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Harry took Felicia to his father's secret laboratory. No, I will fix her, he thought as he placed her on a table.

He knew she was already dead. He also knew there was no way anyone could be brought back from the dead. But he couldn't deal with it. He killed someone… He killed someone. Reality sank in as he stared at Felicia's lifeless body. He twitched.

He pushed her. "WAKE UP!"

He shook her. "COME ON! WAKE UP!"

Her body flailed around.

"No!" He shook her again. "NO!" He shook her, rattled her, pushed, harder and harder countless times, yelling with rage. He shook his head, gasping for breath. "No…no…no," he cried, sliding to the floor shivering.

He looked at his bloodied hands shaking. He wrapped his arms around his legs and screamed bloody murder. "NOOOOO!"

He fell over to his side on the cold hard floor trembling. He put his hands to his mouth. His eyes were wide and filled with remorse. How could he? He's done it… he's killed someone. If it was Gwen, he would really kill himself right now. But even though it isn't, he still might. All that has happened to get to this point… It has all been in vain.

There was a loud knock the ricocheted off the walls of the lab. Harry yelled. "Leave me alone!"

Whoever it was ignored that command, clearly not afraid of the consequences, and walked through the door. The door was locked. How did they get in?...


Oh my God, thought Harry.

Firm steps came from behind him, and he turned to see a tall dark figure standing above him.

"Dad?" He whispered. A tear slid down Harry's face.

Harry's father sat beside him, looking business-like and clean-cut as always (or as he used to…). There was not a scratch on him.

Harry looked as if he was seeing a ghost. "How – how are you – ? Dad…" Harry's eyes were both relieved and confused as he speechlessly leaned in to hug his dad.

They hugged and Norman winked at his son. He turned an eye to Felicia's body.

Harry gulped. "I – I'm sorry Dad…"

"Don't apologize, Harry," he said, putting a hand on Harry's shoulder. "I never do."

Harry smiled, then thought over what he had done again and frowned. "But Dad… I – I killed someone. I took a life. How could I not –?"

"It was only one life Harry. Besides, I'm proud," his dad grinned. "You've finally gained the courage I would hope for in a man."

Harry looked straight in his father's eyes like a little boy would. "Really?"

"Yes, son. Now get up and clean up after yourself. The last thing you want is to be caught red-handed," he helped Harry to his feet.

Harry nodded and dashed away. His dad was alive… And he was proud… For the first time ever his dad complimented him. Called him a man even! In this huge bowl of evil, maybe there was a friendly father to son bond. Maybe Harry did the right thing for once. Vengeance is what his father wants. Harry's taken one step toward it.

Harry washed the blood off his hands and his face in the bathroom quickly, the sink filling with red water. He came back to the laboratory afterwards.

"Dad! Hey! Dad?" He called out.

He looked around the whole laboratory but his father wasn't there.

"DAD!" He called louder.

Harry twitched a little. He must've gone to get something. He wouldn't leave so soon. He wouldn't

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