I felt the gush of the winter air hit my face. It was late autumn, snow haddn't fallen yet.

My name is Amu Hinamori. I am 15 years old, and my life has been pretty interesting.

Since I was 12 years old, me and my friends Tadase, Rima, Nagihiko ( or nadeshiko for matters ) Yaya, Kairi, and Kukai had little gaurdians called Shugo Charas. We spent most of our time fighting easter, along with Ikuto who was trapped behind easter bars, and Utau his sister. She was a\madly in love with him. Well, I guess you could say I am too.

After we had freed Ikuto and shut down easter and revealed The boss named Hikaru, Ikuto made his way around the world to gind his father, and me, and Tadase got to know each other better. Well, that's my problem.

I love Tadase and Ikuto both, but I could never figure out for myself which one my heart pulled me towards more.

It was like a tug of war in my chest.

As for us friends, we never found the embryo.

I still wish I could do something, but…

~ Chapter uno – the heart's wish

I opened the door to my house, and went inside of the warmer arena, rather than the cold outdoors blazing like cold fire.

I said 'hi' to my mother and my father, Ami and my shugo chara's, then went upstairs and collapsed at my chair.

Why, why couldn't it be so much easier to decide which person I loved more, so I could get on with my life, and live happily? I gave up the act of 'cool n' spicy' in the school, ad left it there for the better of me.

Now I'm a normal, adroable tenage girl with a love for frilly dresses.

But that's not all, why couldn't Ikuto visit me? Why did he leave me for so many years? Okay- three. Still, it's longer than the number, I really do miss him, and I wouldn't mind him wrapping his arms around me this time.

As for Tadase, I wish he would just say he loved me, like he used to. Now he just thinks holding my hand and talking to me sweetly makes me his. Not that im a belonging, anyway…

I just wish I could see what life would be like with either one of them, so my choices woulb be made simpler r for me.

Just then a light shone above me. My lightbulb is spazzing again, fun. I got up and started to call 'Da-" but then the light blinded me.

Superstore should sell better lights….

Or, was this the chance I've wanted?

I looked in front of me, where the light hovered, and it spoke. "Amu, is that really your wish?"

I would have screamed, but I'm too used to supernatural stuff now, this won't effect me.

I looked lightly below the light. And though fast.

I smiled lightly at the sparkle. "Yes, I Really want to know!" the sparkle brightened while everything dimmered down around me. "Your wish shall be granted." It echoed in my head, as I opened nmy eyes to see a silver painted wall and a floral vase on a brown cherrywood nightstand beside me. I threw myself off the pillow, allowing the un-breathing ear I had been laying on to get air.

Where was I? Did I stay the night at Rima's? no, the curtains are all different, and the rooms are bigger." I panicked out loud as I remain in question in my skull.

Where was I?

I got up to see the house, possible find out where I was. I looked in the mirror In the bathroom. I screamed as loud as possible.

There was me, pink hair and all in the reflection- though I don't remember going to sleep last night, and If I did, I sure wasn't this tall and have long flowing hair with a beautiful, full sized face and my body more giant and womanly. I wasn't fat, I mean I had a figure. Hips.. I looked uip to see the other stuff I didn't notice. I had my upper frame built fully too!

Ha, Ikuto I'd like to see what you'd say to me now..

I looked at my gracefully grown body stucture and facial traits, when I heard a door close.

I smashed through the bathroom cupboards behind me, until I found a broom. Oh well, that would hae to do.

I felt my heart panic as I walked with my elementary 'marshmallow footsteps.'

When I turned the corner, I felt surprised to find agrivation get me and I charged for the culprit around the corner.

I charged right until he jump back, dropping his bag of- groceries?

I looked at the face of him.


He looked at me with caring eyes, and pushed the broom down and put his hand around my waist.

"Amu, are you okay? Did I scare you?" I looked at him.

He was handsome.. more than usual anyway.

He had almost black hair, deeper, more thoughtful, indigo eyes with even more depth, but more emotion.

I looked at him, blushing. He looked right at me, with a questioning look.

"Amu, are you okay." His thoughts interupter me as he arched an eye to get a question face out.

I felt myself almost burst into tears. If this was a movie, this is the kind of romantic scene I would throw a pillow at the television for, because of the unrealistic romance content.

I grabbed Ikuto by the waist and hugged him, making him topple over backwards. He sat up, my hold still firmly on his waist.

He held my head, laughing.

" Was eight hours of work too much to be away for? I'm sorry, I'll not get our weekly food supply next time." He patted my head, then kissed my head.

I felt my sorrow's of him gone for so long well up, and I was tearing up.

"Hey, Amu, What's wrong?" He stiffled down his laughter, and took me seriously by surprise.

I looked him sincerely in the eye. His eyes widened. "Hey, Amu-!" I hugged him around the chest this time, but he brought me back up to get an answer.

He looked at me with the look a strict father would give his child who just did something wrong, then ask, "Did you do this?"

I looked back at him. For once in my lifetime he was being serious.

He held my wrists in his hands, firm but gently. " What happened, Amu?" I looked at him, the tears drying in my eye sockets.

"I missed you, really bad! Where have you been for the last three years of my life?" I wanted to pull him close, or smack him or something, for not visiting then acting so casual.

He looked at me with total confusion. "Leave-?" he broke out in laughter. " I've been her for the past 5 years , and married to you, did you have a nightmare or something?"

" Wha- past five years, wait..! Married?"

He laughed again.

"Amu darling, did you forget about me already with your short term memory, even with that diamond on your left hand?" He laughed again, picking up the now- everywhere, food products. He left me there to think for a second.

I looked on my left hand, second finger on the left, and there it was.

A marriage ring… He married me.

"Married?" I spoke. When did this happen? I was just in my room wishing I was with Ikuto and Tadase- hold on.

I stood up, and Ikuto held all the groceries in his hand, and then he stood on gravity too.

" You must have had some dream, hun." He laughed. I was just looking in awe at my ring.

He put the groceries on the kitchedn counter, which happened to be connected with the living room only by an open doorway.

He looked at me aweing the ring.

He laughed. "You werent that much in love with that ring even when I purposed to you!" He smiled.


Not an Ikuto smirk.

Not a teasing smile.

A genuine.

Real smile.

I looked at his face and took a mental snap short of his uplifting lips as he chugckles happily.

I smiled lightly, looking towards him.

Maybe I seem weird to him, since I made that wiihs, I'm five years older than I used to be last night, and now I need to know what has happened in the last five years.

Wow, I thought three years was long.

~ 3:00pm

As I sorted through our photo albums, and I looked at our date nights, like the one at the eiffel tower's main restaurant, or our movie nights, and us snuggling taking a quick photo. It was just mesmerizing.

I could feel the memories sink into my mind as I looked at every picture, and rember those exact nights, experiencing them for myself.

I found an album labelled 'wedding' so I picked it up and flipped to the first page.

There was me and my girls on the night before the wedding, and us in our fancy dresses at a party, and in a limo, and some of me and people I didn't know. I looked at one picture, of a girl holding a simple smile and cheering glasses with me. I would recognize that short person anywhere. Rima Mashiro.

I traced my finger along the outside of the binder, not wanting to turn the page immediately.

"Rima." I whispered, looking at the only girl other than myself that was recognized.

Ikuto suddenly walked upstairs, holding a box full of more albums. "Where would you like these ones?" He asked, holding his breath a ite from the heavy box.

"Right there." I gently, and very sweetly responded, tilting my fingers to a leather couch beside me.

He smiled once it was ut of his arms and sigghed deeply. "Whew, I don't see why you wanted these, You haven't looked at picture since you made the photo holders"

I smiled at him. I wanted him near me. I also wanteed some answers for the questioning I've ben in. What has happened?

" Come sit with me." I tapped the right beside me, on the part of space in the gigantic couch I was on. He rolled his eyes, smiling again, and sat besie me.

He was warm, and the casual sweater he was wearing was fuzzy. I laughed lightly as it tickled my arm.

He looked a me as I flipped through the pages of documented memories, and photos holding al that I know of right now.

I looked at the pictures, and pointed to them as he looked, and commented. Photos of him eating cake, or me shoving it in his face playfully. I found a pictur that showed the cake on my dres, and me trying to catch Ikuto in heels. I guess my marriage was pretty amazing. Iktuo said everybody had the time of their live, and it was the wediding of the year.

I frowned inside my head since I don't really remember anything, and pictures just give me an idea what happened in the last five years, but for now, it's good enough. A smile flickered on the left side of my lip as I felt a little smirking smile come on. I was happy tyhough.

I felt Ikuto's gaze watching me, and I all of a sudden felt the slightest bit awkward.

What are you looking at?

"Ikuto why are you watching me?" I asked, lightly turning my head his way, though making full contact in his eyes with mine.

He chuckled in his throat. "I'm staring at your beauty, and admiring." He simply said, love in his eyes. I had never seen that look before. From the lovebirdy-people around m yeah, not Ikuto Tsukiyomi- that was a different story.

I felt hot blush creep from the outer layer of my cheeks, and I saw him look warmly at me.

I really did miss him. I really just wanted to kiss him right now.

As if reading my mind, he tilted his head toward my own, and kissed me softly on the lips. Wait, isn't this soon? But I forgot, we have been married, five years.

I completely took in the moment of a kiss with him, since I could wake up from this dreamland any moment.

Wow, I sure have become sappy, haven't I?

~ 7:54pm

I found myself writing a diary entry at 'my' desk in Ikuto's and my bedroom. He said he'd be out for a bit, so I thought I'd do my own work. It was interesting to believe I was so casual after everything.

I turned around to the door being swung open to see Ikuto in a white tuxedo. He walked up to me, and offered his hand up.

I gratefully took it, not that I did't have two perfectly cute feet, but I didn't feel like usuing my own strength right now, I was kind of wobbly from everything, and Ikuto had just the thing that could make every girl fall out of their chairs.

"Were going to dinner tonight Amu," He stated. " I bought this Tuxedo for work purposes, to look professional, but it never seemed useful to me. I also-" He grabbed something he left outside the room. When he came back, he had a red, sparkling dress that looked quite lovely.

I jumped out of my seat. ( I was already standing up though..) and held it in front of me, and walked up to a mirror, and watched him look at me with hapiness as thae fact that I liked the dress.

~ Dinner 8:26pm

I walked up to the table holding Ikuto's hand, and felt sad when he let go. He only did that to grab a chair and pull it out for me to sit on, of course.

As we sat, we talked a lot. Just the usual small toalking like 'how was your day?' and 'what do you want to do later on? Tomarrow?' Though there was one conversation between us that made me feel happy.

Ikuto looked over at me while I looked at my food. "Is everything alright, Amu?" he asked. I nodded fast. "Everything's ok, why do you ask?" He put his fork down. " You looked uptight or nervous or deep in thought, I was wondering if it had sometihng to do with today." I looked at him dead in the eye. " What so special happened today?" he chuckled, squinting his eyes and keeping his straight posture. I think he's stuck from doing that at work.

"Nothing, Darling, It's just that today you thought I was a crook, and acted like I havent been here for three years, when really it's been five that I've been married to you!" he chuckled again, while my eyes narrowed in boredom, since he was laughing so much, and I was losing this fight. It wasn't a fight though, just a mere conversation.

I sighed dreadfully. This was typical;y annoying. Ikuto was quieting down now, and shaking his head like he just did something stupid. Well, he kind of did.

" I'm sorry Amu, It's just a little different for me. I come home to you every day and get a hug and a kiss, you surprised me today when you were crying after you thought I was robber, pummeled me down, then started to hug me. You really reminded me of the little girl I used to tease all the time."

I held a putting face. When I finally relaxed, I looked over to the waiter on the other side of the room, so I didn't have to make direct contact with my husband, and said, " Ikuto." He replied with an acknoledgment by rumbling a 'hm?' sound in his throat while he chewed his food.

"I wasn't playing this morning in a way. I forgot what happened a while ago, when you came back after three years, then what happened?" I looked around again.

He looked at me, probably thinking of teasing my lack of memory. I was waiting.

"Really Amu? I though you would have remembered, but I like the day too, so I'll repeat the story for you again." He sighed.

~ flashback ~

" He's gone for good!" Amu cried to her pillow. Dia, tying to be comforted added in, " No he's not, He'll come back, like he said, and he'll visit-!" She got cut off by Amu, throwing her pillow at Diamond.

"He won't come back. If he wanted me to win our contest, he should have come back sooner! Not to mention he undoubtedly is ignoring me, he never replies to my texts." She stood up, and got off her bed and opened her balcony door to go outside for some air. She leaned on the protector bars.

"He soes what he wants, and in his world he does what he feels like." She sighed. "Wherever the tail points." She whispered.

"You stealing my lines Amu?" Amu turned to the tall teenager with a violin on his back, with the deep voice sitting on her roof, out of reach., it was most clearly Ikuto.

She almost cried, but she was angry, now was not a good time to be making jokes.

Crunching her fists up at her side, she added,
" Your… here…." She spoke, in pain and anger. She refused to let him see her cry, he'll leave thinking she was still a kid as usual old times went like.

"Why didn't you call me? Or answer my texts or phone calls?" Amu screeched. He help his ears.

"You still can talk like a kid I see but you sure look olde!" he laughed. She felt the tears almost fogging up her eyes.

She yelled at him with annoyance. " Get down here so I can punch you!" He thought about it for a second. " Nah, I don't feel like it." He quietly stated. He ran along the bars, and before Ikuto could be grabbed by Amu's fast moving hands hurdling toward the boy,

He jumped into the tree next to her house.

She narrowed her eyes. " You.." She simply stated, then hunched her un balanced body on the top of the rails. " Hey- don't!" Ikuto sounded scared now.

Before he could even more to make sure she didn't, she landed her bod on a thick tree branch and fell back toward the ground.

Ikuto was close enough to grab her. He grabbed her hand, and pulling her closer to him.

Before she could even start to hurt or complain to him, he held her close as she blushed.

"Amu, I was just teasing you as always.. Never scare me like that, you hear!" He yelled at her now, going from a soft voice, to that in a second. He pulled her back to look at her face, wich was now building up with tears. He felt immediately guilty, and trying to take it back, started, "Amu I'm so-" and was immediately cut off by her screaming at him now. "Ikuto, I was so worried! I thought you hated me, I thought you forgot me, I though- I thought you forgot about our bet and everything else… Please don't ever leave me again!" Amu cried, and buryed her face in his shoulder, and cried more.

Ikuto pushed her away. She felt in pain. "Ikut-" "forget you? Hoe would I forget the best thing that ever happened to me Amu? How? I will never leave you alone again, if you want, and I can promise that too!" He immediately kissed her on the lips the second he finished, leaving no time for a reply from her, and no talking time. They kissed there under the moon.

"Ikuto." Amu started. Ikuto acknoledged. "I hate you.." Amu said in a loving, yet still upset voice, then kissed him again.

~ end of flashback

Ikuto choked a little, getting himself out of memories. He looked at me.. " The whole day was pretty amazing,but I saw you upset, and talking to yourself, and I teased you, then you tried to do something stupid, and fell off your balcony, then I caught you . We then had a conversation, and- hey why don't you remmber all this anyway? Should I take youi to the hospital, because maybe you have amnesia?" He asked, now worried.

I laughed a lot. I tried thinking of an excuse in the mean time, but nothing hit me in the head, so I just went with my gut. "I'm sure that's not it!" I laughed in the back of my hand, as we got up and walked to hs car, to go home.

~ ( 10:56pm )

Ikuto and I sat in our bed, and whispered goodnight to each other.

I felt the dreamy memories make me giggle, as I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up, And surprisingly… I wasn't in the same house… The same bedroom… or even in the same area… I felt someone beside me, and tunred to see Tadase..

My eyes went wide. I screamed.

Authers note:

The next one should be out soon, sorry if there was any confusion in this story. I can't tell you specifically if this is a amuto, or tadamu story.. but I think you could find a few hints here and there.