We walk in rhythm through the splendid hall,

I gazing at the tapestries, you gazing at me.

I cannot bring myself to meet your worried eyes.

I find the tapestries ample,

Substituting for your gentle hues,

Magenta and rippling,

Just as I remember your eyes.

The ripples were unnatural,

Brought about by moisture,

Leading to cascading tears,

As you mouthed 'goodbye.'

All that I remember after that moment is cold.

Your footfalls are so much louder,

The blunt gold echoing,

Down the hall and off the stone

Of walls untouched by time.

My own are quick and muted,

Sharply piercing for but a moment,

The diamond glass clinking

In contrast to your heavy steps.

A reminder of the time between us.

Extra time that you had to grow.

We pass the tapestries,

My eyes still kept hidden from yours

As I contemplate whether I have seen them since my return.

In passing glances, yes,

I have seen those comforting shades

Of purest soft lavender

Reminiscent of a blooming flower.

Yet to stare directly,

To meet your gaze

And declare us equals,

Even just as sisters, I would not even dare.

I hear my name,

The syllables tumbling forth

From your lips like music.

Light, inquisitive, and joyful.

But I am dark, shuttered, and brooding.

We continue to walk,

My ears deaf to your query,

Legs leading me to places unknown,

My own home suddenly unfamiliar to me.

My gait picks up,

But yours does not.

My wings flare out,

And yours remain folded.

I once thought that this was the way,

Before it brought me so much suffering.

I assumed you blind,

Unable to see

The potential just beyond your morals.

I assumed you weak,

Refusing to assert

As I betrayed our vows for personal gain.

I assumed you vengeful,

Jealous of my power

As the twinkling helmet fell from my brow.

I assumed thrice,

And thrice betrayed

Myself, you, and Equestria as well.

If only I had seen more clearly.

All at once, I stop,

The cessation of clinking

Not matched by your own graceful steps.

Perhaps once, I would have seen it as your way of admonishing me.

I decide to think clearly,

The knowledge of you

And your unending love

Substituting for my petty jealousy.

I wait with poised hooves,

Letting you catch up

As I turn slowly to behold those eyes I missed so much.

Lapis and magenta

Lock upon each other

Neither of us drawing breath as all sound is silenced.

"Luna," you say,

And I feel my heart stopping,

Constricted as you reach

A gentle hoof out for my mane.

The touch is like velvet,

A warm sensation moving

Across my scalp and to my cheek

As a thousand years of tension is released.

I assumed that comfort

Such as this could never

Erase the pain that I caused.

I assumed that your gentle touch

Would never again grace my body

As it had so long ago.

I assumed that hearing my name

Would never again

Cause me to stop breathing.

I assumed thrice,

And thrice I was wrong,

About you, myself, and the truth in emotion.

If only I had seen more clearly.

You tell me many things,

Whispering despite our solitude,

Wishing only for me to hear

As all that great heart is laid bare.

I try to speak,

But my tongue is as lead,

Weighing down against my lower jaw.

Perhaps, this once, I need not say anything.

As fillies I had been more studious,

You more outgoing,

I more introverted,

But both of us quite verbose when away from prying eyes.

In time I took dominance,

Both in conversation

And in power,

Stealing away half of what belonged to you.

My dearest sister.

Never again.

I let you speak,

And for once, I listen,

Swallowing my pride

For the first time in a millennium.

An unnecessary act.

You are not nearly as selfish as I was.

Your words are saccharine,

Promising forgiveness,

Appealing to my heart in ways that only you are able.

My ears twitch in response,

The constriction unfurls,

And my own eyes ripple,

Resembling yours both then and now.

I accept your touch,

Your neck on mine,

Our manes intertwining,

Aurora and light blue tangling freely.

Too much time has passed for something so simple to fix it all.

And yet,

Standing here,

I am content.

It would be too much

And far too presumptuous

To consider your generosity

Would immediately liberate my heart from woe.

It would be just enough

To stand still,

Holding you,

Letting our tears mix in a downpour of comforting rain.

It would be too little

To give you my thanks,

To tell you that I'm sorry,

To call you 'Sister' once again.

All of these thoughts mean nothing.

In this moment, your touch is all that is real.

I assumed that you were bitter,

Irritated by my return,

Just waiting for us to be alone so that I could be sent away again.

I assumed that I was irredeemable,

My actions passed down as legend,

Perpetuated by your traitorous tongue.

I assumed that I would need to apologize,

Making the first move

To even begin repairing both your heart and mine.

I assumed thrice,

And thrice doubted you,

The source of warmth for both Equestria and my own frozen heart.

If only I had seen more clearly.

Author's Note: So… never tried poetry before, figured I would give it a shot. Free verse almost seems harder than actually trying to rhyme, but I don't know. Did it work out, fall flat, or end up somewhere in between? I honestly have no idea.

Wait, what? I can't put actual paragraph breaks between groupings of lines here? Damn it! Now it's just going to look all run together. Uh...