to her as she noticed the long acrylics and spiked collar as if she could tell her type with just a glance.

After introductions Harry rushed over to his friends while Keira said hello to a few of the other mothers she knew before she left to go start her part time job as a receptionist at her husband's work.

One month later on the playground at lunch

Harry stormed across the playground with his mates, John and Nathanial at his back ready to back up their leader and kick some ass. Across the playground a girl from their class was crying as she tried to get her book back from the school bullies, Dudley and his gang. Dudley was busy tarring pages from the book because they were filled with words and not pictures while his gang pushed the girl away every time she tried to take her book back. On her third attempt the girl accidently scratch Dudley's arm trying to get book which he responded with a punch to the girl's cheek.

Knocked to the ground and kick by one of them then grabbed and shoved her into a mud puddle while the rest of the gang was going through her book bag and throwing her things into the mud while calling her beaver teeth and a know-it-all when Harry pushed one of the boys to the ground and got in Dudley's face while his buddies at his back with fists raised and ready to fight even if they were outnumbered five to three.

Harry had learned many things from his father but one thing he knew without a shadow of a doubt was that you don't hit a girl.

"Tell you what," Harry said inches from Dudley's face as more students gathered around to see what was about to happen. Harry plucked a half-eaten apple from one of the goon's hands and held it up, "I got three quid that says I can knock this apple off the top of your head without touching you or the apple and when I do it you promise to leave her alone!"

Dudley knew he couldn't do it so took the bet fully attending to beat up these idiots so that all of the kids would see how tough he was and take the money anyways if he lost so he said, "Go ahead Marcus I give my word."

Harry placed the apple on his head then stepped back and balled up a fist and rammed it into his gut as hard as he could knocking the fat pig to the ground. Dudley laid on the ground crying much to the laughter of the other kids especially when Harry pulled out three quid and tossed them on Dudley who was still crying and said, "Damn Dudley cry baby I guess you were right I couldn't do it."

It was then the playground monitor came over and took all the kids involved to the principal's office but Harry wouldn't leave until he gathered up all crying girls things and helped up even giving her his jacket to wear as she was cold from being soaked in the puddle.

"Hi I am Marcus James Moody." Harry offered as he walked next to the girl and even put his arm around her to keep her warm.

"Hermione, Hermione Jean Granger." Hermione offered with a whisper, blushing bright red at the fact the cutest boy in her class was talking to her.

Once all the parents were called Hermione went home with her mom for the rest of the day to get changed and a threat to the school if her daughter came home with another shiner because the playground monitor didn't do their job. Petunia demanded Harry be locked away forever until the boy's father showed up and growled at the annoying house wife who recognized the bitter angry ex-auror all too well from when Vernon was arrested from attempted rape against her sister it was only the intervention of Albus Dumbledore that had saved the man from twenty years in prison and only her word that Vernon was with her all day and her sister was just trying to steal her fiancée from her that convinced the man even if he knew it was a lie. The principle an old friend of Vernon believed Dudley but didn't want to make enemies of the Grangers lawyers or the horribly scarred man gave all the boys detention but let Dudley and his goons out of it at the end of the day. From that day forward Hermione became fast friends with Harry and the Hooligans, the soccer team Harry played with and was the captain for.

Harry Potter age 9 Surrey Park Soccer field youth Finals, Moody's Hooligans vs. the Surrey Warriors

Harry raced down the soccer field passing the ball back and forth with his best mate Nathanial and mocking the warriors as they tried to intercept the ball but the two boys were the best in the league at gaining a favorable shot position. The clock was winding down and the score was tied and everyone was expecting Harry to take the kick.

In front of the goal post was Dudley the brick wall Dursley who was called this not because of his blocking skill but because he could block most of the goal with his bulk. Every warrior expected Harry to take the kick as he was the team captain and the best player but the Hooligans hadn't got where they were now as one trick pony and if Harry didn't have a shot he passed the ball like his mother had taught him. Feigning a kick to Nathanial Harry quickly passed the ball to the team's tomboy Rebecca who took her shot and even bounced the ball off of Dudley's head to score the goal.

The crowd roared in approval as the Hooligan cuties, the cheer team lead by Hermione and set up by Keira for a group of girls who wanted to support their friends and brothers team without having to play, screamed out the teams victory cheer. Dressed in pleated cheer skirts and belly shirts colors matching the teams, the eight girls screamed loudly as they waved their pom-poms in support of their team and encouraging them to scream out their support as well.

Petunia raced to her sons side but he charged out and shoved Rebecca for hitting him in the head with a soccer ball only to have John who had a crush on said girl slug Dudley hard, to all those who had not known how the team got their names quickly learned when Harry screamed out, "Hooligans for the honor of Manchester!" Every member of the team charged the warriors chasing them off the field screaming like little girls, even the cheer girls chased after the other teams girls who screamed just as loudly and ran for it all the while ignoring the referees whistle.

It wasn't until Alastor Moody walked on to the field after decking Vernon for insulting his wife for raising such a hellion and magically amplifying his voice a bit and called out that there was a pizza party waiting for them at the other side of the park when the Hooligans let out another cheer and raced to their celebratory party instead of after the newly named Surrey Dandies. Harry lead the charge with a bloody nose from an elbow from Dudley and a black eye from Perkins, next to him was Hermione who had a bite mark on her arm from Delores Dursley, his little sister and schools meanest girl, Hermione had got her own in smacking the girl silly and grabbing her by the hair and slamming her into the ground.

Several parents wanted to admonish the kids for fighting but given the fact they were defending a team mate against the neighborhood bully and many of their kids where his victims of his abuse they decided to let them just enjoy the party instead. Several girls from the team gave Harry celebratory kisses on the cheek make him blush a little until the girls coach a big sister of John and a rapidly developing fifteen year old gave Harry a chaste kiss on the lips and making him blush bright red all over and getting laughs from the rest of the team. When Harry looked at Hermione and made a kissing face, Hermione elbowed him then kissed Nathanial and Boris the teams goalie before finally relenting at Harry's puppy dog look and giving him a peck on the cheek as well.

Alastor himself was having a pretty good time as well as raising a son had helped Alastor lose a lot of his paranoia. Still a cautious man but now a friend could pat him on the back without getting a broken hand, Harry had worked a miracle in the harden man by fully opening his heart and allowing him to trust.

Harry Potter age 10 Wellington Drive number 16, Harry's Bedroom, Surrey England

"What?" Hermione couldn't believe what she had just heard but knowing it was Harry she could.

"I said we should kiss each other to find out if we have the spark and should be boyfriend and girlfriend." Harry was in serious mode telling Hermione he wasn't joking and even standing in his serious pose with his hands on his hips and looking his best friend in the eye. The fact he was only wearing his underwear kind of made the pose a little funny.

Hermione stood there in just her panties as her and Harry were getting dressed after swimming and while her father thought they were getting to the age where they should not be changing in front of each other even if his wife told him they were too young for that and laughed at him. When he broached the subject with his daughter she asked the dreaded question of why she shouldn't be allowed to see her best friend naked as she had many times before and she already knew they were different as he was a boy and boys had penis while she was a girl and girls had vaginas. Her father had no wish to talk to his little girl about penises and why she should stay away from them until she was thirty and married to a man he choose so he let the matter drop for now and figured he would just do as his wife said and accept the fact that Marcus was too young to even think about Hermione in that way and he was too much of a gentleman to try anything with his baby girl.

"Ok, I think I would like that too." Hermione said blushing as brightly as Harry now.

Together both preteens walked up to each other and while Hermione closed her eyes and tilted her head to the left while Harry closed his eyes and tilted his head to the right. As their lips meet Harry placed his hands on Hermione's waist like his dad does when he kisses his wife and Hermione cupped Harry's cheeks like her mom does when she kisses her husband. They held the kiss for about twenty seconds before they broke apart, they had only parted their lips a little and there was no tongue involved but it was still a very sweet and loving first kiss.

When the kiss ended Harry kept his arms on Hermione's waist and pulled her into a hug while she wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed herself a moment to enjoy the hug. "That was nice," They both said at the same time, a habit they had of communicating they developed after years of friendship, they often finished each other's sentences just to annoy the teachers they didn't like.

Still holding his best friend, it was one of his favorite things as she was always there for him, he started to speak, "I really liked that but…"

Hermione enjoyed the feel of Harry's arms around her as it made her feel so safe and secure, her first friend, her confidant, the one person who loved her for her, finished for him, "…there was no spark like in the books and movies."

Even if they were destined to be just friends Hermione was enjoying the hug too much to pull away well until she felt Harry's hand on her bottom, "Marcus why are you touching my bum?"

Both kids chuckled as the mood was broken and when Harry gave her bum a squeeze she pushed him back enough to still keep his arms around her but get them away from her bum and slapped him in the chest. "Best friends forever," They said in unison then leaned in and gave each other a peck on the lips to seal their pledge.

Hermione then leaned in and resumed enjoying her hug and said, almost hesitantly as if scared what he would say, "I love you big brother." Followed by Harrying pulling her into a bone crushing hug and whispering in to her ear, with all the love he possessed, "Love you too little sister."

Standing outside the room both moms watched the scene playing out before them with hands covering their mouths to not brake the magic of the moment. The moment was so intimate and innocent at the same time, it was the type of moment most women dream about to have and made both of their hearts flutter even if they were a little sad to know that match making was out of the question when they were old enough it was still a magical moment made more so by the glow that surrounded them as they sealed the friendship with such an innocent kiss. The fact Hermione added her own glow to the mix just reaffirmed what Keira had suspected that the sweet little girl who had entered their lives four years ago was witch and would save her from the heart breaking scene of having to send them to different schools. Of course the moment ended when Harry gently grabbed Hermione's bum and asked if being her big brother meant he still had bum touching privileges only to receive a smack to the back of the head and a maybe as a response.

Harry Potter age 11 Wellington Drive number 14 Surrey England

Minerva McGonagall apperated to the outside of the home a future muggleborn witch and turned off her notice me not amulet as she walked up to the front door to deliver a letter to one Hermione Granger.

Minerva knocked twice on the door and adjusted her hat a little when a woman opened the door with thick bushy brown hair tied in a bun and wearing an apron, "Hello Miss Granger, my name is Minerva McGonagall and I am a teacher at a school called Hogwarts that has asked me to extend an invitation to your daughter may I come inside.

Emma Granger was about to tell the woman she was in the middle of a barbecue when Keira asked her who was at the door, the moment she told her a teacher from Hogwarts named Minerva the sound of feet running through the house and her friend was by her side in an instant. Keira escorted Minerva into the room and called out to everyone to come inside, Alastor and Danial walked inside laughing about a story Alastor was talking about, the laughter ended when Alastor's eyes landed on the woman sitting on the couch. Both adults were followed by to down cast children, Harry had been depressed all summer at the thought of having to go to a magical school without his friends especially Hermione. Hermione had done her best to get it out of Harry why he was so sad and so clingy this summer and she knew he wanted to talk tonight at the sleep over, for some reason she was terrified Harry was going away and she would never see him again.

The sight of his father's stance and guarded looks told Harry the visitor was magical, when Hermione tried to step forward and shake her hand Harry's grip tightened around her waist and pretty much forced her onto the couch next to him. Oddly Harry had pulled the small stick he carried everywhere out of his pants pocket as he sat down but kept it concealed as he watched the woman sitting next to his mom.

Emma came in last and was surprised to see the guarded looks being cast at the elderly woman but was equally shocked at the look sheer and utter loathing on the faces of her friends that was hidden from the woman, be it a twitch of the eye or tightness of the smile the signs were subtle but they were there.

Minerva broke the silence when she stood up and extended her hand to Alastor first but thought better of it and went Mister Granger first then his wife. "Well I usually have to start off with a demonstration but with Alastor here and on good term with you I think we can get right to it." Seeing Danial give her a nod she began, "My name is Professor Minerva McGonagall and I am the deputy headmistress at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I am also the transfigurations teacher and a witch just like your daughter, Hermione."

Before Danial or Emma could laugh at the woman Harry hugged Hermione tight and screamed with joy at the knowledge that he wouldn't be separated from his best friend, Hermione's confusion at Harry's sudden turnaround of emotions made something click in her head; Harry was going to this school fa away and hadn't told her.

"You're a witch also and you never told me!" Hermione yelled as she tried to punch Harry in the chest for keeping a secret from her but he was holding her to tightly for her to break free and properly pummel him.

"Keira, Alastor, what is she talking about?" Emma had to ask as she was beginning to think this wasn't a joke.

While Alastor explained a few things to her about the world and how he came to adopt Harry Minerva watched Harry closely but could only find hints of James and Lilly and decided that it must be the Makinnin orphan or the Watsworth orphan as both had green eyes and the boy in front of her had red tips on his short spiky hair and any son of James would have messy hair not to mention the famous scar on the forehead was not there at all. Getting back to the matter at hand the Grangers agreed once their daughter told them she didn't want to be parted from her brother, as Alastor was helping the Grangers sign the forms Minerva made sure to not even try to slip in the open-ended marriage contract that Albus used to keep the light side healthy, when Keira plucked the magical guardian from out of the batch as well Minerva was treated with death glares and beat a hasty retreat when Alastor told the Grangers that the form surrendered all legal rights to the Headmaster of Hogwarts in concerns to the daughters medical and parental decisions.