Summary:What if Bella Swan wasn't who she said she was? What if she had a secret she had been keeping from the Cullens? What will happen when her brother needs her? Will she finally have to tell her family the truth about herself? During Breaking Dawn.

We had been waiting in the family room for a while now. Everyone was here. Kachiri, Senna and Zafrina from the Amazon Coven, Amun, Kebi, Benjamin and Tia from the Egyptian Coven, Maggie, Siobhan and Liam from the Irish Coven, Stefan and Vladimir the Romanians, Eleazar, Carmen, Kate, Garrett, Sasha ,Tanya, and Vasilii from the Denali Coven, Mary, Peter, Charlotte, and Randall the American nomads, Alistair, Charles and Makenna the European Nomads and of course, the Cullens, Carlile, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Renesmee, and I. We were all waiting for Alice and Jasper to come in and tell us when we were to go to the clearing to meet the Volturi. The Volturi were coming because they thought Renesmee was an immortal child and were coming to destroy her. Over my dead body. Renesmee was sitting in my lap playing with my hair when we all saw Alice come into the room with Jasper not far behind.

"It's time to go," Alice said calmly before taking Jasper's hand and skipping out the door. I wonder how she could be so happy at a time like this. But, of course, she's Alice. I got up holding Renesmee in my arms and followed quickly behind with Edward right behind me. When we got there we all got into our spots. Even though I was still human I was in the front along with the rest of the Cullens. Alice was on my left and Edward was on my right. I was holding Renesmee in my arms and Jacob was behind me in wolf form. The rest of the pack were hidden in the trees. I looked around and saw people saying goodbye and kissing their mates like they would never see them again. Maybe they wouldn't.

Alice very slowly squeezed my arm gently and as she did the Volturi came out of the trees. First was the guards, then the wives, and last, the Volturi. Aro, Marcus and Caius walked out to the middle of the clearing.

(Insert everything that happened from when the Volturi came to when they left.)

We won! I can't believe we had won! I was still holding Renesmee as I went around and congratulated everyone for our win. I was closer to the trees after talking to everyone. Edward was still talking to everyone.

"Bella?" I heard a familiar voice say. I spun around and saw an Iris message.

"Percy?" I whispered. It was Percy. My little brother. "Percy! I've missed you seaweed brain," I said still talking in a whisper.

"I've missed you to Bella. Who's that you're holding?" he asked referring to Renesmee.

"I'll answer that later. Percy? Why'd you Iris message me? Is something wrong?" I asked looking alarmed.

"Actually, Bella. Yeah. Something is wrong," he said in a sad voice.

"What is it, Percy?" I asked. I could tell it was something really bad.

"Well, we think that there will be another Titan War," he said in a whisper.

"Another Titan War?" I almost yelled. I paused. Everyone behind me had stopped talking. "Percy, If your asking me to come to camp then I will. I just need some time. Give me three days," I whispered.

"Okay, Bella. See you soon," Percy said. Then the iris message was gone. I was kinda scared to turn around. The silence was defining. I slowly turned around to see only the Cullens left. I guess everyone had left. Edward was staring at me with so many emotions that I couldn't pin point them all. I closed my eyes and waited for the questions.

"What... was... that?" Jasper asked.

"Who was that?" Alice demanded.

"Bella? Is everything all right?" Carlile asked with hidden worry in his voice.

"Bella?" Edward whispered in my ear. I guess he was right beside me. I slowly opened my eyes. Renesmee put her small hand on my cheek and replayed the Iris message with curiosity in her eyes. I took a deep breath.