Renee: Okay, for the last Time Tadase, I don't like you!

Ikuto to tadase: She writes about you all the time..

Renee: Ikuto! Shall I dare say what you write in yor diary? ;)

Ikuto: I don't have one.

Renee: I can change that….!

Amu: how?

Renee: I am a writer. Duh.

Amu: You don't own us though!

Renee: I do- don't.. Wait, Why are you resisting Amu? I thought you loved Ikuto? I can make him write a diary about you!

Amu: *blush * umm I-Ikuto, you have a diary? Wh-what about?

Renee: Ha! I won Ikuto

By the way, I don't own Shugo Chara!

This chapter starts a few nights after Ikuto said he loved her, and she loved him, blah blah, etc. A FEW NIGHTS LATER!

Ikuto walked throught the cold weather to the easter opening.

It was cold, but he could handle it. It was icicles hailing it seemed like.

He opened the easter doors, and walked inside the building.

"So, what is it kazuomi wants now?" Ikuto sighed heavily. The once in another time grumpy assistant smiled, and gestred down the hall. "He's waiting for you in the head office Tsukiyomi."

"sure." Ikuto agrred to end the conversation, and so he could get back sooner to see his beloved Hinamori Amu.

Ikuto tappe his fingers restlessly, while Kazoumi turned around.

"Ah, Ikuto, nice to see you. Did you find your father?" Ikuto sighed again. "Yes, now what would you like?" he smiled wide. "my my, ipatience." Ikuto laughed. "You have no idea."

Kazoumi returned the laugh. "I assume you wonder why I brought you herer today, am I right?" "Yes you are."

He coughed. "Hikaru is too tired of this company, and he wants to live the life of a regular child. He is handing it to you." Ikuto felt his eyes widen, and his mind go nuts. "Why, arent' you taking that poasition..?" Kazuomi laughed. "I'm old, I'll die after about ten more years, I need someone young and assured good to take care of this for me."

Ikuto felt his face and my blood freeze. A lot of responsibility could be good fore him, and Amu-

"But you'll be here a lot of time, you get paid amazingly though, so I wouldn't worry too much." Ikuto held his hand tighter. "I'm sorry." Ikuto started, smiling wide. "I don't have the time to be here. I found the love of my life, and I refuse to let her go again, or spend more than enough time away from her."

Kazoumi coughed, frozen. "H-Hinamori Amu? Is it her?" Ikuto nodded.

Kazuomi smiled. "For once, I think I should be like a real father to you." He looked at Ikuto. "When I married your mother, I know she did It for my money, ut I still loved her, too, so.. Why don't you make a better choiuce than me, rather than avoid it, to admit it."

Ikuto looked at him, eyebrows arched.


Kazuomi got out a pad of paper.

Check paper.

He scribbled some fancy letters down as he spoke, and said, laughing, "You know Ikuto, I think she's brung out the best side of everyone, including me." He laghed more.

"Here you go. Your entire savings from working with us." He smiled, handing Ikuto the peice of paper containing a load of money.

I grabbed it, still shocked Kazoumi is being nice.

That was really different.

He smiled, waliing to his desk. " Have a nice day, Ikuto." He saw down at the table or desk. That thing he sat at, smiling.

Ikuto walked toward Amu's house, the wind blowing at his skin, so he had to cover his face.

As he ducked to the side, he looked at the window that reavealed my reflection, as well as a bunch of expensive looking jewelry. This may have been destiny.He clutched the piece of paper and walked in the doors as the sales man greeted him in an english, cheery tune. "How may I help you?"

Back at the house, Amu cleaned her room quickly, with a big smile stuck on her mouth.

"what's got you so happy?" Miki asked.

"She's usually wipering lazily about Ikuto, but since he's back, she is clearly excited." Rna added.

"I feel so happy that the old Amu is back." Suu chirped.

"Her shine is too." Dia remarked, as all of them intesnsly stared at the huuming, cheering girl clean.

Amu held her forehead, then wiped it. "I'm tired, I'm so excited for Ikuto to come her later!" she was interuptted by a knock.

"I-Iku-To?" She looked out the window to her balcony to reveal the young, handsome man.

"Ikuto! You're here so early" Amu sqeeled, not ready, and now turning pink.

Ikuto laughed, with a genuine smile on his face.

"I wanted to see you. I'm not very patient, I'm sure you remember." He looked at me n the eyes.

So it is true. She thought.

He just tried jokes when his life was so dull and boring..

Maybe that's why he is so different,

So peaceful..

In our near future.

He coughed in his throat, and Amu snapped out and realized she was with him currently. "So, how is your dad, and is he what you expected?" Amu started, sitting down on her bed, and tapped the cushion so Ikuto would join her while talking.

He gladly accepted.

He sighed happily. "Yeah, I found him, he was somewhere in America, which I never expected. He learned fluent english and some other languages, and he wasn't a musician anymore, and to be honest it was weird at first talking to him, he didn't really no me, and I didn't know…" He suddenly looked at Amu, smiling. " he's still there, but he said he'll visit soon. in the end too, he did give me his blessing. "

Amu held a straight face. " I hope your parent's do too."

What? She questioned, as Ikuto stood up, and started to go to the ground.

He sat on one knee, and was pulling something out of his pocket.

Oh my- oh my, oh my, oh my.

"Amu hinamori," He hled my hand now and was opening a dark blue, velvety case that was fuzzy, and warm in my hand. Probably from his pocket.

" I was away for a long time, and I wish I didn't have to leave you behind, but from now on, this moment.. I want you there with me wherever I go." Unvealing the navy velvet box, laid a fluffy black cushion made of some silk, holding a silver curled, diamond encarved outlet ring that has a silver diamond hold on the top, carrying a diamond the size of her pinky.

Ok, exasgeration, smaller., but big enough to be about 2000 smackers.

She didn't notice it tell after her thoughts, but tears were running down her face. She sniffled and had a smiled as she leaned forward to hug him.

She held her eye to wipe away tears and hopefully hide her pink hue, but it failed slighlty.

Almost down to hugging level, or jumping level, she shouted-

"of course I will you dummy!" she put her arms around him, just as tears began filling her eyes up, and he laughed with joy.

She then pushed him over and kissed him on the lips.

~ A few months later, the wdding.

"Ikuto Tsukiyomi, do you take Amu Hinamori as your wife, to have, and to hold, in sickness and health thorugh the good times plus the bad?"

"I do." He smiled at me, not even caring about anything else in the world.

Amu Hinamori, do you takeIkuto Tsukiyomi as your husband, to have, and to hold, in sickness and health thorugh the good times plus the bad?"

I was shaking, I know it. How did he do this, he's just standing here like it's a guys movie night!

"I-I do." Screwed it up Amu.

I swear Ikuto was laughing in his eyes. Not in the bad way though, more just like he loves me too much.

"Then I pronounce you, husband and wife." Just like every good romance.

He leaned in and kissed me, and I kissed him full on, wrapping my arms around his neck, and forgetting about the world. It was him and I.

What was tyhis accomplished feeling? Why did it feel…

Like I'm born into a happier existance?

We continued, as our family and friends stood up, and cheered for us.

This is why it's the best scene in a movie. Because it's the time when your locking hearts forver, nad have chosen your life path.

As I turned to my family, I threw the bouquet and I'm sure Utau caught it. Kukai arched his eyebrow and made her blush like she was really going to get married.

Aren't we too young for this? Or is love something you can be sure of just by feeling, and law not able to stop it..

Love is very powerful, indeed.

Now, I can have my happily ever after. With Him… Ikuto.

I walked up to him, at the drink table, talking to his brothers, well good friends but they left as I approached.

"Ikuto." I asked, holding him by the waist.

He made a noise inside his throat that sounded like some type of a question, so I answered. "How did you stay so calm at the wedding Ceremony announcing timeing?" I asked, cautiosly.

He chuckled. "Thinking about you." My heart melted that second, and felt like oozing, love chocolate.

I smiled up at him. He was still so tall.

"Ikuto I-" He laughed before I finished. "what made you so nervous?"

I blushed. "I have stage fright!" I nblurted, turning away.

He laughed. "Amu, what really?" He had a hand on his hip. So cute..

"N-N-nothing of your concern!" He smiled, wrapping his arms around me.

"I think it is something concernful for me~" he purred into my neck.

My skin was on fire, and it wasn't his cinamon hot breath going down my spine. "I was thinking of you, ok? I wanted to impress you I guess, and make things perfect like you always do, but I kind of failed." He held me tighter. Looking now at my eyes with his azure slits.

"You never cease to impress me, Amu." He looked in my eyes. I held the watch.


He departed from our hug. "You should try this cake," He then tasted.

I remember..

I laughed, singing "No thanks!" He smirked.

Something happening….

"Oh really? Ut I want you to try it." He wimpered.

"Uh, no really, I'm ok!" I giggled, not wanting to cut the cake already. Who knows how I would tell him I'm bad with kitchen knives.

I chukcled, walking away.

About now, from the photos… Wait!

Ikuto grabbed my hand, and turned me around. I was met up with vvanilla on my lips, and cake falling off me onto my dress, and onto the ground.

"Hey! No fair! Wait, That was an expensive dress too! It will stain!" I yelled annoyed. If he was going to play this game, he might as well give me a warning. Or a ladies exclusive start.

I threw a piece of cake onto the running Ikuto, and he tumbled, now cake falling out of his hair.

I laughed. He walkerd up to me then licked the icing off my lips, and then kissed me.

I laughed in between kisses from him.

Perfect weddings were overrated.

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