The Toes of Potay


This is what happens when you watch Doctor Who and then have your dad announce that you are having baked toes of potay for dinner, but then are harped on by your best friend to actually have a plot instead of one short (albeit amusing) conversation. Let's see how it goes. Featuring the 10th Doctor, Martha Jones, and Jack Harkness, but having no pertinence to the storylines of seasons 3 or 4. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I am disclaiming my disclamation of disclamatorship. I also don't own Doctor Who…but I am currently watching it.

"Just you wait, Martha," said the Doctor, gleefully banging his hammer on the TARDIS's dashboard. "In…" he looked at his bare wrist, "half an hour, you'll be tasting the best, I mean the best fish and chips this universe has to offer."

Martha laughed as she watched him prattle on about the intergalactic critics and many festivals the restaurant hosted. It had been so long since she'd seen the Doctor in a genuine good mood. At this point, she felt she would have trudged through a planet made entirely of mud to see him smile again.

The TARDIS gave a final whir and shuddered to a halt. Martha looked at the Doctor. "Is this is?"

The Doctor waved his hand toward the door. "Taste bud heaven awaits."

Martha pulled open the door of the TARDIS and stepped outside. The sky of the planet was a warm light purple, like the beginnings of dusk back on Earth. Before lay a carpet of springy green grass, and looking to her left and right she saw a gravel path bordered by column-like shrubs.

"Doctor," said Martha slowly, frowning.

"Yes?" the Doctor bounded down the ramp and skidded to a halt beside her. He stuck his head out the door and took a heart sniff. "Oh, smell that spring air."

"Doctor, this is Regent's Park," said Martha. "London."


Next chapter will be longer. I actually planned this out before writing it.

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