Authors Notes - I ramble and go off on tangents in real life, it's going to happen in my fics too. Nor do I have a beta so any mistakes are just mine~ This happened in an RP~ Just like Country Slave did. So joint effort. I just made it into fic form. My RP partner, who played Dave is janekrahe (On Tumblr!) She's a fabulous writer, I'm really enjoying doing this story with her.

I do have a job now though, so don't expect a lot of updates very quickly. I'll try to at the very least have a new chapter once a week. I intend on more than that, but that'll be the minimum. Also I won't cockblock ya'll like I did in Country Slave. At least not very much LOL This is going to get down and dirty very quickly.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Dave checked the card again. It was simple and tasteful, white with blue curving lettering. It said, You have a secret admirer. Meet me at Scandals at 9 PM on Friday the 30th. He checked his watch. He had five minutes to get inside. He was nervous though. Was it him? Was it really him? The card looked like something he would do. It was tasteful and simple, masculine without being macho. It looked expensive. Custom made.

It had to be him.

Who else could it be?

Dave took a deep breath and smoothed his clothes. He'd worn his nicest jeans with a dark sweater. And a nice jacket, not his letterman. He hoped he looked nice. Though he ever doubted he could look nice enough for him.

Okay. He had to do it. He wasn't going to chicken out. He walked up to the door. The bouncer smiled at him and let him in without checking his ID. Benefits of being a big guy. That and he'd been coming here so long, he was considered a regular now.

He didn't know if that was a good thing or not.

Dave walked up to the bar and started looking around. He saw a few faces he recognized, and even smiled at one or two of them. But he didn't see who he was looking for. No one was coming over to him. Was it not him? Was he running late? Had he decided not to come?

Dave felt so nervous he thought he might just throw up. He ordered a beer, trying to ignore the nagging voice in the back of his head telling him to avoid alcohol tonight.

"Right on time. . ." Dave heard a tutting noise behind him. "You didn't even leave me waiting and wanting."

Dave turned his head and gave a sharp intake of breath. It wasn't who he wanted to see. At all. Great. He really didn't want to talk to this guy. He clenched his beer bottle in his hand and said, "No offense but I'm really not in the mood for you right now, okay?"

"Oh come on." Sebastian moved to Dave's side, leaning on the bar-top with one elbow leaning against it. "Did you get my flowers?"

". . .Flowers?" Dave raised his eyebrows. He shook his head though, mind immediately going to the hospital. "I mean, maybe. . . I didn't really look at any of the cards or anything." He'd started to, but the notes sort of depressed him. All these people who had never given a damn suddenly gushing all over him.

"Well, it was bouquet yellow roses, if you remember those." Sebastian informed him.

Dave slowly nodded. He remembered those. They were in his kitchen, actually.

"Not to be rude dude, but I'm sort of waiting on someone." Dave told him, looking over his shoulder again to quickly scan the bar, then back to the door, expecting someone to walk through.

Where was he?

"I know. . ."

"What do you mean you kn-?" Dave started, but then it hit him then and he swallowed hard. Shit. No. "You? YOU sent that card?" Disappointment made his heart sink and his stomach knot up. "I'm out." He stood, dropping a five on the bar.

"Yes, you are aren't you? That's part of the- Hey!" Sebastian's hand shot up, grabbing Dave's arm and tugged him back. He had an intense look in his eyes. "Don't you dare go. I've turned down three prospects tonight because I was waiting for you to get here. Because tonight, it's all about you."

"I don't want a pity date!" Dave snapped, yanking his arm away hard. God, he was so stupid. He'd actually let himself believe that Kurt was starting to like him. That Kurt would have asked him out. Changed his mind. Wanted him. No. He just pitied him, and now this douchebag did too.

"It's not a pity date." Sebastian stated. "Who said it was a date at all?" Sebastian squinted a little bit like that was obvious.

Shit. That was even worse. "The card said -whatever." Dave grabbed his jacket. "I don't want to play your stupid mind games. I don't want to talk to you."

"The card said you have a secret admirer. Maybe you do." Sebastian got closer and tried to take the jacket from Dave. "Or you soon will. That's why I invited you here. I want to help you get a guy. You know. . . Just like you asked."

Dave held his jacket out of Sebastian's reach. "Why?" he asked, voice heavy with suspicion. "You don't like me. In fact, you think I'm disgusting. You said I couldn't get a guy."

"I don't think that. I don't." Sebastian repeated firmly, staring intently at Dave. "I was. . . Joking. And I know it wasn't funny." He added, just as Dave opened his mouth to tell him that. ". . .I'm sorry. Let me help you out. I can prove it to you. You can get a guy."

"I don't want a guy like you," Dave said, eyeing him. "So why would I listen to you telling me how to get a guy?"

"You think I get guys like myself?" Sebastian rolled his eyes. "You know that's not true. You've seen some of my hookups. . ."

"And I've talked to them more than you have," Dave said. "And none of them were what I want either. When I asked that, I wasn't asking about you." Shit, he hadn't meant to say that. But he didn't like the implication that he was as shallow as Sebastian.

Sebastian got even closer. He had that look on his face he'd get when he saw a guy he wanted and was moving in for the kill. Except right now, it was on Dave. He didn't know if he liked it or not. . . No, definitely not. It gave him goose bumps. "Give me a chance. The basics. . . Then, if you want, we can work on specifics. Get this. . type. That you want."

Dave stared at him for a long moment. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. "I don't want your pity. We're not friends. What do you get out of it?"

"It's not pity. It's fun. I want to help you. I have some fun. . . You possibly get laid. Or. A. . . boyfriend, whatever." Sebastian waved his hand casually.

"How could this possibly be fun for you?" Dave asked giving him a hard stare. "You don't like me, remember? Why would you want to spend time with me?" Dave hated himself a little because he was actually considering it. He just. . . He'd been so happy when he thought it was Kurt. Like his dreams were coming true or some cheesy shit like that. And if Sebastian could help him get Kurt. . . Was it worth it?

"Let's see. . I get to have a protege, and watch you grow. Be a proud mentor, yadda yadda, whatever you want to tell yourself. I want to do this." Sebastian put a hand on Dave's shoulder and squeezed. "Come on. It'll be fun." He narrowed his eyes on the word 'fun'.

"Doesn't sound like fun," Dave said. But he sighed and sat back down. He had a beer to finish. "I've got no where else to be tonight. So whatever. But I'm still not sure about this. I think it sounds awful."

"What's the worst that can happen?" Sebastian went to sit next to him on a stool. "Someone tells you no? And that's you're first lesson. First lesson. There's no such thing as no. No means maybe."

"No means no. That's what my dad says." Dave said with a frown. His dad had been talking to him every day since. . . since. And a lot of it had been about being gay. He was surprised at how his dad was trying so hard, but he knew his dad was just glad he was okay. After what happened, he could handle gay. It made Dave feel sick and guilty to think maybe it was a good thing he'd . . . Done what he'd done, because of how his dad acted now. He knew it was a horrible thing to think, but he couldn't help it.

Sebastian waggled a finger back and forth. "Not here. I'm not saying push yourself on someone, but if they turn you down, you keep trying. It's harmless, and eventually, it might work. I've gotten into guys pants who said no more than once. Everyone has their magic turning point. . But. That's for later. Basics now." Sebastian reminded, turning on the stool to fully face the bar-top. "Simple. Offer to buy me a drink."

Dave's brow furrowed. "Is that why you're doing this? You want free drinks? But you're like, rich or something, aren't you?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes, dramatically dropping his head back. "No. I just want to hear your pick up line." He sat up straight again. "Pretend your interested in me. Offer me a drink."

"Can I. . . buy you a drink?" Dave said, clearing his throat, unsure of how to approach it. He wasn't interested in Sebastian and it was hard to fake it. And this was just outright embarrassing. He felt stupid.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows, staring at Dave at that attempt. "Nope."

Dave watched him turn away, giving him the cold shoulder. Stare off at another guy. Dave knew Sebastian probably wanted him to try again. He took a breath and said, "Are you sure? It's just a drink. I can buy you anything you want."

He tried to smile for good measure, but it looked forced. He could feel it.

Sebastian glanced back over his shoulder and let his eyes trail over Dave's body, appearing like he was considering the offer. Dave shifted uncomfortably.

". . .Mmh. Why not?" Sebastian turned himself on the stool. Dave was surprised he gave in so easy. Probably just trying to encourage him. Which, Dave didn't find encouraging.

Dave rolled his eyes though and pulled out his wallet. "Do I actually have to buy you a drink now?"

"Way to ruin the moment." Sebastian teased him. "But yes. A beer. Thank yooou. ."

Dave rolled his eyes again, but ordered a beer for Sebastian. He didn't order another one for himself. He really wasn't supposed to be drinking at all, and he knew he was a depressed drunk. That wouldn't be good. Definitely not around this guy.

"Now. That wasn't horrible but. . .When you ask, don't stutter like that. The shy thing is cute to some guys, personally I like it, but typically people who like the shy type are perusers. And you don't LOOK shy. So don't expect someone looking for a bashful bear cub."

Dave slid the beer across to Sebastian and said, "What kind of bear cub would they be looking for then?"

"A gruff, aggressive, dominant bear." Sebastian took a swing of his beer, licking around the rim of the bottle as he set the beer down.

Dave shook his head immediately. "No, no. I can't be . . . aggressive, I gotta stop being like that. I put that shit behind me." He took a drink of his own beer from earlier, not much left.

"You were aggressive at one point? Shocker to me." Sebastian snorted. "You look the part, but then you open your mouth."

Dave's hand clenched on his beer. He didn't want to tell Sebastian what a bastard he'd been.

"Shouldn't I just look for someone who likes me for who I am?"

Sebastian snickered. "Not if you can't even get their attention in the first place. Going to a bar, or a club, or anywhere really, is about grabbing attention. Make them want you. The getting to know you is later, if that's what you're into."

"Okay. . . but can't I just be nice? I mean, if I offer someone a drink and they say yes, what do I do then?" Dave wasn't meaning to get caught up, but Sebastian talked like he knew what he was talking about.

"Being aggressive doesn't mean you're not nice, Davey." Sebastian said, raising his eyebrows. Dave frowned at the nickname though. "It means, you actually sound like you know what you're going. Confidence." He tapped his fingers on the beer bottle. "After the first drink gets here, you talk a little. Flirt. Try me." Sebastian gave him an expectant look.

Dave's mouth fell open and he stared at Sebastian for a long moment. He was stumped. He had no idea what to say.

"Um. . . how old are you?" He winced right away because he knew how stupid that sounded.

Sebastian blinked at him. "Really?" He took another drink of the beer and turned slightly away. "Boring, Davey. Keep me interested."

"I. . . Did you see the hockey game last night?" It was the first thing that came to mind.

Sebastian sighed, like he was deflating, leaning against the bar-top. "That'll work. If you just so happen to get a hockey fan. Good luck with that. Here. How about, I show you?" Sebastian stood, putting his beer aside. He suddenly had a suave smirk on his face. "Whatcha drinking?" He asked, putting his hand on the bar, tilting his head down slightly.

Dave clenched his hand on his almost empty bottle. "MGD," he said. "But don't really get me another one."

"Oh, why not? You look like you could use it. Hey." Sebastian looked up, making a quick whistle at the barkeep and pointed at the bottle. "Another beer, if you please."

"No, I'm serious," Dave said, shaking his head at the bartender. "I shouldn't have even had this one. Just water," he said as the man gave him a questioning look. He nodded and slid him a glass. He turned to Sebastian. "I'm not really supposed to drink."

Dave was a bit surprised to see Sebastian's eyes soften, the boy nodding. But then he felt himself bristle. More pity.

"So. . . Are you having fun tonight?" Sebastian asked, rubbing a hand down Dave's arm lightly.

"It could be better," he said, eying that hand. "How's your night going?" He felt awkward but he had a feeling Sebastian wasn't going to leave him alone tonight.

"Sorry to hear that." Sebastian made a bit of a pouty face. One that Dave had to look away from. "My night's going okay, been a little lonely though. Been looking for a partner out on the dance floor." He hinted, glancing over at it, then back to Dave with a little shimmy of his shoulders.

"Nope, sorry rich boy, I don't dance." Dave took a drink of his water and said, "Dancing is stupid."

"Dancing is not stupid." Sebastian slid his hand up, onto Dave's shoulder and squeezed. "Dancing. Is hot." He said, leaning in, voice coming out, warm and moist against Dave's ear. It made Dave shiver. "C'mon. . ."

"Fine." Dave hated dancing. Except with Santana. But she was different. He hated dancing here. It made him feel desperate, no one ever danced with him. He stood and held out a hand, trying to be a gentleman even though Sebastian was annoying him.

"You gotta dance in here, Dave. A guy wants to see how you move before moving with you." Sebastian said suggestively, taking Dave's hand. He tugged him out onto the dance floor, with some other people out there, an upbeat song playing.

Dave hated dancing. He couldn't stress that enough enough. He always felt stupid and self conscious when he did it. But he tried, doing rather conservative movements to keep from looking to ridiculous. And he didn't really want to grind on Sebastian anyway. Even if the guy was kind of hot.

Kind of.

A little hot.

At that thought, Dave actually looked at Sebastian. His arms were up, and he was moving his hips in perfect time to the music. How the hell was he doing that? Dave couldn't help but stare, his own movements slowing down. Sebastian wasn't close to Dave at first, obviously dancing with him but not pressed against him.

"You want someone to walk by and snatch me away?" Sebastian asked, running his hands down his own body, over his chest.

"Kind of," Dave snarked, but he put his hands on Sebastian's waist. His waist was tiny. Like Kurt's. He sighed and pulled him a little closer. "I'm not attracted to you," he said, though it was almost a lie. "Sorry if I don't want to grind on you."

"Not attracted to me?" Sebastian actually sounded surprised. "Well. That's part of the whole game, Mister Karofsky. You become their type." He turned, back to Dave and leaned back against his chest and body undulated to the music, body bumping Dave's.

Dave shook his head but tried to get into it. He let his hand slide up Sebastian's stomach, and tried to move his hips with the other boy's. His hand felt huge on Sebastian's torso and he felt awkward and chubby. He didn't like it. He also didn't like the way his body warmed to the closeness.

Sebastian put an arm back, hooking it easily behind Dave's head, around his neck. "Better. But you're moving like you're a clunky old robot."

The insult hit Dave way harder than it should have. Clunky?

"No, I'm done," he said, shoving Sebastian away, and headed back to the bar. Maybe he WOULD get that second beer.

"What?" Dave heard Sebastian say behind him. He sounded like he really didn't get it. "You can't give up so fast." He sighed.

"This is why I didn't want to hang out with you," Dave said. He sat down at the bar and motioned for a beer. "Just let it go, okay? I don't need your help. I probably shouldn't be dating right now anyway." If a barely there insult hurt that bad, Dave didn't think he could handle being around Sebastian for any length of time.

Dave froze, going tense as he felt two hands on his shoulders. "Oh, you need my help." Sebastian laughed. "You just need some practice. You'll get it. Everyone learns from experience."

Dave shrugged him off and grabbed his beer. "I'm not supposed to hang out with people like you anymore."

"People like me? I'm trying to help you." Sebastian pat his back a few times. "I'm trying to help you find a guy. Some fun. Make you feel good."

Dave shook his head. "I tried to kill myself, Sebastian," he said, voice rough. "Getting laid isn't going to fix anything, and listening to you tell me how no one wants me isn't going to help either."

"I didn't say that. This time. Why would be I be showing you how to get someone's attention if I thought no one would want you?" Sebastian pointed out, sitting again.

"Doesn't matter. Like I said, I'm not supposed to hang out with people like you anymore. You're mean." Dave knew it sounded childish but it was the only word he could think of. Sebastian was mean. He was a bully. Just like Dave used to be.

"Mean? I'm not trying to be mean! What did I do?" Sebastian made a face.

"You -" Dave broke off. It had been a stupid insult, one that normally he probably would have laughed off. He knew he was being extra sensitive, but - that was what it felt like. Like he'd been burned, and if you touched him even a little it hurt like hell. "It doesn't matter. I was like you once. I don't want to be like that again, and I don't want friends like that."

"What do you mean you were like me?" Sebastian looked disbelieving.

Dave stayed silent, staring at his beer.

"Dave. Did. . . anyone tell you? The Warblers sang for you at Regionals, because I asked. Demanded, in face. We raised money in donations for Lady Gaga's Born this Way charity, in your honor. That makes me mean how?"

"You did?" Dave turned, looking shocked. "Why?' He couldn't understand why Sebastian would care.

"Because what happened to you. . ." Sebastian shook his head. "You were in a dark place. Alone. If you had people there to help you, maybe it wouldn't have happened. When I thought about it, I could have been one of those people who could have been there. But I wasn't, because I was too focused. . Elsewhere."

"So, you're trying to. . . Make up for it? Be nicer?" Dave's tone was softer; he understood feeling like an asshole.

"Yes. To put it bluntly." Sebastian rubbed the side of his neck, shrugging a shoulder. "It's really not so difficult. And I can still have fun." He winked.

"I used to be like that," Dave said, turning more to face Sebastian. "Did they tell you that? How I picked on people? How I used to shove Kurt into lockers and call him a fag?"

"I might have heard a thing or two." Sebastian nodded. "I'm not trying to revert you into a macho tough guy, Davey. I just want to help you. You want attention from guys, don't you? You showed up tonight."

"That's because . ." Dave took a drink and decided to tell him. "I thought the card was from Kurt," he said. "I sent him cards like that at Valentines and I thought he was. . . I thought it was him."

"Kurt?" Sebastian sounded surprised. His nose scrunched up "Hummel? You're attracted to Kurt but not me? That's just offensive." Dave glared at him and Sebastian added: "I mean. He's a sassy little twink. I've been known to be called a twink. And you don't like me?"

Dave found his gaze drawn over Sebastian. "I don't need to tell you you're hot," he conceded. "And I guess. . . Sure. Kind of. I mean, I am a guy. But Kurt -" He shook his head. "You don't know him. He's. . . strong and smart and really. . . kind."

Sebastian made a really rude noise. "He's a sassy, bitchy, ice queen." Sebastian laughed cruelly. "Tries to seem untouchable. I guess I can see how that would be sexy. Maybe."

"You don't say that kind of shit to Kurt, do you?" Dave asked, feeling suddenly very protective.

". . .I used to." He rubbed the side of his neck. "I wouldn't now. Sorry. I'm not trying to. . Uhg. He isn't my favorite person. I'm pretty sure he'd say the same about me."

"He's never mentioned it but. . . He usually wants to talk about me when we hang out." Dave hesitated. "Do you. . . really think I could get him to like me? Honestly?"

"Maybe. You're likeable." Dave smiled at that. Except then Sebastian continued. "He has a dreamboat boyfriend already though, think you could compete with him?"

Dave's heart sank. He turned back to the bar, taking a drink of his beer. "No," he muttered. Blaine had everything Dave didn't. He was hot, he was talented, and he'd never hurt Kurt.

Sebastian pointed at him. "See. Right there. You're giving up too easy." Sebastian shook his head. "I'd love to get Blaine into my bed. And Blaine knows it. He turned me down. That doesn't mean I'm not still trying to impress him. There's always that chance you'll show that you have something to offer some other guy doesn't."

"You have a thing for Kurt's boyfriend?" Dave asked slowly. "Like a real thing or one of your one night stand things? Because it would be kind of fucked up to break them up for a one night stand." Sure, Dave wanted to date Kurt, but he wanted Kurt to be happy, too.

"At first I just wanted to fuck him." Sebastian said, the words making Dave make a disgusted face. "He's hot and just adorable. He turns into a little mess when I talk to him. Hell, if I just look at him the right way." Sebastian chuckled. ". . .But. Then, in my attempt to persuade him closer. . I like him. He's a good guy. A great guy. To be honest, I don't know what I'd do if he decided to take me up on my offer." Sebastian picked at his sleeve. "I'm not trying to break them up though if that's what you're wondering. Not really."

"Hmm." Dave took anther drink. "So. . . Say I did want you to give me a few tips or whatever." he said slowly, trying to sound casually, staring into his beer. "Can it maybe not be at a bar? At least not at first?"

"Ohhh, you want to go somewhere more private, Davey?" Sebastian chuckled. But he shrugged. ". . .Sure. Why not? You can come to my place, if you want."

"Okay." Dave finished his beer and dropped the money on the counter. "Let's go. This music is giving me a headache." He pulled on his jacket, thinking he was being desperate and pathetic. But at least he wasn't the only one pining after someone. "I'll follow you."

Dave followed Sebastian outside, watching the prep boy saunter, looking like he'd just won a game. Dave clenched at his own jacket, taking a shaky breath.

He just hoped he wasn't making a giant mistake.