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Anywho, this thought about Sebofsky hopped into my head and now I 3 Sebofsky. Great. Don't get me wrong, I love Klaine and Kurtofsky (only one-sided) but I wanted to try something different. PLEASE R&R

WARNING: Mention of child abuse.

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Chapter 1: "I'm Glad You Came."

The room grew quiet as both Kurt and David enjoyed the silence of each others company. Still hand in hand, David leaned back against his hospital bed headboard, slowly closed his eyes and let out a long, exhausted sigh. Watching the sight before him, Kurt closely examined the bruises that are already beginning to form around David's throat.

"Are you alright?" Kurt spoke softly as he stroked the back of David's hand with his thumb. The small jester caused a small but sweet smile to spread across David's lips. "I just have a lot on my mind at this moment. Every thought I'm having seems like it screaming at me, almost like I have no choice to listen to them." David opened his eyes but stayed focused on the ceiling.

"Don't mean you have to agree with them." David brought his eyes back to Kurt's fair skinned face; a smile spread over the boy's lips. David felt his heart skip a beat as his eyes locked with Kurt's. He gave a soft nod, agreeing with Kurt.

The two remained silent for just a few moments before a light rapping came from the door. The sudden but hushed sound startled Kurt. In turn, Kurt's scare made David chuckle. "It's probably my Dad. He said he was coming back after be dropped…mom off at home."

Slightly saddened by Kurt removing his hand from his, David watched as Kurt stood and answered the door. Kurt took in a quick breath; his shoulders grew ridged and square while he did his best to stand straight and tall.

"What do you want Sebastian?" David felt himself shiver at the question. Never before had he ever heard Kurt's voice to dark, so cold.

"I came by to talk to David."

Thought the face was hidden from David, he could easily recognize the voice. It was too familiar but yet was missing something. It didn't have that bite, that bitchy attitude it once had.

"You have no right to even be here Sebastian." Kurt hissed. Kurt's grip on the door handle grew tighter as he spoke through his teeth. David watched as his knuckles turned white under his already pale skin. David was growing concerned. He had never seen Kurt this angry. It almost terrified him to think what Kurt would do if he became violent.

"Please. I came to apologize." The voice seemed unsure of itself; far different than the first time David heard it.

Just stay in the closet…

David shook the cold words from his mind.

"I don't care if you-". "He can come in Kurt." Kurt spun around, nearly slamming the door in Sebastian's face, and locked eyes with David once more. David watched as confusion, fear, anger and despair washed over Kurt's face. "David, you can't be serious. After what he said to you? After how he treated you?" Kurt argued, removing himself from the door way and took a few steps towards David's bed.

"He said he came to apologize. Let him in." David repeated himself.

Kurt sighed and let his shoulders slump. He turned to eye Sebastian step cautiously through the door and closed it softly behind him.

David was actually kind of in shock as he watched the boy walk into the room. The only time he'd ever saw Sebastian was at Scandal's; a hot guy clad in tight jeans, a popped collared shirt and a smirk that read 'cocky slut', but this time, for the first time, David saw Sebastian as another person. His eyes traced over the navy blue blazer with the red piping until his eyes stayed attached to the familiar 'D' that was embroiled on his chest pocket. David had only seen that uniform once before; on Kurt's…boyfriend, Blaine.

The room was thick with a sickening silence between the three boys. Time seemed to click slowly. What felt like hours were only several seconds. It was 2 agonizing minutes before someone finally spoke.

"Apologize!" David nearly fell off his bed in surprise at Kurt's sudden snap. Sebastian looked absolutely horrified. His eyes snapped between Kurt and David before he left his sight settle on David's bed sheet.

"I-I would like to talk to David…alone." Sebastian's voice cracked slightly under the shear weight of Kurt's glare, but the words remained stern and focused. Kurt straightened once more, squaring off his shoulders. "No, absolutely not." "That really isn't your decision to make." Sebastian almost snapped those words back but instead, he spoke with a calm, firm voice.

Kurt then turned his attention back on David. He crossed his arms over his chest and huffed, "Well David?" David avoided eyes contact with Kurt, fumbling with his bed sheet in his fingers. "Can-Can you just wait outside the door Kurt?" Kurt couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Look, I'll keep my phone on me and I'll text you when we're done talking…or I need you. Okay?" David looked up at Kurt, his eyes pleading. He quickly snatched his cell-phone from the bedside table and laid it in his lap.

Sighing, Kurt gave in and let his arms fall to his sides. "I'll just be right outside that door." Kurt snapped, mainly at Sebastian, before he grabbed his phone from his bag and left it hanging from the chair. He knew he was going to return.

A smile lit up Sebastian's face and his eyes brightened as he listened to David's decision. He watched the door close behind Kurt before he turned his face back towards David, who was now sitting with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows knitted together. His eyes were about as cold as Kurt's were before hand. The room filled with anger and hatred and it washed over Sebastian. It felt as if an angry ocean had crashed down, pushing Sebastian under the waves and pulling him out to drown in the cold waters. The feeling nearly caused him to loose his ability to breath.

Taking a seat where Kurt was sitting once before, Sebastian kept his eyes on the sheets that covered David's legs. He clasped his hands together and let them fall into his lap. Slowly, he raised his head and locked eyes with a very emotional David. His voice instantly broke at the sight.

'There aren't any words that I could say that would excuse me from what I had said to you." Sebastian let his head fall into his hand, his elbows resting on his knees. He hid his face the best he could from David but his shoulders were giving him away. They trembled as a silent sob escaped Sebastian's lips. "I can't even say I'm sorry…"

The room remained quiet except for Sebastian's occasional sobbing. To David, the room felt awkward. Who was Sebastian to walk in here and act like this?

But David didn't know whether or not to tell Sebastian to leave or comfort the crying boy.

"I've lived my life as a joke. Never taking anything or anyone seriously…Not even myself…" Sebastian spoke, bringing his head up but never making eye contact with David. David could see his eyes were glossed over and the skin under each eye was puffy and red.

"At least your mother didn't say you had a disease that needed to be cured." The stunning words caused Sebastian to make completely eye contact with David. He stared wide eyed for only a few short seconds before letting a small, weak smile cross his lips.

"At least your mother acknowledges your existence." David watched as new tears fell from Sebastian's green eyes. "And if it was MY father who found me…the way yours found you…He would have left me there…" Sebastian's face stayed emotionless as he spoke his last few sentences. David could only fight back his own tears.

"Oh C'mon, you can't mean that. They can't be that heartless." David caught Sebastian's attention by placing his hand on his shoulder. Sebastian almost jumped at the touch, almost like he had been burned. David drew his hand back swiftly, almost apologizing.

Sebastian's eyes remained locked with David as he stood and removed his blazer, draping it over the back of the chair he sat in. David was about to question what Sebastian was doing when he removed his tie and started to unbutton his oxford white shirt before tossing it onto David's bed.

To David's utter shock, Sebastian has stripped his button down shirt off, leaving standing before David in a light grey undershirt. His shoulders, collarbone, ever part of Sebastian that wasn't hidden by the shirt was covered in bruises, both new and healing.

David's eyes traced every outline of Sebastian's body, absorbing the sight of the beaten teen. David stared as Sebastian then turned, and lifted his shirt, revealing his bruised and scarred back to David. All David could do was sit and stare at the mangled flesh. Subconsciously, David reached out and softly traced one of the scars, his cold fingers causing Sebastian to shiver and jump away from the touch. He dropped his shirt and turned back to David, his arms wrapped around himself.

"Let's just say mother has a habit of standing aside when father gets drunk and gets belt-happy." Sebastian's eyes fell on every sight other than David in the room.

The silence grew in the room before Sebastian quickly reached for his shirt and a larger hand laid upon his. Sebastian's face snapped up and found himself inches away from David. David's eyes burned with a new emotion. It wasn't pity or shame. It was concern and empathy.

He removed his hand from David's before reaching for his shirt a second time, grabbing it and finally putting it back on. He tied his tie loosely but left his blazer on the back of the chair. He slumped back down into the chair, his eyes focused on David. "Now, before I get off track again, I wanted to make up for what I said to you. When you feel better and you feel up to it, I want to take you out for dinner. Any time you wanna go, any place you wanna go. I'll be up for it." David watched as Sebastian reached into his pocket and pull out a small slip of paper. "Here's my cell phone number. Call me, text me, when ever you want. Even if you just want to talk."

Sebastian laid the number on David's lap, by his phone and was just about to draw his hand away when; once again, David reached and grabbed it. He held it there for a few seconds before pulling Sebastian in closer until their faces were inches from each other. The boys eyes remained locked, their faces inching closer together. Their lips where merely centimeters from one another when an impatient knock loudly interrupted their moment. Both Sebastian and David pulled back, putting distance between the two when another knock vibrated through the door.

"Well someone's inpatient." Sebastian chuckled, stood and picked up his blazer. David smiled and sighed. Sebastian turned towards the door before looking back at David. "Just remember. Anytime. Anywhere." Sebastian reached for the door handle but was stopped by a few quick words from David. "I'm glad you came, Sebastian." Sebastian chuckled softly, almost as if those few words reminded him of an inside joke only he understood. He reached for the door handle once more when the door flew open, nearly hitting him in the process.

An angry, red cheeked Kurt stood there, tapping his foot. "I said a few minutes, not 20 minutes." He snapped. Sebastian just rolled his eyes before glancing back at David. The simple smile on David's face was enough for Sebastian. He then turned and walked passed Kurt and disappeared down the hospital hallway.

"God, how I can't stand that guy. So, what in Gaga's name took you two 20 minutes to talk about?" Kurt stood at the end of David's bed, arms crossed again like he was about to scold a child. "Nothing, really. Just life in general" David spoke swiftly hiding the slip of paper Sebastian gave him under his phone. Kurt eyed David but didn't fight it. He wasn't going to push any subject with David. Well at least not yet….

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