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Shion looked at the No. 6 and what was left of the walls. Both got what they wanted after blowing up the correctional facility. No. 6 was destroyed in a way but none of the people he cared about where hurt and the walls that separated the West District and No. 6 were gone. He didn't know what happened before he heard Safu singing, as if she was saying good-bye.

Nezumi gave his smile and turned around to leave. Shion felt like his heart was breaking and he called out Nezumi's name. Nezumi walked up to him and then kissed Shion on the lips. Shion gathered up his courage and then asked.

"Nezumi can you stay for one more night, just the two of us?" Shion asked and Nezumi was shocked at his bluntness. He smiled and then grabbed Shion's hand.

"One night will not hurt." They made their way over to their home in the West District, even though his mom might be looking for him, he didn't care at the moment. All that mattered to him at this moment was Nezumi.

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Shion and Nezumi walked in silence, Shion wondering if he could convince Nezumi to stay but a part of him told that Nezumi needed to go off on his own for a while. How long was a while, he didn't know. Nezumi seemed to sense something was bothering Shion so he held out his hand for SHion to hang onto. Shion noticed this gesture and smiled. They made it their small home and Nezumi smiled at Shion, and then traced the red snake around his neck. He then kissed Shion again on the mouth and held him close. Nezumi then traced the red mark along his back making Shion shiver.

"You better not regret this, Shion." Nezumi said, as he smelled Shion's hair, smelling like the shampoo he uses. Shion then takes off his bloody shirt and but then covers the red line the covers part his body. "There is no need to cover your marks; I told you I find them sexy." Nezumi then licks Shion's neck tracing the mark lower. Nezumi smiled and lead Shion to the bed, laying him down. Nezumi then took his own shirt off and stared at Shion.

"Nezumi." Shion wrapped his arms around him and pulled Nezumi close. Their skin touching each other and Nezumi trace his mark as Shion grips on to him. Nezumi started to lick down, tracing the red snake as it traveled down his body. Once Nezumi got to Shion's member, he gave it an experimental touch to see how Shion would react.

Shion jerked and gasped and this urged Nezumi on, taking hold and stroking. Nezumi smirked at Shion writhed under him, moaning. Nezumi then licked his way back up as Shion moaned at loss.

"Shion, this will hurt you for a bit." Nezumi said wetting his fingers. He inserted on finger into Shion's hole and Shion cried out, clutching Nezumi's shoulders. "It's okay, just relax and it will start feeling good. Shion slowly let his muscles loosen and Nezumi started to move his finger. It wasn't long before he got three fingers in and Nezumi kissed his tears out of his eyes. He then positioned himself in front of Shion's entrance and slowly pushed in. "Are you okay?" Shion slowly nodded.

"Nezumi!" Shion cried and clawed at Nezumi's back, and panted while Nezumi waited for Shion to adjust. Soon, Nezumi started to move and although it was painful for Shion at first, it started to become more enjoyable. "I feel…good." Shion said while panting.

"Me too, Shion" Nezumi groaned and then moved his hand to Shion's member to start pumping it in time with his trusts.

"Something is coming out." Shion managed to say and Nezumi moved fast making Shion gasp. Nezumi kissed Shion, slipping in his tongue. He was close but he wanted Shion to come first and it wasn't very long after that they both came. Nezumi pulled out and Shion moaned, then snuggled into Nezumi's chest. Nezumi kissed the top of his head and they both fell asleep.

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Nezumi woke up early and cleaned Shion up. He then put some pants on Shion since he didn't have anything else on. He then changed into a fresh set of clothes and looked at the scarf that was in his hands. He then draped it over Shion's body, deciding that he should hang onto it. He bent over and kissed Shion lighly on the lips.

"I will be back." He whispered.

Shion woke up and noticed that Nezumi was gone but he noticed Hamlet sleeping on him. Shion picked him up and finished changing. He wrapped Nezumi's scarf around his neck, smelling the scarf. He packed a few books in a bag and then he headed to what was No. 6 to see his mom. On the way, Shion saw the brown dog and what it was carrying. Shion's jacket that he had wrapped the baby in hopes to save its life. The dog set the bundle down and Shion opened it to see the baby he saved on the 'Man Hunt.' There was a note attached and Shion picked the baby up reading the note.

'I named him Shion. Inukashi,' was the entire note.

"Well, I guess this makes Inukashi your godparent?" He asked the baby just giggled.

When he got to his mom's bakery, he walked in and said that he was home. His mom came rushing down the stairs and looked over her son. She smiled and hugged him tight as if she might lose him again.

"Welcome home, Shion. Who is this baby?" She looked at her son.

"Ah, well I saved him and I decided to take care of him." Shion said with a smile. "He is named Shion by one of my friends."

"Well, let's get you both settled back in." His mom replied. "I want to know what happened as well."