Hey guys. I know this long overdue, I'm so sorry. The past year has been one of the hardest ever and I guess I just lost inspiration for the story. I'm going to try and be better at updating, but I make no promises. I love you guys and thank you for reviewing even when I wasn't active. I know this chapter is pretty short, but it's better than nothing right?

Nico's POV (First time ever!)

After Izzy Iris-messaged me I left my cabin and headed for the woods. Once I got to a nice shadowy place, I closed my eyes and concentrated hard.

-After Shadow Traveling-

I opened my eyes feeling a little light-headed. I leaned against the closest tree and looked around. I was at the edge of a forest. The forest stopped and opened up to a clearing. Sitting in the middle was a grand house. It was more like a mansion. It was pure white and had at least 3 floors not including the attic. I took a deep breath.

Was this where Izzy lived? I asked myself. I thought Charlie was a police officer. They don't get paid this well do they? I walked out of the shadows and towards the house. Once I reached the door I hesitated. Why are you hesitating you idiot! It's Izzy not Medusa! My conscious yelled at me. I knocked on the door lightly. Then once again loud enough for Izzy to hear. A few seconds later a woman opened the door. She had caramel-brown hair and looked like she was 25.

"Hello. May I help you?" The woman said in a kind voice. Just from seeing her and hearing her voice I could already tell that this was the kind of woman anyone would want as their mom.

"Hello. I'm hear to pick up I-Bella," I said. I remembered that Izzy said never to call her Izzy around people.

"Oh, you must be Nico. Come on in," she said moving so that I could come in.

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