"Uhm. . . Hi."

"Hi." Kurt said back, swallowing. Dave saw his eyes dart down to the exposed part of his chest. It made Dave want to pull his shirt closed. He realized he probably still smelled like sex and his hair was all messed up and he turned faintly pink. "I . . I tried to call you, but, you weren't picking up. . And after what we both said last night I. . I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Kurt hugged his own arms to his stomach and looked down. "And that I'm sorry." He added. Much softer.

Dave studied Kurt for a minute. Finally he said, "Thanks. I uh, accidentally stepped on my phone. Dad's bringing me a new one after work."

"Oh. I was worried- Nevermind. I'm sorry you broke your phone." Kurt bit his lip. Dave saw him glance back, at the sleek sports car parked out front. But that didn't apparently stop Kurt from asking, "Can I come in?"

Dave glanced over at the stairs. "Uhm. . ." He wasn't sure how Sebastian would feel about that. He turned back to Kurt. "I'm not exactly. . . alone. Here."

Kurt gave a tense nod. "Is Sebastian here? Am I interrupting something- Wait. Please don't even answer. . Ahem. I can go."

"No it's - it's okay," Dave said quickly, feeling bad. "You can come in. We're not doing anything." He had to stop himself from adding 'anymore'. He stepped back to let Kurt in, shutting the door behind him, watching Kurt step inside looking around like he might suddenly be attacked at any moment. "I told him to get dressed and come down but I guess he didn't want to. . ."

"Well. He doesn't have to." Kurt sniffed. "I just wanted to talk. To you."

"About what?" Dave asked. He absently button his shirt up a bit, leaving the top two undone. He normally wore them over t shirts, so he didn't like buttoning them all the way.

"Last night. The things we were talking about." Kurt looked almost pained, taking a very deep breath. "If you want to date Sebastian. . That's your choice. And. . I'm going to support you."

Dave found himself smiling. "Thanks Kurt. . . I really like him. I know you don't get why, but I don't think you know him like I do."

"I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. If you've been spending time together, then you. . Know him."

Dave glanced at the stairs again, wondering where Sebastian was. "I know you think he's a dick but so was I," he said turning back to Kurt. "Do you think I'm still a dick?"

". . .No." Kurt admitted softly. "Of course not. That's why I'm going to give him a chance. For you. You've shown me people can change."

"That's good. I'm glad." Dave glanced at the stairs again. "Sorry about what I said about Blaine," Dave said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I was just upset. He's a good guy. . . I guess."

Kurt ended up reaching out, straightening Dave's button up for him. Even did up another button, but not both of them. "He really is. You should get to know him. I think you and Blaine could really get along, if you tried."

"Yeah, well. . ." Dave blushed and moved out of Kurt's reach. It felt. . . wrong, letting him do that stuff with Sebastian still upstairs. "I don't know if we'd get along"" In the same way that Sebastian and Kurt didn't get along.

"I think you would. He shares your love of sports. You should come over and watch football with him and my dad, and Finn sometime. I bet you'd all have a grand time." Kurt smiled at him.

"Could I bring Sebastian?" Dave asked. He knew he'd feel weird sitting there watching Kurt and Blaine act all lovey dovey. If Finn wasn't there, he might not even have anyone to talk to. He wasn't sure how Kurt's dad felt about him; he'd only seen him a couple times. Scary man. Worse than Sebastian's dad, in his opinion.

"Of course." Kurt nodded, not sounding certain about that, at least he didn't say no. "He seems like a sporty guy. Maybe a little-"


Sebastian's voice came from upstairs, cutting Kurt completely off and making him balk in surprise, stepping back and looking towards the stairs.

"I'll be up in a minute!" Dave called back, turning red. "I'm sorry," he said to Kurt. "We were sort of in the middle of something." He didn't want it to sound suggestive, so, "We were just about to start a movie."

"What movie?" Kurt asked, sounding curious.

Dave was at a loss, trying to bring up a movie, but nothing was coming to him! Sebastian yelled out again however.

"Get up here! My hands are going numb!"

Kurt just blinked.

Dave did too at first, why would his- Oh. Shit. Dave's face went redder as he remembered that Sebastian was still tied up. He felt like his cheeks might actually catch on fire.

"We . . Haven't. . Decided. . ." Dave said. Acting like he didn't just hear Sebastian whining.

". . Okay." Kurt just nodded. Looking mildly confused and a little embarrassed. "I'll let you two do that then."

"Okay, good," Dave said with a relieved sigh. Then, "No, I mean - Uhm. . .it's not that I don't wanna hang out, it's just that we're. . . I mean. . ." He shook his head. "He came over to see me," he finished lamely. He didn't want Kurt to feel like he was shoving him out the door - but he also kind of wanted to literally nudge him out the door.

Kurt gave Dave a skeptical look, but then nodded. "I'll go. But We'll talk later? Maybe we can have our own movie night soon."

"Sure." Dave agreed. "I'll text you when I get my new phone, okay?" He went to the door and held it open, smiling slightly.

"You two enjoy. . . . The movie." Kurt added, blushing a little. He waved a little then rushed off to his car.

Followed by Dave practically slamming the door shut to whirl around, running upstairs to find Sebastian on his belly, wriggling on the bed. Trying to free himself from his bonds, but, no such luck.

"God, I'm so sorry!" He said as he shut the door and went to the bed. Sebastian's wrists were red and a little raw. "Shit," he hissed, sitting down and untying him. "I'm sorry, I totally forgot."

Sebastian rolled onto his side once his hands were free, letting out a hissing breath as he rubbed at his wrists, working his fingers. "Gee, thanks. I know you like Kurt and everything, but it felt like my hands were going to fall off. Next time, if you're going to leave me tied up, do it before the sex. Not after."

"You knew it was Kurt. . .?"

"I could hear his shrill voice all the way up here, yes."

Dave grimaced. "I kept trying to get him to leave," he said, rubbing Sebastian's wrists. "He was apologizing for yelling at me about you yesterday. I told him you were here and I had to get back upstairs but I don't know." He released Sebastian's hands. "He just kept standing there."

"Kurt apologized?" Sebastian made a disbelieving noise. "He probably thought making you stay downstairs was blue balling me. He seems like the sadistic type."

Dave rolled his eyes. "I don't know. But I swear, I wasn't down there ignoring you. I don't like him more than I like you." Dave said it without thinking, but once he realized what he said, he wondered if it was true. Maybe? He hadn't even thought about it. The whole time Kurt was there, he wasn't thinking about how nice he looked or how good he smelled or how smart or wonderful he was. He'd just wanted him to go away so he could get back to Sebastian.

Sebastian was quiet long enough that Dave noticed. But as soon as Dave started to ask, Sebastian cut him off.

"Well, duh, I'm better than him." Sebastian sounded normal, but he leaned heavily against Dave. "I'm much more fun."

Dave laughed. "Right." He put his arm around Sebastian. "Do you have to go home soon?" He glanced at the clock. "You can't miss school again because of me."

"No. I can stay for a while longer."

"Good." Dave scooted down in the bed, making sure not to jostle Sebastian's head from his shoulder. He stroked Sebastian's hair and said, "I'm glad you came by. I don't when I would have called you if you hadn't."

Sebastian raised his gaze. ". . .Why?" He asked. "Were you really that mad at me?"

Dave shook his head. "No, it's not that. I'm just bad at talking about stuff, at bringing it up. And I wasn't mad. I was. . ." He avoided Sebastian's eyes. "I was hurt. Because I'd just started to trust you."

"Look, Dave." Sebastian sat up a little. "I'll try to be honest with you, alright? I wasn't going to not tell you about Blaine and I's foot encounter, even if Kurt hadn't made a scene about it."

Dave sighed. "I get that I probably over-react or whatever," Dave said. "I've never been in a relationship, I don't know the rules. And. . . I know I'm over-sensitive. I don't try to be."

"Like I've told you, over and over Davey . . . Don't read too far into things. Not everything has meaning." Sebastian laid his head back down and nosed at Dave's shoulder.

"I know," Dave said softly. "It's hard. Right before. . ." He coughed. "Well like, everywhere I turned, someone was doing something to hurt me. Not just the people calling me a fag or whatever. It got to where, if someone bumped into me in the hall, I knew it was on purpose. I guess I just still feel that way sometimes."

". . .I get that." Sebastian said. He turned to look at Dave, who wasn't sure if Sebastian really did get it. "It's hard. It really is. But you have to learn to move on. They don't know you. And yeah, it sucks you're getting judged by people who won't give you a chance, but if that's the case, they don't fucking matter."

Dave chuckled. "You sound a little like Kurt," he said. He stroked his hand over Sebastian's back, grinning at the offended look that caused. "You're right. And like I said, I decided to trust you."

". . Yeah." Sebastian looked away. "You're braver than you think. I don't think I'd trust me."

Dave's heart sank a little. "You say stuff like that," Dave said, "and you wonder why I was so worried about you and Blaine?" Dave picked at a thread in the blanket. "It's like you're telling me I CAN'T trust you."

Sebastian sat himself up all the way, not touching Dave now. "Because I don't know if you can. I can't promise that I'm never going to screw up."

"And what exactly do you think you're going to do?" Dave said, sitting up too. "I mean really. I can forgive you screwing up accidentally; being a dick because you were in a bad mood or something. I'm sure I'll do the same thing. But are you going to cheat on me? Because that's not something you do accidentally, Sebastian, that's something you have to make the choice to do. Tell me now if you just can't handle passing up all that tail at the bar. Seriously. Don't do this if you don't really want it."

"I do want it. . And it. . I'm not planning on cheating on you Dave. I don't want to cheat on you." Sebastian ran his hands back through his hair, looking frustrated. "All I'm saying is I might not be the most reliable boyfriend."

"What does that even mean?" Dave was frustrated because it seemed like very time the gained ground, they lost some of it again. Two steps forward, one step back. He sighed harshly. "Look, I get that you think relationships are bullshit. I'm glad you're doing this with me but it won't work if you go into it thinking you're gonna fuck up."

"It means, that I don't even know what I'm going to do sometimes. And I don't want you to get hurt or to. . break your phone because I did something that I didn't even realize was a big deal." Sebastian growled, tilting his head down.

Dave paused. ". . .Look. I promise I'll do my best not to over react and take things the wrong way. But if I do, you gotta just explain to me what you meant or what you were doing, okay? And you gotta promise not to forget that we're together."

"Yeah. Yeah, alright."

"Okay. Good." Dave settled back down against the pillows.

Sebastian followed, laying against him. "The last relationship I was in," He said the word with disdain, "he had sex with other people all the time. . After the first time, I just pretended I didn't even know about the others. I didn't ask." He shrugged. "He said, what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me."

Dave chewed on his lip. He hated, so much, to hear what that guy had done. He'd obviously left scars. "Sebastian, I'm not him," he said softly. "I like you. A- a lot," he admitted, cheeks pinking. "I'm not going to cheat on you. I'm sure as fuck not going to hit you. If I'm trusting you then you have to trust me too."

Sebastian closed his eyes and laughed a little bit. "I'm not worried about that. You're hopelessly loyal." He peeked an eye open. "And a sap." He closed both eyes again. "It's me I'm worried about."

Dave frowned a little. "Why? Have you ever cheated before?" He asked. "Do you think you're going to get bored with me? Or are you just not sure you like me enough to stay?"

Sebastian kept his eyes shut and sighed, hard and heavy. "No. I've never cheated. I've had sex with guys in relationships before though." Sebastian admitted. "And I wouldn't be doing this at all if I didn't like you."

"Well, then just have sex with me," Dave said, trying to make a joke. "I'm in a relationship, after all."

Sebastian snorted, then it turned into a laugh, rolling over onto his side, pressed to Dave who smiled back. "Oh yeah? Do a little role playing?" He joked, laying a hand on Dave's chest. Then stared at him. "Like I said, Dave. . I don't want to cheat on you. I might show interest in other guys, or think it'd be fun to roll around in bed with them, and I'll probably say so." Sebastian warned. ". . . But it doesn't mean I'll do anything. I have more self control than most people probably think."

"I'll try to remember that." Dave stroked Sebastian's hip idly, watching him. He leaned in to kiss him, wishing he wasn't so insecure about everything. That doubts weren't still nagging away at the back of his mind.

"You can do the same thing you know. ." Sebastian pecked Dave's lips. "You think some other guy is hot, you can tell me. . ."

"Okay," Dave said slowly, cocking an eyebrow. "Well. . . There was that one guy at the bar, and then I met this one dude at the game store the other day, and hell, even Blaine is kinda hot when he isn't talking." He gave a cheeky smile.

Sebastian snorted and rolled his eyes at the list, but then nodded. "Blaine's super hot. He's. . bashful. Like he has no idea how attractive he even is. And I've gotten a few good looks at his ass, in the right pants. Damn."

"Yeah, but then he opens his mouth," Dave said. "And he's an annoying little shit. I don't care how nice his ass is when all I wanna do half the time is gag him."

"I'd love to gag Blaine. But for different reasons and methods." Sebastian said, easily, looking up at the ceiling.

"Geeze. All you think about is sex."

"I just know what I want." Sebastian countered, like that made it okay.

Dave rolled his eyes. "Maybe I should just gag YOU."

"Yeah? Gag me, and tie me up? As long as you don't forget about me again. . ."

"I didn't forget. I was too busy trying NOT to just yell at Kurt that you were upstairs naked and tied up, and I had to get back to you." Dave thought for a second then said, "Now I kinda wish I'd just said that. Bet the look on his face would've been priceless."

Sebastian laughed. "I was really tempted to roll out of the bed and just walk out there. Give him a good look."

Dave laughed. "He'd make that little squeaky noise and cover his eyes," he said. "But he'd probably still get pissed and bitchy about it." He slid his arm around, pulling Sebastian closer.

"I'm sure he would. He's such a prude sometimes. I swear."

"That would've been kinda hot actually. You walking around naked, still tied up."

Sebastian set his chin Dave's chest now, looking at him. "You discovering a new kink, Davey?"

"I don't know," Dave said. "Never really thought about it before. Either way, I didn't FORGET. Kurt just wanted to fix things, I think."

". . . Kurt didn't say anything else, did he?" Sebastian asked. "Last night?"

Dave felt a slight trepidation at that. "Mostly just bad stuff about you," Dave said. "How you were trying to ruin his relationship and you play games and I can do better. He really doesn't like you."

"I think I've told you before. He hates me. I think he'd be happy if I got run over with a steamroller." Sebastian smirked. "I was trying to ruin his relationship though. So. I guess he's a little justified."

"Well. . . I told him his boyfriend wasn't a saint and maybe he was the one who was lying."

Sebastian shrugged. "I don't know what Blaine tells Kurt. But I'm pretty sure Kurt has no idea how much Blaine used to text me. Or talk to me on the phone. Or have coffee with me."

"Yeah," Dave said. That better not still be happening. . . "And I'm pretty sure Blaine doesn't know about all those times that Kurt showed up here with pizza and a movie after dark."

Sebastian actually laughed. "Those two aren't as perfect as they like to pretend. I think that'll be their downfall. Not anyone else, just. . Them."

"And what will ours be?" Dave asked, voice going quiet.

Sebastian sat up, staring down at Dave. ". . .I guess we'll find out." He shrugged, then got on top of Dave, straddling him with that predatory smirk of his. "Until then? I say we enjoy ourselves. . ."

Dave actually found himself smiling at that answer. It was so. . Sebastian. No false fairy tail ending that was coming for them, or nothing would ever rip them apart. But Dave was already getting comfortable with the fact Sebastian was not a romantic. He was a live in the now, nitty gritty guy, who bluntly would tell it like it is. Who was spoiled rotten, had a rich family, and had his pick of any guy in the world. And he choosing to be with Dave Karofsky.

". . That sounds good." Dave said, reaching up to pull Sebastian down for a kiss.

Sebastian's tongue traced over Dave's lips, just barely delving past them, before he broke away, giving Dave a look he wasn't sure he'd ever seen on Sebastian before. A small, ghost of a smile, with a warm look in his eyes. Sebastian stroked at Dave's hair. "Would you look at that. . ."

"What?" Dave blinked up at him, a warmth filling his chest as Sebastian continued.

"It looks like you got your guy."

Author's note - Well I hope ya'll enjoyed that :3 I did. It made me realize how much I like Sebofsky/Smythofsky/Whatever you call it. Remember I wrote this with janekrahe (That's her name on Tumblr!) She actually played Dave, so a lot of this is credit to her! She's wonderful, I love writing with her.

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