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I am having a massive craving for a huge cheesy pizza. It can't be helped. I've been cramming for finals for hours, and only now am I realizing my stomach is grumbling. So I dial up my favorite place, Humble Pie.

"We'll be there in twenty," the guy on the other side says, and I swear, there's sex in his voice. His voice is also incredibly familiar.

As I wait, I change into something more comfortable. I've been in jeans and a cardigan all day, coming straight from class to studying in my room, and didn't even change. I have to make Dean's List this semester, I just have to.

The doorbell rings, and I practically run to the door, ripping it open.

There stands the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on.

"Hey Emmett," I say, blushing because God, he's looking damn fine. Even if he's my pizza delivery boy.

"Hey Bella," he grins, and I want to swoon. Dimples. All I can see are the dimples.


Where in the fuck did she get shorts that tiny? I feel myself start to harden just looking at them. They're barely covering her ass as she turns to get her purse. And that tank top... Good Lord, is she even wearing a bra? Instinct tells me to follow her, to bend her over the couch and just plain take her. But the fact that I'm on the clock stops me.

That and the fact that she's not mine. Yet.

See I've wanted Bella for months, ever since we met in our computer science class. She's smart, funny, and sexy as hell. I've been biding my time, trying not to seem too cocky with her. See when I ask her out, she's going to say yes. I already know this.

And yet.

It's so tempting.

She's hot as fuck and my dick is aching for her.

"Bella, what are you doing later tonight?" I ask.

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