Hey! This is a new story by me called "The Power of Sam Manson" I hope you like it!

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Sam's POV

This is a power. That I won't tell anyone. Not even my two best friends Danny and Tucker. I was born with this power. This was a gift. I won't let it down. This is a promise. That I will hold…..


General POV

As the trio walked down the street to school Danny's ghost sense went off.

"Guys there's a ghost. Cover me!" Danny said as the two covered him.

'I should go and help him. But I just found out about this power last night. I should wait until I get some practice with the power.' Sam thought. Danny then sucked the ghost into the thermos and went behind the tree to transform back to his human self.

"Stupid box ghost with his stupid boxes. They can be really annoying." Danny said as the trio began walking to school once again.

Sam's POV

School is going to really hard today. I thought as I entered the school doors. This power will effect people who hurt me. I wonder why I hadn't attacked the A-List people, but that problem doesn't matter.

During first period I began drawing in my notebook. It was me using my power on ghosts. I know what I will become when I use my power. A Lion. In the past I think I had dreams of becoming a lion. Me fighting bad guys and having wars with other predators. When I fainted I woke up or so I thought. What if it wasn't all a dream? What if it was all real? My deep thoughts were interrupted by the bell. I then packed my stuff and left the room. Then my head stung and started thinking of very important stuff. It was my conscious. It was telling me someone is in danger. I obeyed it. I went behind the school and transformed into a lion. I listened to where my conscious was taking me. I knew this meant war.

Ten minutes later I found myself in the woods. A bear was attacking a human being. I knew I had to do something. I then ran and growled towards the bear and pinned it down. I attacked it with my pointy sharp claws and scratched the bear. The human ran away while I was distracting the bear. I then punched and kicked the bear till it was unconscious and passed out. When it was laying there and unmoving, I quickly ran out of the woods and towards the school.

When I got back to the school I went behind it and transformed back to my original self. It was already fourth period when I came into the doors. So when I got to my classroom without the teacher knowing I tipped toed to my seat. I was surprised the teacher or anyone else didn't noticed. I sat down and I was ready to learn. 'Wow, never thought I'd say that!' I thought.

Lunch has finally come. Me, Danny, and Tucker sat at our normal table.

"Where were you this morning? You were here at first period but second and third period you were gone!" Danny said acting worried.

"Oh… uh.. I had to do something for the teachers and it took me two periods to do." I lied.

"Okay." Danny and Tucker said in unison suspiciously.

The rest of the day was fine. My senses weren't going off so that meant there was no danger yet. Tucker and Danny kept looking at me suspiciously. They knew that I was hiding something. Even though I wanted to tell them, I just can't. But someday. But that someday is quite close to now. Until then there's work to be done.

So did you hate, like, or love it? Well will Danny and Tucker find out about Sam's power? What will Sam face in the next fight? Find out in Chapter 2!