Plot Summary: Kurt and Blaine almost give up on having a baby when the New Direction girls step in and offer to help. Read as with the help of the girls, Blaine and Kurt become parents.

"What the hell is this?" Kurt said exasperated when he and Blaine entered their apartment. All he had wanted was to come home with his husband, watch a movie, cry a little bit, and mourn the child they'd probably never have. Instead, they were greeted by a room full of graduated New Directions girls. He turned to scowl at Rachel who was sitting in the middle of the couch. "Rachel, did you tell everyone?"

Blaine, who was a little bit shocked look to the blushing Mrs. Hudson. "Yes I did, and I apologize for the surprise but I felt this was a matter of upmost importance!"

"Oh my god." Kurt rolled his eyes, face paling, his face half-burying into Blaine's shoulder. Blaine was only somewhat confused. He knew Rachel had been at Burt and Carole's house a few weeks ago when he and Kurt announced that they were no longer pursuing a child. They had started two years ago, but were much lower on the egg-donor list than they originally though and had been bickering non-stop about the potential surrogates. And this was supposed to be the easier option as adoption typically took years. It was a heart-breaking decision, but they figured it would be less painful in the long run to quit now then put themselves through years of disappointment.

Mercedes stood and crossed her hands in front of her stomach. "Kurt, I know you don't want us to worry, but it's not like you to give up on your dreams."

"You never let us give up on ours." Quinn added cautiously, but it felt on deaf ears as Kurt glared at Rachel. Blaine tried to calm him by massaging his shoulder.

"Look everyone, we really appreciate the concern but…unless you have a way to bump us up the egg donor list or you have a baby hidden somewhere, I don't think you can help." Blaine answered, shifting Kurt further into his neck when he saw a tear roll down his face from the corner of his eye. Kurt was angry that Rachel had told everyone before they could, embarrassed that his friends now knew they had given up, and crushed because wounds that were just starting to heal had been opened and covered with salt. "We just…we want to be al—"

"Oh hell no, don't finish that thought hobbit!" Santana unwrapped herself from Brittany and stepped forward, She crossed her arms over her chest. "Some of us came from hell's half acre to help you and your just going to play poor pitiful us? Do you want this kid or not?"

Kurt peered out from Blaine's neck, shock all over his features as well as Blaine. In fact, everyone seemed shocked that even Santana had made the statement. She stood arms crossed, a 'well?' written all over her face.

"What kind of stupid question is that?" Kurt murmured. Not in a hostile way, but in the sarcastic way Santana would want to be answered. With a satisfied smirk, Santana continued.

"Well, we didn't go out and kidnap a baby for you—although if that ideas appeals to you, it'd be kind of like shopping, right Lady Lips?" Kurt smiled for the first time at Santana, but was complete cutoff guard when she added. "But we thought you'd like your own so… I'm offering my awesome lima-heights DNA for you to use."

Kurt and Blaine both looked up at the same time. The reaction must have been what they were looking for because all the girls were smiling. "What?" Blaine asked slowly.

Rachel finally dared to walk towards the young men. "We did some research and you guys can use your own egg donor and your own surrogate. Of course, I was more than happy to audition for the role of surrogate, especially considering the experience I have with Fanny, but after everything with my mom... I didn't want to be an egg donor." Rachel said. She reached out her hand to touch Santana's shoulder, but Santana's glare stopped her. Rachel retracted her hand but smile warmly. "So I asked around and…"

"And since I was born without a biological clock and I can't stand pooping, crying, screaming machines you call kids …I figured...My woman-stuff could be put to use." Santana finished.

"But…But Rachel, you'd be carrying the baby for 9 months. Could you really just give it to us after that? And Santana..." His eyes watered for a moment, whether it was the idea that their friends wanted to do this for them or because they were making huge sacrifices for their happiness, he couldn't be sure. "It'd…It'd be your biological child. Are you really okay with the idea of Kurt and I raising it and you just…being a friend?"

Rachel, of course answered first. "Well, I'll always have a connection to the baby. It'll be my niece and I'll always love it, but you two deserve to be parents and I want to help you. Besides, Fanny's been asking me when she's finally going to get a cousin and you two are her only hope."

The young men turned to Santana, who tried to shrug off her emotions. "Thumbelina's right, you two deserve this. And in a way, doing this for you is the best thing I can do for my little Santana's. I'm not going to have kids and you guys want them more than anything else. They'll actually become life forms with you guys—high-pitched, curly haired, vampire pale, short life forms, but life forms all the same."

"And you know we'll be here too." Tina finally broke in. The other girls started walking towards the boys. "No matter what happens or what you decide, we just want to help you."

"You have." Kurt murmured at long last. He allowed the tears to slide down his face as he gave Blaine an unsure look. Blaine bit his lip and shrugged.

"What do we have to lose?" He said softly. Kurt nodded but looked at all the girls—particularly Santana and Rachel.

"I could never ask you guys to do this." Kurt said simply, but it wasn't a denial. Rather, a description of just how much this meant to him and how he never could imagine anyone doing something so selfless.

Santana snorted. "You weren't asking, Hummel. We're telling you. You're going to have this baby if I have to impregnate you myself."

Then, before she could stop him, Kurt flew to Santana's arms, mumbling a mantra of 'thank you, thank you so much'. Rachel, obviously being left out, grabbed and hugged Blaine who laughed and hugged her back.

The men hugged each of the girls, thanking them for the new confidence and the new chance to start a family.


Santana with determination (though not without complaint) went through the process of becoming an egg donor. Once she had her physical and psychological check up, filed with the surrogate agency, and finished her hormonal treatments it had been two months and Santana managed to produce 8 useable eggs.

"I'm a freaking champ." Santana said tiredly, leaning on Brittany as she tried to pull her girlfriend from the car. Since Santana took the time to go in and have the procedure to collect the eggs, Kurt and Blaine had decided to drive her home. Blaine got out to make sure they made it into their apartment okay but Kurt was too anxious to move. For two months, they had only been talking about the idea and listened to Santana as she complained about how out of whack her hormones were, though she seemed perfectly normal to everyone else. Now that tomorrow, they would begin the next step of the process which was fertilizing the eggs, Kurt couldn't help but feel excited and dread the awkward moment they'd have at home later—as they had been given a vile to fill with DNA.

Dear god, it was the talk with his father all over again. He blushed nervously as Blaine climbed back into the car. "Brittany keeps asking when Rachel's going to sit on Santana's egg. That poor girl thinks her girlfriend's a bird, Kurt." Kurt smiled softly, but didn't actually laugh as he pulled out of the driveway. Blaine shot him a sideways look. "What's wrong, baby?"

Besides the fact one of them would have to fill a tube with man-gravy? Nothing really. Well, that and—"Blaine, which one of us is going to be the father? I mean, the biologically?" Blaine had been the one who always wanted kids, it was until they were married that Kurt really warmed up to the idea, so Kurt always figured Blaine would be the one to give his DNA, but the silence made him wonder now. "We could always do what Rachel's dad's did and mix it…"

"No Kurt…" Blaine began. Kurt's grip tightened on the wheel, expecting him to say 'I'll do it'. "I want to use your DNA."

Kurt was surprised. It took every bit of restraint to keep his eyes on the road and away from Blaine. "Really?"

"I've thought about it a lot." Blaine admitted. Kurt chanced a quick look—Blaine was looking to his hands, clasping them together as he spoke. "Your dad, he's sometimes been more of a father to me than my own dad and I know he'd be excited whether the baby was related to him or not. Fanny is proof enough of that," Blaine recounting how wonderful and doting Burt was with Rachel and Finn's daughter. "But I think it'd be special for him to have a grandchild with biological ties to him… I mean my parents have my brother and his kids, but your Burt's chance at biological grandchildren."

Kurt, moved that Blaine had thought not only of him but his family, pushed back the tears before asking. "And…you're okay with the idea that this baby wouldn't be your biological child?"

Blaine smiled and placed his hand over Kurt on the shift-stick. "Kurt, I love you and I love everything about you and I'll love everything about this baby. It doesn't matter to me if genetics says he's mine or not, as long as he's part of you—a part of us, I'm happy."

"He?" Kurt managed to say before sweeping away the tears from his face. They pulled into their designated parking spot.

"Yeah, I have a feeling it's going to be a boy." Blaine said confidently. Kurt laughed—the eggs hadn't even been fertilized yet, and Blaine was making guesses at gender. It was so sweet, Kurt's heart could have beat outside of his chest. Blaine had an amazing way of doing that to him.

"Funny—I can't see ourselves with anything but a daughter." Kurt laughed, as they exited the car and walked up to their apartment. Kurt felt a little less nervous about his part in all this, because he knew Blaine would be there and Blaine would help him.

And well, it was always fun when Blaine helped him.

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