AN: Draka and Draco belong to me, Kone and Hunju are property of singer of time

Also I I do not own Ecco, Tara, or kitnee only the GRAVCON or GRAVity CONtlol Devices


One day Ecco swam with his pod unaware that a creature completely unknown to him was watching him.

"There he is, it may have taken fifteen years but I finally found him, mom." The Emperor Ing Draco Demonclaw said as he touched his Gravity Control Device "Kone, I need any info you have about the orca calf" a green colored dolphin with gills above his flippers swam into view "Of course sir. It's the least I can do. What do you wish to know about him?" Draco thought for a moment then asked "What pod does he lead?" Kone replied "They were originally called the White Spots but were renamed the Tide Singers" Draco nodded "Thank you Kone as promised your love is waiting for you in your usual sleeping spot" Kone curled his body the dolphin version of bowing "Thank you sir shall I inform Draka of where Kitnee is?" Draco nodded "Yes, and while you're at it inform your contact in the killer beasts that I will make it worth his while to let you and Hunju stay together at all times from now on" Kone straightened himself "As you wish my lord" and with that he swam off.