AN: Very very cracktastic and OOC. Read at your own risk

It's Not What you Think

Ichigo was on the job, once again, as a substitute shinigami. He was chasing a hollow through the streets of Karakura Town. Suddenly the big black hollow changed. It changed into a small yellow animal. At least Ichigo thought it was an animal.

Ichigo blinked several times to make sure he was seeing correctly. It was still small and yellow. Now, Ichigo noticed something else had changed. The shinigami wasn't in Japan anymore.

Looking around he noticed two things; one: he noticed a British flag perched on a building nearby. Two: a street sign said Baker Street.

How did he get in Britain? Why was he here and where did the 'hollow' go?

Sherlock and John were about to call a cab to get a ride to a crime scene when something caught their attention.

A small yellow furry…thing was standing (maybe?) in front of their doorstep.

"Aw it's so cute!" John squee-ed and walked towards it. The yellow creature reacted to John in a n unfortunate way. It screamed, "PIKAACHUUUUUUUUUUU!" What seemed like lightning bolts shot out of its big red cheeks and crawled over John?

John toppled over with burns all over, not sever fortunately. He was still awake and he sat up on the pavement. Sherlock quickly put himself between John and the creature. "It's not normal!" Sherlock deduced. "No shit, Sherlock!" John yelled from behind.

All of a sudden, an orange haired boy came from nowhere and attacked the creature with force from a large butcher-knife sword. He missed and instead destroyed the pavement next to the furry thing.

"Woops…." The berry head said. "That was bad." Sherlock stared at the man with the sword. "Who are you?" He asked. "You aren't human, but you look as if you are in your teenage years."

The red head nodded. "Ichigo Kurosaki, 15 years old." Ichigo introduced. "How can you see me?" He asked.

Before Sherlock could say anything, a yell came from nearby. "Ahahahaha! I, Jim Moriarty, will use this dangerous beast to use as my weapon! It is mine!" Just as John did, Moriarty walked up the yellow, animal-like thing. Immediately, the creature shocked him too. "Ah, my Westwood!" Moriarty yelled. "Ah, my jewels!" What looked like blueberry jam was running down Moriarty's side.

John laughed. "Need some toast with that jam?" Sherlock and Ichigo laughed along and Moriarty growled.

All of a sudden, kittens were running out of the alleyways and hedgehogs were falling from the sky. "Aaaah!" John yelled. "Come to me my pets! My minions!" He continued to yell laughing maniacally.

Sherlock stared at Ichigo and Ichigo stared at him. Both shrugged in confusion as John continued to laugh.