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James imagined many things for his unborn daughter. He imagined watching her grow up. He would imagine a beautiful little girl running around the castle.

He would imagine she would look so much like Snow. He imagined how much he would spoil her. He would dream of all the things he would teach her.

If she was anything like her mother he would be giving his princess swords not little dolls. He imagined she would grow up to be a beautiful princess and he

would spend her teenage years trying to repel would-be suitors. He imagined the day she would find her "prince charming". He would happily resign his place

as her number one protector, knowing that there was this man would love Emma with all his heart. His love would be as unconditional as James' love for her

and this man would protect her from any harm that came her way. Before Emma was born, he looked forward to all these things. Then Emma was born while

the cursespread across the land. James watched as all his hopes and dreams for his daughter crumbled. His darling had spent the her childhood lonely and

without a family. He was never there to protect her. There were many things that happened to Emma during her childhood that she had yet to fully discuss with

herparents. Snow and James knew there was darkness lurking in her past and James regretted never being around to protect her from it. He had failed as a

father. James bitter thoughts were put on hold as he looked over the other side of the diner, where Emma and Henry were eating. As he watched the

mother and son, James couldn't help but noticed how happy Emma was. He watched as Henry happily chatted with Emma, how Henry watched her with such

admiration and love. James was struck with a thought. Maybe not all of his dreams for his daughter came true, but the most important one did.

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