A/N: We are skipping a couple of hours of un-eventful drifting, till...

To celebrate their first adventure, Finn, Jake, and Zane were going to host a small get-together with Marceline, PB, and Lady Rainicorn. It turned into a rager because of LSP calling the Party God, and after that, it all went to pieces, people dancing and singing and splashing eachother in the pool that was brought there by a close friend of the wolf dude's. It was insane, people on the roof, in the house, and in like a mile radius. Zane had to keep happy, but he failed when someone came to harsh everyone's mellow.

"Dude, you okay?" Finn asked, seeing Zane storm off. "Yeah." He replied entering the house. He returned with his guitar and amp, hooking it up and hearing the whiny feedback. Then, he shredded. His solo was so loud and so intense, you could see the sound waves move through the air and grass. This is exactly what he wanted. He hit and hard note and made it scream, totally blowing the beast away. Zane smirked. He hit these notes rapidly, beating the monster with a mathematical beat. He won, with sound. Everyone looked as the battlefield was littered with one death: the Monster. Silence well.

Till Zane saw a chick with huge…EYES…wearing a shirt that said "GUESS" on it, and he looked straight-faced as he did so, blurting out "implants?", causing everyone to laugh, except the girl, who slapped Zane and stomped off in a huff. Everyone was silent, but then laughter gripped their lungs again, Jake laughing the hardest.

They spent the next day saving just about every princess! It was math, according to the three. "Why are you seeing the princess again?" Finn asked, accusingly. "Well, she said something about power and wanting to see my guitar and amp. I don't really know why, what happened last night wasn't a big deal, I use my strings and knobs like that all the time…" Zane said. "Oh" Finn said, "MAN! I need to USE IT," Finn said, getting up and heading to the bathroom.

"Man, Finn I like that head of hair! I know why you took your hat off for the day!" Zane said after one of those 'hey sexy' whistles. You know what I mean. "WHAT!" Finn shouted, violently swinging his head to see Zane. He understood when he saw his hair fly around his head and meet his face gently.

Then, flip out time. He ranted on, destroying the fort looking for his hat. "WHRERE IS MY HAT!" Finn shouted, his hands raised in the air as he fell to his knees.

"Dude, chill," Zane said, "All you have to do is retrace your steps, we should start with the party goers." Zane said. "Anyone could have it." he added with a grim smile.

After deciding to go out for it tomorrow, they went to go to bed, Finn and Jake in their room and Zane on the roof, till they were met with the prank of some cute-knights. That was annoying, but after they finally got to sleep peacefully. But Finn didn't have the most pleasant of dreams.

He was hit. Finn the human, Hero of Ooo, was hit by the bomb. Jake was trying to tell Finn something, but all Finn heard was a ringing, he didn't have his hat's protection. Finn ran to Jake, but tripped and fell into darkness. He fell until he saw something, his friends passing by, being killed by Finn himself. He stared with horror stamped on his face. He was…EVIL? No, he couldn't be. "NEVER!" he shouted as he broke free, back into the real world, with Zane and Jake looking at Finn, worried. "You okay?" Zane asked, totally scared shitless. "Yeah," Finn said, "Let's just find my hat."

A/N: Everyone, this dream was inspired by Goku's first super saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball Z Kai, when he saw his lovedones go away in his head. "I need to use it" is my personal pre-pee catch phrase! And everyone knows about Finn's luscious hair. Adn WHERE IS FINN'S HAT!