Hello people! I was going through a few of these and found myself disappointed about the size and amount. So I'm doing my part and fixing it .These are strictly drabbles!

She looked beautiful. No, she looked more beautiful than beautiful. Her white dress showed all her curves perfectly. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her father walked with her down the never-ending-isle (or so it seemed) until she finally made her way to me. She took my hand and we turned. We repeated the boring words for what seemed like hours. Then came time for the kiss.

She looked me in the eye. I bent down and gently touched her lips to mine. I started to pull away, but she wouldn't let me. She through her arms around my neck and kissed me with such passion. I did the first thing that came to mind.

I kissed her back.

We did this for a while. After some throat-clearing and coughing, we turned to look at the waiting crowd. There was my father, smiling big. And her father, with some other look on his face…and a clenched fist.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her blush.

We made our way back down the isle, and out the door.

Then we picked up where we left off…

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