Chapter 3 Summer time fun

The first thing Harry had to do when he got home for summer was debrief with his dad, it was important to make sure that the disguise was working and it made Harry feel like he was a part of a secret. Alastor asked his son plenty of questions, some were simple like what was his favorite class to more complicated and embarrassing like what was his relationship to the young red haired girl he was holding hands with when he got off the train. Father and son sat for hours the evening discussing every major and minor detail, it was close to midnight when Harry was finally released to go to bed.

Harry stumbled a bit as he walked to his room he was feeling a bit giddy as he tried to navigate the stairs and the door was even more of a challenge as his dad had given him his first taste of fire whisky tonight. The bed looked very inviting as Harry fell on to it and was out like a light, in the morning when he awoke Harry would have a splitting headache from the little extra added to his glass and never want to over indulge again.

In the morning Harry stumbled down to the kitchen surprised to see an owl awaiting him, "Morning honey," Keira called out loudly as she cooked breakfast.

"Too loud." Harry cringed as he sat down at the table and grabbed a fork to chow down only to have the owl waiting for him to screech loudly, "I got it shut up."

Harry reached out and untied the letter only to have the owl scratch his hand for yelling at him. Harry gave the owl a puppy dog look but it just glared at him and flew over to the counter to preen and look majestic for Keira who was petting the cooing bird while she feed him a little bacon. Seeing the owl was staying Harry decided to read the letter and respond as the owl was waiting for him, what Harry read had him floored.

Marcus Moody,

First off I don't approve of my little sister being so taken with a young man at her age but I know that if I agree to deliver letters for you two then you will remember Ginny is a little girl and you interactions with her will stay appropriate for a young lady her age. Here are my terms for assistance, first off Ginny is my baby sister and will be treated with the respect that a pureblood princess deserves, second my owl will deliver a letter to you at five PM every Friday and will leave you residence at six PM with or without a response thirdly and lastly I am planning on working for the ministry and I am sure your father has a contact that can help me so I don't have to get stuck working in some department that will get me nowhere like my father. If you agree check the yes box on the bottom and return this letter to me.

Get writing, Percival Weasley

P.S. my owl will be gone before the howler activates

Harry grabbed a quill and checked the yes box and quickly reattached the letter right before the owl took off. Moments later another flew in through the sun roof and almost crashed in to his mom in an effort to finish delivering its letter, the poor owl looked done in and in need of retirement. The poor owl was huffing and puffing trying to get its wind back as Harry untied the letter, even if he had never received one Harry recognized a howler from the many that were sent to the twins, "Mom we got a howler," Harry called out right before the letter exploded and Molly Weasley's voice ripped through the house.

You disgusting little pervert I will never allow my daughter to have anything to do with the son of a paranoid lunatic and a gold digging slut so back off my daughter will belong only to Harry Potter and you will never be worthy of her. If I catch you sniffing around her again I will see you locked up in Azkaban your family name dragged through the mud and maybe your parents will keep you company, my sons have told me all about you and I won't see my daughter soiled before her marriage stealing away my bride price. You think I can't do it then I will bring the full weight of my allied friends against you and that includes your headmaster and your head of house who have promised to expel you if you try. And tell your fat slut of a mother that my husband has already pressed charges against you for trying to interfere in my daughters intended betrothal by buying her off with nice clothes and trinkets rest assured I burned them all last night and will be taking my daughter in to be checked and if she is not still a virgin I will be suing you for the lost bride price.

Keira threw half a dozen curses at the howler but she couldn't seem to hit it as it dodged her every strike. Her husband rushed into the room right as the howler was finishing and hit it with a wide area stunner that froze the howler and drained the magic out of it and dropping it to the ground. Alastor quickly summoned the letter to him and conjured an evidence bag ready to teach that bitch who insulted his wife a lesson about not messing with an auror of his stature. His wife preferred the more direct approach.

"That bitch I am going over there and kicking her ass and who is to comment on anyone's weight I will show her not to mess with my family!" Keira yelled and grabbed her wand ready to go and kill that bitch when her husband grabbed her arm and jerked his head towards their son. Any anger she had bleed out of her when she saw Harry sitting at the kitchen table looking crushed, she may have been angry but she was an adult that had taken years of abuse from purebloods who thought they were better just because of blood her son on the other hand had always been well liked because of his giving and protective nature. She rushed over and wrapped her son in her arms she would deal with her heart broken son while her husband took the light work like taking on the Weasley family.

Alastor's first stop was the ministry where he headed straight for the head of aurors department Amelia Bones, several people tried to get in his way but one look at his cold eyes full of barely controlled fury had them scurrying for cover. When Arthur Weasley tried to confront him he barely got more than a word out before his fist connected with the man's jaw and send him crashing into the ground, Arthur was flipped over and cuffed before he was unceremoniously thrown into his cubical. Several of the younger aurors watched the legend destroy an opponent with such ease that they were hopping for another demonstration and followed him in awe up to the head office, the older aurors who had served with the man in the field just shook their heads and reaffirmed their promise to never get on the man's bad side.

As he approached the door he slammed his walking stick into the ground hard and sent a burst of energy into the door throwing it open and barked out an order at the young aurors in meeting with the two heads of the department, "Leave NOW."

A dozen recruits fresh from the academy rushed from the room as the angry malformed man stormed in and turned to the head of department who matched his glare without blinking it was only then he noticed a single recruit was still in the room but looking ready to bolt if not for the fact the head of auror special forces was gripping the girls arm and keeping her in place. Rufus nodded at Alastor as way of greeting and sat back to enjoy the show.

"Alastor what a pleasure I was just going to send your old friend Rufus to see you." Amelia said in a calm voice. During the war she had seen Alastor in this type of mood before especially when the use of unforgivables was allowed by the former department head, she and Rufus were forced to drag him back from physically throttling the man.

"I'm here now and I demand you reinstate me so I can go and arrest that ugly sow who dared to insult my wife and son, I'll show her a lunatic." Alastor asked as much as ordered before tossing an evidence bag on the desk containing a letter.

Both Amelia and Rufus could care less who was sending down orders from on high there was no way they were going to arrest a decorated auror without concrete proof even if it was Albus Dumbledore making the demand. The old manipulator had issued an arrest warrant for the Moody family with an order to have Marcus Moody placed into a muggle orphanage and have his mind erased and magic bound, even if the parents were guilty what the headmaster had demanded was not only unethical but highly illegal as the boy was listed as a pureblood in his adoption file and was legally required to be placed in a proper magical home. Alastor was accused of interfering with a betrothal while his wife was accused of child neglect and attempted bribery to interfere with a betrothal, Amelia had scoffed when she had seen the notice, Alastor was head of a powerful family that outranked the Weasley family and no one was more loving and protective than Keira Moody.

Amelia touched her wand to the evidence bag then tapped a stone disk on her desk causing the words of the letter to float above the stone disk, Rufus scoffed at the letter and couldn't believe anyone would be so stupid those words were challenge and not even he would want take on Alastor. Amelia gave Alastor a hard look the reached into her desk and tossed his old badge at him, "Alastor Moody I reinstate you to the rank of Master Auror, now what charges are you filing against the clan of Weasley and what supporting evidence do you wish to enter in to evidence."

Alastor looked back and forth between his old friends then turned to the young woman, he gave her a hard look that made her wilt. The girl's reason for being in special division became apparent when her hair went from a flowing bright pink to a flat burgundy before his eyes, she is a metamorphmagus he thought in surprise before getting back to the matter at hand. He cleared his throat and began, "Director I am filing charges against the Weasley family for slander and threatening my son, furthermore I wish to have charges against Molly Weasley for child abuse I also plan on filing charges against Arthur Weasley for assaulting my fist with his face."

Laughter broke out from both of the senior aurors as Rufus pulled out a camera and took a picture of the newly reinstated auror's hand for evidence then got up and left to take pictures of Arthur Weasley's face for corroboration. Amelia mean while nodded her head and wondered how to make it all work as she wrote up a warrant for the arrest of the Weasley parents even if she knew that the dead had a better chance of getting ice water in hell then she did of getting a conviction. "What about the headmaster and his deputy," Amelia had to ask as she had no love for either as one was manipulative and the other was too much of a follower to be allowed to roam free.

"We wait." Alastor decided then elaborated, "During the last war the old fool ran a vigilante group that saw many good young people killed for his greater glory and his kitty cat well let's just say I will be paying her a visit tonight and reminding her that it was because of her that Harry Potter is still missing and if she goes after my boy I will crucify her in the press."

"And if I am asked about how you know this?" Amelia asked as she thought about her brother who had joined a group of vigilantes shortly before his entire family minus Susan was killed and if Albus bloody Dumbledore was involved then she would take payment in blood.

Alastor just winked at her and said, "Tell the fool I kept the letter before putting the boy in a safe place."

It was humorous to watch the women's eyes bulged wide for a moment before she regained control of her emotions and nodded her head in agreement Harry Potter being hidden in plain sight was a move worthy Salazar Slytherin himself.

"Come on girl it is time to learn what it means to be an auror." Alastor yelled as he walked out of the office, the young woman jumped to her feet and after a nod from Amelia raced after Alastor, she was ecstatic at the thought of getting two years under the best of the best.

"Another thing young lady, I will be taking you in at the start of every summer if this is how you are going to behave." Molly screamed at her daughter as she was currently being held by her brother Percy.

Her trip to the hospital had been painful and humiliating the healer had done a physical exam to determine she was still a virgin he then forced her to take a cleansing potion which left her hurting on the inside as it was designed to nullify any potions in her system. Percy had spent an hour holding her hair back as she vomited and the only thing that was different about her now was she was feeling a hatred for her own family. The previous night her mother had burned all her presents from the Grangers and the Moodys after her brothers filled her father in about her closeness to Marcus, it didn't matter that he had only given her a few chaste pecks on the lips and a lot of hugs it was because she was not hanging all over Harry Potter. That fact that she had never met Harry Potter before didn't matter to her family in the slightest, she was supposed to marry him so her family could take his money and that was something she silently vowed as her brother held her and let her cry.

When Molly raised her wand Percy moved slightly placing himself more between his little sister and his mother and glared at her, he like the rest of his family wanted a better life but his plans involved making it on his own. He had plans to move up in the world and Percy didn't believe pimping his little sister out like a piece of meat for some unknown person was the way to do it.

"Ginerva Molly Weasley, come here now." Molly ordered as kept her wand leveled at her daughter.

Ginny shook her head only to have her mother grab her by the hair and physically pull her away from her brother only to hear a knock at the door. Molly shoved her daughter back on the couch and went to the door to find a trio of aurors at her door, every one of them looked grim as the lead man grabbed Molly and forced her against the door and cuffed her before informing her she was under arrest. The other two men collected Ginny and took photos of her room and burnt remains of clothes and such in the fire place, the rest of the kids were sent to their aunts while Molly was going to enjoy the aurors hospitality. The fact the girl was limping from her exam had spent the past few hours sobbing and had several welts on her from stinging hexes gave the men all evidence they needed.

Back at Hogwarts Albus was not having a good day when he received a floo call from Molly Weasley claiming she had been arrested for child abuse. Albus had spent several hours call on favors to save the woman only to discover that her trial was set for that evening and more importantly the woman had thrown his name into the mix preventing him from just ordering the Wizingamot to drop all charges. If that wasn't bad enough the goblins had again refused to tell him where Harry Potter was as they could track a magical signature anywhere and no bribe or threat could sway the greedy creatures meaning that whoever had the boy was powerful enough and respected enough to be considered a warrior. To top it all off the most powerful muggleborn in the school since Lily Evans and Minerva was unable to get the marriage contract signed as well as the magical guardian signature signed for Hermione Granger as she would be a perfect match for either the Weasley boy or the Diggory boy two longtime supporter of his.

When a young woman called him on the floo and told him that Arthur Weasley wished to send him a message that he was just arrested and needed help Albus could have torn out his beard. When a bird flew in the window and dropped off the marriage contract he forged between Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley unsigned by the goblins along with his attempts to place Harry under his care had proved just as fruitless. With nothing else to do Albus Dumbledore placed a call to the one person in the ministry who never did him any favors, Amelia Bones.

Alastor and the young auror landed in the back yard on a gazebo that was covered with vines to prevent anyone from noticing that someone was apperating in, sound proofing wards kept noises over a certain decimal level from being heard which allowed people to be inside and still be heard from the outside. Alastor jerked his head towards the house and walked inside to be greeted by the sight of his wife baking cookies and humming softly while his son was working at the table on his homework and was most importantly he was smiling again. "Family this is Rookie, Rookie this is my wife Keira and my son Marcus." Alastor cleared his throat and made introduction, Tonks stepped forward and shook hands with Keira first then Harry when they touched hands both jumped away when the felt a shock at the touch.

"Sorry," They both said at the same time then shook hands again thankfully there was no shock this time.

Knowing he had to get things straightened out at the office Alastor turned to his son first, "Lad show Rookie her room and then take a break from you school work and show her around as well she will be staying with us a while, he then turned to his wife, "Amy gave me Rookie to toughen up and reinstated me so I am going to the office for a few hours to move a few things around and fit her into rotation." Before Alastor left he gave his son a hug and his wife a kiss on the cheek before heading out to his land rover and tarring out of the drive way.

Tonks tried to introduce herself properly but Keira stopped her and explained to her that she was an apprentice now and she had to earn her name like every other young witch and wizard her husband trained. It didn't help when Harry grabbed her hand and jerked her towards the door and called her Rookie then dragged her from the room as she protested that she had a great name that was way more fun to make fun of then Rookie.

Harry and Tonks held hands for most of the day as they walked around the neighborhood and went to visit all the interesting spots. Tonks fell in love with the malt shop that was a throw back of a nineteen fifties malt shop theme with waitress even wearing hoop skirts and hats shaped like beehive hairdos, they took a seat at a booth and both ordered malts and talked about their lives. Tonks was very immature for her age and liked acting like a kid including even hitting a waitress in her beehive hat for scoffing at her pink hair with a spitball while Harry was very mature for his age as he was the leader of his friends and took the role seriously.

On the way home Harry offered her his arm and she graciously accepted as they walked through the park and Tonks talked about being a meta as she liked to call it and even offered to teach Harry a little of it, for Harry it was a very interesting conversation, "I mean like come on I am a bloody meta for merlin sake. And he was like yeah but I want to be with the real you. And then I was like this is me you bloody poof." Tonks was every animated as she talked waving her hand about as if making a point.

"Sure, totally dude." Harry said borrowing a few of her words and hopping that he got them right even if he was really lost.

Completely misunderstanding the fact that Harry was completely confused she continued on, "I mean bloody hell it's not rocket science it is like this if you want to hit it then love it all. You know what I mean?" Tonks struck a pose that caused a pair of young men jogging passed run straight into a tree.

"Totally," Harry stuck with the one word of her vocabulary that he had figured out and decided to help up the girl beside him who was laughing on the ground after she stumbled and fell to the ground. Harry helped up the clumsy auror and the head off home as the sun was finally beginning to set.

They made it home in time for dinner and filled in the adults on what happened during the day. Alastor was happy to see his son getting along with the girl as she would be considered part of the family for the next year as she trained to be the best his wife was just Happy to see her son smiling and happy again.

The next day Tonks was awoken at three am when Alastor burst into her room and blasted her with a stunner while screaming constant vigilance before covering the girl with a blanket and leaving her to rest. A not from Amelia arrived that morning saying the Dumbledore had called in enough favors to get the Weasley family off but given Arthurs connection to her department she had ordered random health and welfare check ups on Ginny to keep the family in line with a threat on his job Arthur would keep his wife in line, the only down side was Alastor would still need to appear next Monday in court to deal with charges filed against him. He wasn't concerned though as a pureblood he had several options.

When Alastor walked into court he didn't wait for the charges to be read before he stood up and demand his right to trial by combat to determine the validity of Arthur Weasley's claims against him. If Arthur accepted he could face Alastor in a duel the winner would be found not at fault or Arthur could back down and all charges would be dropped. Arthur folded quickly and was laughed out of the Wizingamot who always enjoyed a spot of blood, given he was already under review already for disloyalty to the auror corp for his involvement with Albus Dumbledore and his vigilante group the newest black mark would keep him on thin ice if he managed to keep his job.

Three weeks passed quickly as Harry waited for Hermione to return from vacation, Tonks became a fast friend for Harry when she wasn't being trained by the master of insanity as she liked to call him. As for the neighbors they rather enjoyed watching the scarred and crazy man driving down the street slowly and yelling at the young woman running beside his car, usually telling her they wouldn't stop until he was worn out. Despite the physical requirements of training with the man she was having a good time, Alastor had forgotten more about defensive magic than most would ever learn, another thing she enjoyed was that she practiced her dueling techniques against Harry who was faster and more accurate than any recruit like her.

Hermione's return from vacation was a reason to celebrate for the two kids who became attached at the hip the moment they saw each other, of course Hermione was confined to the two house for another week due to her being grounded and while her parents threatened to not let her have any friends over they saw their daughters heart break at the statement and relented to allow her to spend time at the two houses but now going out. Her last week in France Hermione had met a nice boy named Juan Paulo who was a few years older and from Spain they hung out despite her parents not liking it Hermione had been one over with sweet talk and flowers by the more experienced boy had convinced Hermione to sneak out one night with him and go to his family's bungalow conveniently his parents weren't going to be there. While they were walking arm in arm a French girl with sky blue eyes and long blond hair had spotted the boy and decided to take him for herself, the boy pushed Hermione away and made a beeline for the girl who told Hermione she should get used to losing to her betters. What happened next would become one the most watch viral videos on you tube when Hermione tackled the girl to the ground and slugged her, a cat fight broke out and the cops were called dragging the two girls apart. Hermione's parents were called in to collect their daughter when Hermione's mother nearly got in to fist fight with the blond girl's mother in the police station the mother had told Emma her daughter should be get used to boy's ditching her and leave the good looking ones to her betters then turned to Dan and offered to let him take her for a drink as way of apology. When they got back to their bungalow Hermione was given a long talk about her behavior and then an even more embarrassing talk about sex and the various tricks a boy will use, hearing her mother finish every complement Juan had used to get her to come home with him had the girl crushed. Emma spent the rest of the night holding her heart broken daughter who had thought the boy liked her and wasn't just trying to get into her knickers, she was still grounded for fighting and sneaking out.

Harry had listened as she told him what happened and then told Hermione he would beat up the boy and even Tonks promised to smack the girl down if she ever met her making Hermione smile.

Once the grounding was over the three of them had become inseparable as they walked around, the Grangers were fine with their daughter hanging out with the older girl as she had quickly become a big sister to Hermione. With Hermione back Alastor began to train the three of them and even taught them his secret to dueling, while he may never be able to take the gold in a professional dueling tournament he was still better than most pro's in a knock down drag out dirty fight.

"Alright kids and Rookie, today we will be learning how to even the playing field against a more skilled opponent," Alastor walked up and down in front of the kids like a general rallying his troops.

All three of them had waited for something spectacular when Alastor had flicked his wand and hit all three of them with a simple house hold cleaning charm filling their mouths with soap. After they stopped spitting up soap Alastor explained, "Silent casting is a talent that not many have mastered, sure most everyone can learn easy stuff but more powerful magic most need to be able to speak the words, so we thrust our wands and say, Sopaus mouth, to hit the target as this spell is a seeking charm we say both."

"Mister Moody sir, Hermione asked as he raised her hand and waited for him respond, when he nodded at her she asked her question, "Sir how does silent casting work I mean the teachers at school always tell us to loudly pronounce are spells."

The laughter broke out from the man as he signaled the three of them to sit for his explanation, what he told them blew their minds, "It is simple dear girl, back when I was in school we started to learn silent casting in are third year because back then it was easier for the purebloods whose magic was not as poisoned from over inbreeding as it is now. now seeing as you want to learn what I want you to do is only say your spells in a normal voice and from there try to say them quieter until you can think the words and still cast the spell. Now back to the lesson, Hermione I want you to hit me with what you think is a good follow up spell."

Hermione stepped forward and thrust her wand at Mister Moody and twisted her wrist like she was taught the previous year while saying the spell calmly, to her surprise the spell flew from her wand spinning as it hit the old auror in the chest and sent him stumbling back several steps, it wasn't as strong as her usual spell but it would just take practice to master it. Alastor's wand flew from his hand but all of a sudden shot back into his hand and fired off a low powered leg lock that tripped her up only to have Harry catch her before she fell.

"Not a bad choice girl," Alastor said as he canceled the spell and then explained about why the spell failed, "The summoning charm is an effective spell to learn and the more you use it the more you gain the feel of it soon enough you will be able to use it without a wand for small things especially if you have a deep connection to the item like your wand." Seeing all three nod in understanding he continued, "Now what I like is a spell I came up with call down and dirty, it is a variation on the stunner that mixes with a banisher and is resistant to an enervate spell. Now the movement is simple, thrust forward and down then spike the tip upwards and say, Stupifiedus, to cast the spell."

Alastor then turned to a dummy used for target practice and cast the spell, a translucent stream of energy slammed into the dummy blasting it into a wall. The spell traveled faster than a normal stunner and was hard to see making it an excellent spell to use and showing the kids why Alastor Mad-eye Moody was the best auror in not only Britain but in three continents as well. Once both kids could cast the spell ten times in a row at a normal voice he had them spend the rest of the day working with Tonks to cast their the spells they had already learned as quietly as possible, Tonks moved up from Rookie to Probie for already being able to silent cast all of her spells silently and saving him the trouble.

For Hermione, the newly christened Probie was required to go into technical details about silent casting to get Hermione to understand while with Harry she just needed to help him feel it by telling him to close his eyes while covering his ears to allow him to feel the flow of magic so he could call upon it. While neither teen could silent cast by the end of summer they no longer needed to shout out their spells like drunken idiots.

The rest of the summer passed quickly as Harry and Hermione did their usual summer thing, mostly hang out with friends or watch the telle as they let the summer pass them by. It wasn't until the book list arrived that things got interesting.

"Marcus look," Hermione screamed as she rushed into his house carrying her book list and waving it around excitedly, "Look at our book list the teacher most be a fan of Lockhart he is almost as famous as your dad." Seeing Harry snort at that Hermione smacked Harry in the arm, "Gildory Lockhart is famous for helping many people it says so in his books."

At that moment Alastor Moody walked into the room and tossed a book on to the table between the two kids, "If you want to know if the man-" He snorted at that, "is any good read his book here and tell me what you learned and make sure to verify your facts, and just so you know I have and you will be giving me a full oral report this Friday."

Alastor left the room smiling telling both kids this wasn't going to be as easy as they thought so they took the book the family library and began to read, by chapter two Harry could tell this guy was a fraud but Hermione lasted until chapter five when the man wrote about how to maintain his hair style while he took on a werewolf like pro wrestler. Harry first went through the files of known werewolves in Europe who were wanted and found the werewolf in questing, Argyle Brunwick, was a German national and former boxing champion who weighed over six hundred pounds in his wolf form meaning the chances of any wizard taking him in a fist fight and beating him with a suplex was impossible. Hermione searched all of the books and couldn't find any spell or potion that could disrupt a werewolves transformation, well she could but a killing curse was pretty much an all-purpose spell for stopping things. On Friday instead of giving a report on how Lockhart was a great wizard Harry and Hermione spend an hour giving a report on ever contradiction as well as answering questions off of cue cards from all four parents, they answered all the questions except the last one, "What was Gildory Lockhart's job with in the ministry?" neither kids knew the answer but were surprised when Alastor told them he was a former obliviator in the war but was let go after reports of him misusing his position and taking advantage of women before obilivating them, his sacking was one of the few reasons he put up with his boss, Barty Crouch, in that war.

The next day the kids picked up their books for school, they were going to wait another week but that plan got scrapped when they discovered who was going to be doing a book signing at flourish and blots and didn't want to meet the fraud. The kids had a going away party the night before they boarded the train, it was both fun and sad at the same time for the kids as they were saying good bye to their families for another year. Tonks gave both kids a copy of the first years auror manual for them to study, it was filled with spells and tactics as well as techniques to take down a suspect, she also gave Harry a book on unlocking your potential as a metamorphmagus and gave him a chaste kiss that left him blushing. For Hermione she gave her a professional makeup kit like her mother had given her when she tried to convince her daughter to be a model in her seventh year instead of an auror she also gave Hermione a kiss similar to Harry's kiss and Hermione blushed brighter red then Harry did.

As the kids went to bed Harry and Hermione cuddled away their worries and couldn't wait to see their friends again.

A/N: Sorry for the delays. Now the reason I have debunked Gildory before second year even began was there is no way an auror like Alastor would not stay up to date on what other dark wizard hunters are up to and I couldn't see him buying books that possessed obviously bad intel. Now we have met the second of Harry's bonded and like Ginny it's not going to be all over each other and mind reading even though she is an adult who has reached puberty even if she doesn't act like most of the time. Second year will be updated faster as I plan to break it down in to at least three chapters, yes Ginny will still have the diary but I haven't decided if it will be Harry who will go into the chamber or Hermione future bonded who will be the one. Hope you enjoy.