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Chapter 4: The end of all things

Danny sighed heavily, cradling his head in his hands, 'What do I do?' he thought. His mind was a whirlwind of thoughts — and none of them were particularly helpful. The most prominent thought though, was reserved for the lonely ring tucked away in his pocket, and it's owner.

"Sam…" He whispered, trailing off, his hand straying toward his right pocket. He gently touched the outer material before clenching his hand and pulling away. 'What does this mean?' he wondered. It had been months since her disappearance, gone without a trace, and everyone had given up on her ever being found. Well, nearly everyone. Because Danny just couldn't abandon Sam, or any hope of her being alive and well. He was bound to her in nearly every way, barring marriage. Ghosts, after all, mated for life. Or after-life. Whatever. He groaned, curling further in on himself.

"Wow! Way to go and hog all the fun for yourself!" ribbed a familiar voice in front of him before it asked concernedly "Danny?" They sighed sadly before carefully settling on the bench beside him. "Come on cousin, talk to me." they begged. A more than slightly hysterical laugh bubbled out of him, tears trickling down his face.

"She's here." he whispered hoarsely, almost disbelievingly.

"Danny? What was that? I couldn't hear you." confusion colored the voice. They leaned forward, placing a hand on his back, he whipped his head up to beam at them.

"She's here Danielle, Sam's here! In Jump!" he rejoiced, breathlessly. The other — Danielle — blinked, and looked away, brow furrowed, and took a breath as if to speak — only to deflate. The younger halfa gazed at him dolefully.

"I still don't understand — what do you mean Sam's in Jump? I thought she was at college." his statement seemed to further her befuddlement. She didn't know. How could Danielle — his own… He took a breath, she had been travelling — of course she didn't know. He didn't want to explain, it always hurt to speak about his failure, but he had to. She, of all people, had a right to know. He exhaled heavily.

"She was — at college — but," The male paused, looking for the right words "something happened, and she disappeared. Without a trace. The was nothing that seemed to point to anything remotely criminal. Like she just decided to leave." he breathed in shakily, running his hands over his still wet face.

"When?" the other asked in a rather dull voice.

"Months ago. I don't know." Danny sighed. "Everyone's pretty much given up." he choked. Abruptly Danielle stood, her fists clenched, body strung as tight as a bow string.

"How dare they!" she spat, stomping a foot. "How dare they just give up! Sam would have never given up!" breathing heavily, the younger of the two looked fiercely at the elder. "I won't give up, and I won't let you either." she hissed, practically glowing with anger. He looked at her in reverence, 'God she looks just like her—' he began before forcefully wiping the thought from his mind.

"I haven't." Danny whispered, "I never gave up on Sam, Danielle. I've been looking all these months, it's why I'm in Jump." Confusion returned to her face once again at his confession.

"You mean — you knew? That she was here?" she murmured disbelievingly.

"No! No Danielle, I didn't know till just now. I promise." the hunched teen hurriedly denied, reaching out toward his companion, before stopping.

"Well…" she slumped back into the bench next to him, looking somewhat lost "what do we do now?" she asked, looking uneasy.

"I-I don't.." he stuttered. "Maybe…" he tried again, before a buzzing caught both their attentions. Dumbly Danny sat up and reached behind him, pulling out a rather outdated looking phone, the screen was lit, the text on the screen simply said 'Calling: Tuck'. He stared at the cell a moment longer before a small smirk appeared on his face. He chuckled softly. "Always with the best timing. huh, Tuck?" he asked and pushed the answer button.

Voice a bit rough, he greeted the caller, "Hello Tucker." Cocking her head, Danielle inched closer to listen in on the call. He gave her a small smile, know exactly what she was doing.

"Whoa dude you got a frog in your throat?" the voice on the other end asked jokingly.

"No, it's just … nothing." he sighed and cleared his throat. "Hey! You'll never guess who I ran into!" changing the subject abruptly he smiled wider at the girl beside him.

"Alright man I'll bite but you know you're like, the worst, at being subtle." Tucker answered, amused.

"Danielle's here! Say hi!" Danny grinned, holding out the cell, which was promptly snatched from his hand.

"Hey-ya Tucker!" the female chirped into the receiver.

"Hey kiddo. How's life treatin' ya?" the teen on the other end asked.

"Pretty good! Been seein' the world. Visited all the 'big' places of course, but I actually liked the smaller villages 'n towns better. The world's a pretty cool place." she chattered.

"That's great! But you're with Dann-o now eh?" he chuckled.

"Ya, we're in Jump City. Home of the Teen Titans you know? Danny apparently didn't." she tattled, smiling slyly at Danny. Who did not pout. Shrieking laughter poured through the speakers, and Danny definitely did not pout harder. Not at all.

Grumbling, he pulled the phone away from the girl grinning like the cheshire cat, "No more for you." he grouched at Danielle. The elder teen put the cell back up to his ear, where he could hear the male on the other end still howling. He scowled, and groaned "Tu-ucker it's not that funny."

"But dude!" more laughter spilled from the phone "It totally is! A-and," he puffed "it's so you! Mr. Clueless." breathless chuckles continued to flow from the speaker.

"I'm not clueless Tucker!" Danny objected and some sort of squeaking noise came from the phone speakers. "Tucker!"

"Stop makin' me laugh man! I can't handle much more!" Tucker wheezed. Smiling a slightly bitter smile, Danny sighed and took a deep breath.

"Did you need something man?" he asked. "I-I mean you called for a reason right?" he stumbled. A tense moment of silence passed before he was answered.

"I … yeah dude, everyone's worried about you. Like, man, you've been looking for how long and -" Tucker paused "and you haven't found anything. I-I'm not saying you should give up but …"

Perturbed, the raven-haired teen quickly cut in "Tucker! I can't — won't —give up on Sam! I can't!" he shrieked. "Be-besides she's -" he floundered, his mind racing with the revelation that Tucker of all people would even suggest — he simply couldn't comprehend how his best friend could think to give up on Sam.

A pained sigh sliced through Danny's stuttering "Dude…"

"Tucker! No, you don't understand! She's here! In Jump!" he cried, voice cracking; his body buzzing with anxiety.

A pause "Danny, you know I wanna believe you but… "

"Tucker, I found her ring. I would recognize it anywhere, I made it with my own energy. It's her's. She's here, for sure this time." he whispered hoarsely. "Please … you've got to believe me."

A murmured "Fuck dude." came through the phone's speakers.

"Yeah…" he agreed. Another silence passed between the two before Tucker spoke again.

"Well, what are you gonna do man? You know it's probably a trap or somethin', right? 'Cause there's just no way you found it as soon as you got there. Someone's tryin' to keep you there." he pointed out logically.

"Yeah, I sort of figured. But, Tuck, it's the first concrete evidence that Sam's out there somewhere. That she didn't just … vanish. I have to stay, I've gotta find who had this ring because you're right. There's just no way this was a coincidence! Who ever it was had to have known! So, they're gotta' know where Sam is!" Danny insisted passionately.

"Alright man. You know I'll be behind you." Tucker affirmed, "Jazz too. And dude?"

"Yeah buddy?" the halfa asked softly, fondly.

"I'm sorry about … sayin' … that. I-we're all really worried about you, and we want you to … you know? Uh, be ok, I guess." the other teen apologized awkwardly.

"It's alright." Danny smiled wider this time, a genuine smile, "Thank you Tucker."

A burble of a laugh came through, "You're welcome dude." He smiled.

Whether near or far

I am always yours

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