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Aria woke up the next morning and she knew it was super early due to the fact her eyes just wouldn't open.

The girl groaned, feeling around next to her for Spencer, to prove it wasn't all just another dream but sighed when Spencer wasn't there.

Of course it was a dream, there's no way that, in real life, Spencer would have told Aria she loved her back, life didn't work that way.

"Are you going to wake up or am I going to hockey practice alone?" A voice said and Aria's eyes sprung open as she turned in bed to face a smiling Spencer leaning against the doorframe



"It wasn't a dream"


"Nothing, come lie down with me?"

"I have hockey practice in a half hour"

"Just for five minutes, please?"

Spencer smiled and nodded climbing over Aria and lying down next to her.

The smaller girl turned to look at Spencer "Morning" Spencer mumbled and Aria chuckled,

"When are we leaving for your hockey?"

"Well I have to go home first to get changed so about ten minutes?"

Aria nodded "I don't want you going back there on your own" Aria whispered, tangling her fingers with Spencer's "Not while we think Melissa is A"

"She's my sister, she would do anything to hurt me"

"You sound like you're trying to convince yourself of that rather than me"

"She's just, she acts different whenever someone mentions Ali"

"Ali was a bitch, we all know that now"

"She didn't deserve to die though"

Aria nodded "Are you saying you think Melissa did it to?"

"I don't know" Spencer mumbled, shrugging her shoulders and looking down at hers and Aria's hands "I mean my parents thought she did, so there must have been something there"

"Stay here for a while?"

"I have hockey though"

"No, I mean stay here, like don't go home?"

"You mean sleep over for a while?"

"Yea, unless that's to weird, I know I would be fine with it. But if you don't want to then at least go stay with your gran or something"

"And your mom would be ok with you having me over?"

"Why would she mind? She probably likes you more than she likes me right now"


"Well she keeps asking me who this A person is and why they're torturing us and she's really mad because I wont tell her anything"

"Have you told her that you don't actually know anything?"

"Loads of times, but then she say's then lets take it to the police and when I say no she assumes I do know more than I'm letting on"

"Well at least your parents care, I haven't seen mine in a little over a week"

"Are they away on business again?"

"Nope, they're just out the house before I wake up and don't get back until I'm in bed"

"They'll be cool with you staying here, right?"

"They wont even notice" Aria nodded, she'd always felt a little sorry for Spencer when it came to her parents, they had one of the best daughters anyone could ask for, and better than their older daughter who was a potential murderer "How about you get ready, I'll be waiting down stairs for you"

"Ok, I'll be five minutes"

"Good, 'cause that's all the time we have" Spencer smiled, quickly pecking Aria on the lips before hopping over her and off the bed.

Aria grinned, rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Did I just see…" Mike started, walking into Aria's room but pointing his thumb towards the stairs Spencer had just walked down.

"Spencer" Aria finished hopping off the bed and walking past Mike and into the boy's room.

"You dog!" Mike Grinned following Aria "How did you do that? Maybe I could use some of your charm on Hanna"

"I'm kinda sure Hanna is dating Emily" Aria mumbled looking through the boy's drawers for a pair of sweats.

"What? No, no way!"

"Way" Aria pulled out a pair of light gray sweats.

"Those are mine"

"I know, but I'm going to watch Spencer Play hockey and I want to have something comfortable on"

"Ooh can you give me a lift? I have Lacrosse the next field over"

"Sure, whatever. I'm going to get changed"

"Cool, I'm be waiting down stairs"

Aria nodded, quickly got ready before bouncing down the stairs.

"Are you really sure though?" Aria hears Mike say followed by a sigh from Spencer.

"Yes, Michelangelo. I'm relatively sure they're dating and if not at least like each other"

"Is he still going on about Hanna and Emily" Spencer smiled, turning to look at Aria.

"Yea, he just doesn't give up"

"He think's Hanna is secretly in love with him"

"Well you know, person being secretly in love, it happens" Spencer arched an eyebrow, smiling a little at Aria.

Aria smiled and was about to reply when a horn blared from out side "Are we going or what?" Mike yelled

Aria was sitting on the bleachers, chin rested on her fist as she watched Spencer run circles around everyone on the field.

Aria really had no clue how she did it, she could barely even hold a hockey stick correctly and the last time she did play hockey she almost broke Hanna's shin.

Aria jumped slightly when she phone beeped in her pocket, you'd think after this amount of time it wouldn't make her jump anymore.

'Where are you? We stopped by your house and your mom said you left early, I thought we were going for breakfast?'

"Shit" Aria mumbled looking down at the text from Hanna 'Sorry, Hanna. I'm down at the hockey field watching Spence practice, why don't you and Emily come down and we can all go for breakfast?'

'We'll be there in five'

"Hey, who're you texting?"

"Hanna, I forgot I was supposed to meet her and Emily for breakfast. They're coming by then we're all going for breakfast after, is that ok?" Aria asked looking up at Spencer who took a drink out of her water and nodded "So are you done now?"

"Nope, it's only half way done but I was thinking maybe I could cook us lunch and we can talk. You know, about us?"

"Yea, that sounds good"

Spencer grinned, "Awesome"

"Hastings, get over here!"

"Gotta go"

Aria nodded, leaning her chin back on her fist. What were they going to talk about? If they wanted to go public? Aria wasn't sure if they should, it wasn't that she was ashamed or worried how her parents would react. Her parents would probably be a little shocked but other than that support her, Spencer's parents, how ever, probably wouldn't. The Hastings family is all about image and perfection, her parents would probably see having a gay daughter as a dent in their image, an imperfection.

A hand waving in front of her face brought Aria out of her thoughts "Hey, space cadet wanna come back to earth?" Hanna teased taking a seat next to Aria.

"What has you so spaced out?" Emily asked sitting down next to Hanna.

"Nothing, so what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Don't worry we'll talk when you're having breakfast. Why are you here anyway? You've never came to watch Spencer's practice before?"

Aria shrugged "Guess I just wanted to come see what the big deal was about" she said, smiling a little when Spencer flicked the ball into the goal.

"Oh, oh she has that dream look on her face!" Hanna said pointing at Aria while nudging Emily "You guys are totally dating"

"Shah!" Aria hissed "The last thing we need is that bitch A knowing"

"So you guys are dating?" Emily whispered leaning a little closer to Aria.

"Yea, no, I don't know, we haven't talked about it"

"Ten bucks" Emily said smugly holding her hand out towards Hanna.

"Damn it, you guys couldn't of waiting another week to finally cave?"


"Well we kind of made a bet about how long it would take for, well you know"

"You guys knew?"

"Of course we did" Emily said with a chuckled, putting her newly earned ten dollars into her pocket "I'm surprised it took you so long to figure out, you guys practically have eye sex on a daily basis"

"No we didn't"

"Ooh come on! And at the movies yesterday"

"Ooh I'm scared, Aria protect me" Hanna teased making Aria glare at her

"You're both asses!"

"I think its cute" Emily said with a shrugged just has Spencer came jogging over.

"Can we go back to my house before we go for breakfast, I have to get changed"


The group drove over to Spencer's house for her to get changed before heading to the café.

"So what did you guys want to tell us?"

Emily looked over at Hanna and nodded as if to tell the blonde that she should tell them.

"Well, Emily and I are kind of dating"

"Kind of?"

"Well we haven't really been on a date yet"

"Ah, I honestly thought it would have taken them longer" Aria mumbled looking over at Spencer.

"Me to. I thought Hanna was to clueless to realize"

"Hey! I was the one that kissed Emily first"

"Of course you were. Emily wouldn't have kissed you because she would have been scared to" Aria said and everyone looked at Emily whose eyes moved to her glass and she shrugged sheepishly "See"

"So what are you guys going to do?"

"Well…' Emily started but Hanna jumped in.

"Come out"

"Really?" Emily turned to look at Hanna

"Yea, I saw how it was with Paige, how you really liked her but you just couldn't keep everything a secret"

"But it would be different with you"


Emily shrugged "It just would"

Hanna smiled "I still want to come out though, make sure everyone knows to back off"

"Well aren't you two sweet" Spencer teased making Hanna glare at her.

"I'm getting cavities just listening to you" Aria added, also gaining a glare from Hanna.

"Ignore them, they're just trying to wined you up"

"Let's order food before Hanna hits one of us"

Spencer and Aria walked into Spencer's house, Aria fiddling nervously with her keys.

"What do you want for lunch?"

"Uh, I don't know, anything" Aria mumbled leaning against the kitchen counter and looked down at her hands that were still playing with her keys"

Spencer glanced over her shoulder, smiling slightly at the nervous girl before closing the cupboard and walking over to the smaller girl, placing her hands either side of her waist on the counter "Why are you nervous?"

Aria licked her lips, looking up at Spencer as she wrapped her finger around her belt loops on her jeans "You always make me nervous"


"Right now? I'm nervous 'cause I feel like you're going to say something I don't like and it's going to break my heart"

"I love you" Spencer said, ducking her head so that she should look Aria in the eye "I love you" Spencer repeated moving her lips inches away from Aria's "I mean it, ok?"

Aria could only nod, a slight smile on her face. Spencer smiled back, pecking Aria lightly on the lips before capturing her bottom lip in between hers.

"Uh, breakfast" Aria mumbled, her eyes still closed

"Lunch" Spencer corrected, smiling fondly at Aria.

"Yea, lunch"

"What do you want? Cheesy pasta?"

"All I really want to do is talk, get us sorted out"

Spencer nodded "Ok, well we'll talk then we can go to McDonalds?"

"That sounds good to me"

Spencer smiled, running her hand down Aria's arm until she reached her hand, lacing hers with Aria's before dragging her over to sit down on the sofa.

"I love you too" Aria blurted, looking down at her hands when Spencer smiled at her "By the way"

"What do you want to do?"

"Huh?" Aria squeaked, making Spencer laugh.

"I mean what do you want to do as in, do you want to come out, keep it between us, no us at all?"

"Yes, an us, definitely an us!"

"Good, but an us that's public or an us that's not? I would prefer not but if you want to go public we will"

"Why don't you want to?" Aria asked, tried to not sound hurt but Spencer knew she was.

"No, god no. It's not because I don't want to be see with you, really, I would be lucky for everyone to know you're my girlfriend"

"Then why?"

"You know my parents Aria. An imperfection is not acceptable in the Hastings household"

"Being gay isn't an 'Imperfection'"

"I know that, but they don't"

"What are you scared of? Them disowning you?"

"Well there's that, but mostly that they wont let me see you once they find out"

"Its only a matter of time before A finds out and tells them, you know that right?"

"Yea, I know" Spencer said putting both of her hands on Aria's cheeks "But until then, how about we enjoy this, us. We'll probably have to wait until, like, college to date properly after my parents find out"

"Promise me something" Aria took both of Spencer's hands off of her cheeks before locking them together with hers.


"When your parents do find you, you won't give up on us, no matter how hard it gets"

"I promise. I might say things in front of them that I don't mean but you need to know I love you and always will love you, no matter who tries to stop me"

Aria smiled, letting her forehead fall onto Spencer's shoulder "Do you really think they'd stop you from seeing me"

"Probably" Spencer mumbled, pushing her cheek lightly against Aria's head "They'll probably lock me away in my room and try and 'fix me'" the taller girl said pressing her lips to the side of Aria's head.

"They wouldn't kick you out?"

"I would prefer if they did but no, everyone knows I'm their daughter, they wouldn't want people seeing what an embarrassment I am"

"Spence, you are not an embarrassment" Aria said pulling back a little to look Spencer in the eye "You're a straight A student, captain of the hockey team, kick ass tennis player and a model daughter. If your mom and dad are embarrassed about that they have to get their priorities in check"

Spencer chuckled lightly, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against Aria's "I love you, Spence. You're not an embarrassment or an imperfection or whatever else people want to call you. You're you and some people aren't going to like that but as long as you're happy, those people don't matter"

"You're amazing"

"I know" Aria pecked Spencer lightly on the lips "Now how about that McDonalds?"