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Epilogue –Five Years Later-

Nezumi looked out the school window where he currently worked at. There was a festival going on and the students where all over the place. He knew that his children were most likey causing trouble. He sighed and noticed outside, a white hair child in a tree. Nezumi opened the window and yelled.

"Shizumi, how times do we have to tell you not to climb trees?"

"But I wanted a good view from up here." She flashed a smile like Shion's. She still wore his scarf and he never asked for it back. Her hair was down to her mid-back but kept it in a ponytail.

"Well get down before you get in trouble with your teachers, again." He said and she climb down, "You better no have ruined your dress for your class project." He watched her climb down and head for the gym. Nezumi sighed and headed down to the ground floor.

There were stands on the playground where kids sold things that they made during class. He walked around until he got to a food stand that Chibi was working at. Nezumi smiled and walked over to him. Chibi grew taller in the five years and looked like Shion when he first saw him.

"Hey Nezumi." Chibi said and then handed him five take-out containers of the food they were serving in a bag. Nezumi gave him the money and smiled at him.

"Hey Chibi, make sure you and your sister eat something later okay?" He said and then he left without hearing an answer since he knew that Chibi would do as he asked. He walked towards the grade school area. He walked trough some halls and got to the third grade rooms. He entered one only to be attacked you two smaller bodies.

"Dad, did you bring lunch?" A boy with brown hair and eyes looked up at him.

"Dad, did you see our work that we made in class?" A girl with brown hair, in two ponytails, and brown eyes questioned.

"Shin, Saki did you clean up?" He asked and they both nodded. He then handed them two of the five containers. If he didn't know any better, the both of them could have passed of as identical twins instead of fraternal. The only thing that was really different about them was their gender. They also both inherited how Shion looked before he had the wasp inside of him, which made Karen happy.

Of course Saki had inherited Nezumi's talent in acting and could get out of anything with her charm. Shin got Shion's ability to daydream and remember anything told to him. Teachers often scolded him but they could never really punish him if he got good grades on his tests.

They walked over to a shady spot underneath a tree. Karen, Rikiga and InuKashi, who came with one dog, who looked like Aoi's mother. Karen was holding a toddler in her arms, reading a simple book. The toddler had Nezumi's hair color and red eyes like Shion.

"William has be a good boy while papa was gone." Karen said. William gave a smile at him and Nezumi set the food down. He then picked up his youngest child and held him close.

"That's good. At least one of them will be well-behaved." Nezumi joked and then felt a rolled up paper hit the back of his head.

"Daddy!" William smiled at the figure behind Nezumi.

After the birth of the twins, Nezumi was worried about having more children due to Shion allergic reaction to one of the medications they gave him during the surgery. The medicine that was supposed to take some pain away had almost killed him.

William birth was a lot easier with not complications to worry about. Shion opted out on the painkillers, which made Nezumi happy. During his pregnancy with William he wanted lots of sweets and Nezumi had to limit on how much he ate. He didn't eat anything sour and the rest of the children waited patiently for their new sibling. They even made bets on which gender it was going to be. Shizumi was the only one that one.

"All of our kids turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself." Shion glared at him. "I just got word from Shizumi's teacher on what she wants to be when she grows up. You know the paper Shion and her had to write. Well Shion said he wanted to be a veterinarian. Shizumi on the other hand wrote in her paper that she wants to be the ruler of No. 6." Nezumi burst out laughing at this and Karen chuckled.

"Sounds like the kid made a big job for herself." InuKashi said taking a bite of food. "You put to much influence on them Nezumi. Calling them 'Your Highnesses.'"

"I don't want to hear this form a person who still will not reveal their gender." Nezumi shot back. The dog next to InuKashi growled low, but Shion spoke up.

"Anyway her other goal is to become a writer. I am hoping she will be more drawn to that. "Besides I wouldn't call William well-behaved as well. He sleeps in class and still gets good grades."

"Well. All of our kids are unique." Nezumi said, "I got you some lunch." He handed Shion one of the trays he got from Chibi Shion. "I got to say that Chibi is improving on his cooking as well."

"Well he hangs out with his grandma al the time so he is bound to pick up something's." Karen smiled. "I am planning on teaching him how to make some deserts next."

"Oh, before I forget. Our daughter was up in a tree again." Nezumi added and Shion sighed.

"Why is so she intent on climbing trees? The teachers have to yell at her not to do that on her breaks." He said.

After lunch, they walked around the school. William had a blast with all the games they had. He won a goldfish from one of the games that Shion held so it wouldn't get dropped.

It was evening when things started to get quiet. Karen, Rikage and InuKashi had to leave first but the promised to visit soon. Nezumi was holding a sleeping William in his arms and they waited for their kids. First to come was the twins, who each were holding some sort of food. Next was Chibi Shion, who was still wearing his work clothes. They waited five minutes and then they looked for Shizumi.

They found her on the school roof, looking out onto the scenery of the west block. She was not wearing the dress she had on earlier and she was in her normal clothes with Cravat, Tsukiyo and Hamlet. She was holding was looked like a notebook.

"What would No. 6 be like if you dad and papa hadn't fixed it?" She asked and turned to face her family. "I decided to write a book about what happened since the two of you met." She handed the notebook to Shion who opened it.

"It all started when my parents first saw each other on my dad's twelfth birthday during a hurricane …" He started to read.

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