There is a little known fact about Death City.

It has the most natural anti-magic wards around, and unless you are invited in by Lord Death himself (or happen to have meister/weapon blood in you) certain magics can't be cast within the walls.

Or you could be an insanely powerful Witch like Medusa and work past the wards.

Since Lord Death's soul enveloped the entire city in a perfect sphere, magical items such as port keys would refuse to go anywhere near the City itself. Apparition was out unless Death keyed your magic personally to the wards, which only happened if you met him in person and he allowed you to live there.

The only magical transport that could even get near the city without being keyed in was the American Knight Bus, and that would only get you as far as the forest. You would have to walk the last four miles into the city on foot.

This was the main reason Death had the portals made that took his meisters anywhere in the world within seconds. The American Ministry of magic had created them just so Death would keep his students from hunting them down for their weapons.

It was a I'll leave you alone, if you leave me alone deal that worked rather well.

Of course a few times they had a witch or wizard who went really bad, found out about how to eat souls and then started killing people.

In those times they sent a request to Death, and he added the name to the Wizard List.

It would usually take less than a month, and the wizard causing problems would be taken care of.

Dumbledore was annoyed beyond belief that he had to actually walk. Apparating was out of the question, since he had never been to Death City before. (Plus every time he tried he would end up farther away).

His broom was out, because he never brought it with him. There were no port keys because of the fact that the people who lived there reacted badly to such sudden appearances.

So for the first time in decades, Albus Dumbledore had to exert more energy than he was used to just to simply make it to the gates of the city. After walking for ten miles (the second time he tried to apparate into the city he nearly ended up twenty miles away in the desert. Needless to say he hadn't tried it a third time) he finally entered the city.

And felt whatever kept port keys from being anywhere near the city wake up.

Whatever wards Death used, they were good. Better than the ones at Hogwarts if he dared to admit it.

Everywhere he looked, he saw evidence that Death ruled with an iron fist in the city. Ridiculous cartoon skulls were on every sign post and on almost every building. Yet he saw no signs that the people living in the city were oppressed by the rule.

Eventually someone took notice of him, and an adult approached. There was only one small problem with the person before him.

He was quite clearly dead. And had a very blue skin tone.

"Lord Death would like to know why a wizard has entered the city uninvited. You'll have to come with me, because you're causing a bit of a problem here."

Dumbledore followed him, mostly because he had no idea where Death was. He balked when he saw the staircase that lead up to the only school in the area.

There was no way he could climb that many stairs! He rarely went up higher than the astronomy tower since he became Headmaster! It took him a good three hours simply to reach the top of the stairs, though he had to admit the view was rather good.

The zombie before him was somewhat amused and surprised at how out of shape he was.

Of course Lord Death was not happy to see Dumbledore. At all.

(Dumbledore had noted with some surprise that a scroll of paper near the large bulletin board outside the class abruptly shifted his name to the top when he passed by it. His name had glowed and the zombie looked at him with the strangest look he had ever seen. Considering it was coming from someone already dead he had been unable to interpret the look of doom correctly.)

Death took one look at Dumbledore and said bluntly "You are not kidnapping one of my best meisters from the Academy. I don't care what your excuse it, Aurora Potter has absolutely no reason to go to Hogwarts."

Dumbledore blinked, wondering how the hell he knew what he was planning before saying "She will need to have magical training if she is to live in her parent's footsteps."

"She already is. She's followed her mother's path and is an intelligent young lady with a sensible friend for a partner. She has her father's sense of mischief, and has been getting magical training since she was seven. Frankly I see no reason to send her to your school when she is perfectly capable of learning about magic here."

"Her inheritance is in England," Dumbledore pointed out.

"We have a few branches in America, and it wouldn't be that hard to transfer the funds," countered Death.

This argument continued for a good hour, before Death decided to try a different approach.

He had Aurora come in and tell Dumbledore point blank that she would never attend his school, even if he bribed her with unconditional access to their restricted section.

Aurora looked at the man coldly.

"Your mother would have wanted you to go," he said.

"My mother (she emphasized the word) would want me to stay as far away from England as possible, because of the blood prejudice. She would have been thrilled to learn that I have been keeping up with both sides of my heritage and not focusing solely on my magical blood."

Dumbledore couldn't believe the girl before him was refusing to even consider coming to Hogwarts. Most people jumped at the chance to come.

"You, sir, lost any and all privileges afforded to you as my magical guardian the day my so called Aunt tried to kill me. Did it EVER occur to you to verify that Lily Potter was in fact directly related to Petunia Dursley?!"

Dumbledore, taken aback by the idea that Petunia was dumb enough to attempt to kill his pawn, had no way to counter that statement.

As Aurora spent the next two hours literally ripping into his precious magical community (taking great pleasure in verbally destroying any and all counter arguments) Lord Death was very, very glad that Aurora at least respected him enough not to do the same to him.

Even though he had neglected to tell her about her actual cousin until after she had run away. She could forgive his bouts of forgetfulness, since he had several meisters and weapons to train. He couldn't take that much time to deal with her personal problems, it would seem too much like favoritism (coughDumbledorecough) and that was the last thing she wanted.

Dumbledore left Death City empty handed, and thoroughly chastised. He had never realized how badly he had screwed up by leaving the girl with her cousin (he also couldn't believe that he had missed the fact that Lily wasn't directly related to Petunia. They didn't even look alike for Merlin's sake!).

Clearly he would have to take a different approach. Oh well, the prophesy did say that it was a child born at the end of July, and Aurora Potter wasn't the only person who had fit the criteria.

Neville Longbottom would make a fine pawn. He didn't even have any self confidence to give him problems.

"So let me get this straight. Not only did that blasted old goat appear here, but he left after Aurora verbally shredded into him?" asked Sirius.

"That would be the basic gist of it, yes. I have his entire visit record on the mirror if you want a look," said Death, amused.

"Hell yes! Pardon my language."

"No offense taken. I may just keep this recording until I can catch the man at breaking the laws of Death, and then you can watch your goddaughter using his soul to turn her weapon into a proper Death Scythe."

About a month after the visit from Dumbledore, they were preparing for the annual party for the school. Students and teachers were the only ones invited, though Sirius and Remus were given a rare pass inside when they offered to teach magic to the kids.

(A few had demonstrated magical ability, and had expressed an interest.)

Normally little Angela and Mifune wouldn't be able to join in, but as Aurora had learned by accident, Angela did have some meister blood in her.

Angela had been attending the junior classes with Mifune's permission. It kept her out of his hair for a while and it was good exercise. Plus she usually ate with Aurora at lunch, so they had something to bond over.

Once she was old enough, Aurora was going to take Angela out to find her partner. Possibly an unregistered one like she had.

Aurora was helping decorate. Since she mastered flight, she had been asked to decorate the higher areas. She didn't mind, since it gave her an excuse to practice her flight spell, and her magic teachers were helping her by levitating the decorations up to her.

Sirius and Remus were already planning to sneak in some alcohol even though it was a school party. Death planned to look the other way.

Mostly because the only type of alcohol that he would bring in was butterbeer, which was relatively harmless.

"Coming up!" Sirius called out.

Getting on a broom (which amused Aurora greatly, since she didn't need one) Sirius hovered next to her.

Aurora was flying on a miniature disc of magic with the decorations beside her. It had taken her months of experimenting to be able to create the disc, and to keep it going while she did something else.

But now her favorite thing to do was zoom around town. She even gave the other kids rides, if they asked politely enough.

"So how's it going?"

"We've got almost all of it done, but I'm worried."


"Witches have been more active of late, and I heard rumors that Medusa is up to something big that involves the Academy."

"Where did you hear that?"

"Magic Conclave. The Misune sisters were complaining that someone from Death Academy killed their eldest sister."


"Five sisters who look like mice. Though when they combine they tend to wear this really scandalous outfit that opens at the bottom."

"You know this how?"

"Seen it happen once, want the memory?"

"Yes please!"

Aurora liked Sirius well enough, he reminded her of a more silly Death Scythe. Of course she had adopted Maka's usually method of discipline to keep him from embarrassing her too much.

Remus got along better with Mifune than Sirius did...of course he was taking sword lessons from the man.

"So what's Angela up to?"

"She's still trying to convince me to add geckos to the decorations..."

"Why not? Add them to random balloons or something. Not like anyone ever pays attention to the balloons."

"Point. Alright, she can add geckos."

Angela, who was listening below (and practicing her levitation spell that Remus showed her) cheered. She dashed outside the hall and brought out her large box of gecko dolls. Grinning at her surrogate little sister she started to add the geckos to the balloons.

Sirius got the party started once Death made his speech, and the kids absolutely loved trying butterbeer for the first time. Aurora had a lot of fun dancing with Kid, while Masamune tried not to blush as Patty danced with him. Tsubaki found it rather funny.

Everything was going great...until Medusa went to dance with Stein. Aurora broke free to use the restroom, and it was so crowded she went down to the next floor. Right as she was about to go up the stairs, she felt magic starting up.

Worried, she used a scan spell to find out what the hell was going on...and winced. There were a lot of witches outside, and one of them was casting a spell to keep Death in place.

Instead of going up, she went down. She always kept a spare change of clothing for when practice got a little hard and tore whatever she was wearing.

"Has anyone seen Aurora?" asked Kid. Masamune had fallen through with Patty, and they were trying to stop Medusa from awakening the Kishin.

"Not since the party. I don't remember seeing her after Medusa jumped out the window," said Maka.

"Seen who?" asked a voice from behind.

"Aurora... Aurora! Where did you go?" asked Soul.

Their jaws dropped. She had been in an elegant dress earlier, but now she was wearing deep blue shorts, a shirt with the sleeves on her arms instead of her shoulders in night black, and wearing a belt with a silver snake eating it's own tail. The snake had a pair of wings on both sides of her waist. Around her neck was a purple crystal. She had a pair of swords for earrings.

"Aurora...where did you get that?" asked Kid, staring.

"It was the only available outfit out of my spares. The rest were in the laundry for tomorrow. So what is going on?"

"Medusa has a bunch of other witches outside, and one of them has everyone trapped in a cube that we can't break. Lord Death wants us to keep her from awakening the Kishin," said Maka, leading them down.

"The bathrooms upstairs were so full I went down a floor. I was wondering what that magic build-up outside was..." said Aurora.

She came to a decision, and called up the black disc.

"Everyone, get on. We'll get there faster if you guys ride instead of run."

It was Maka who recognized Death Scythe's rather annoying soul signature.

"We'll deal with his idiocy later! Let's stop them from waking up the Kishin!" said Aurora.

Aurora watched in amusement as Maka went all out against Chrona. Her scrying spell was so useful some days. She ran alongside Kid, with her sword strapped to her back. The closer they got to the Kishin, the stronger the effects became.

Strangely, Aurora was completely unaffected by the effects.

Her mind raced, while Kid and Black Star were feeling the dark effects. While they still didn't feel it, they could sense it, and that was more than enough.

While they ran/glided, they all kept reliving their worst days.

For Black Star, it was the day he was told of his heritage, and the reason why the teachers kept such a close eye on him.

For Kid, it was the day Patty nearly ruined his personal symmetry and his clothes.

For Patty and Liz, it was the day they first started living on the street.

For Tsubaki, it was the day she learned her brother had gone rogue and was killing people to eat their souls.

For Masamune, it was the first vestiges of madness that he felt.

Aurora saw the day her Aunt wanted to kill her because of what she was. That would forever be the worst day of her life. The fear, the pain, the sadness. While she had worked out most of it, she could still feel the stark shock and pain of realizing her flesh and blood wanted to kill her for no other reason than the fact that they didn't want her.

For some reason, she felt nothing as they approached the source of all madness. It was as if there was an emotional void in her soul. She couldn't even feel joy, sadness, or pain. She could feel nothing.

She was the only one who didn't attack the Wolfman's image.