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Chapter 3 : Something old and Someone new.

David waited every few moments, which to him felt like hours, before glancing down at his phone. He begged, almost pleaded with it to ring. He became anxious waiting for an answer from either boy.

A good ten minutes had passed before he finally gave up. The wait seemed almost unbearable. Finally, sighing in defeat, he laid his phone on the side table before sinking down into the covers, almost sulking. Inside, David felt very tempted to pull the covers over his head; the thought of the dark silence engulfing him seemed almost reassuring, giving his some sort of peace of mind.

Agreeing with his plan, he reached up to turn off the lamp and basked quietly in the darkness. Though the clock only said 6:42pm, David didn't care. He was tired; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Shutting his eyes and rolling onto his side, facing the door and but away from his phone, David began to drift off, every now and again counting the quiet beeps that echoed from the IV machine. The steady sound almost lulled him into a quiet slumber before a sudden jolt brought him back to reality. The culprit of his abrupt accent from sleep was the obnoxiously loud ring of his cell phone.

His heart suddenly began to throb violently in his chest as he felt a cold wave of anxiety and fear crash over him. He slowly glanced over his shoulder at his phone, eyeing the brightly lit screen intensely. It wasn't the ring of his phone that frightened him. It was the fact that SOMEBODY had actually answered him back.

Then, a new fear entered his mind. What would the either guys say? Was it a good idea to let them now where he was transferring or should he have left it a secret? Let them figure it out on their own.

Hesitantly and with a thick lump in his throat, David reached back around and grabbed his phone, clutching it tightly in his grasp. He pulled it back; clutching it tightly against his chest under the covers, almost too terrified to look at the text ID.

He did his best to shake any unwanted thoughts from his head and took a deep breath. Gathering the courage to look at the text proved to be harder than actually sending the previous message. Before coming to a decision to look at the message, the phone, once again rang, only his time the loud noise was muted by his hand. He had no other choice but to look at the phone at this point.

He stuttered a sigh once he saw the first text ID.

FROM: Sebastian

TO: David

Handsome. I can't wait to see you in class.

David felt a cold shiver run down his spine before leaving a melting heat trailing in its absence.

Handsome? Me...No…

He felt his cheek grow warm at the thought of Sebastian greeting him in the Dalton halls but something more terrifying came to his mind. The past word of Sebastian that night at Scandal's haunted David's memory once again, but David shook the disturbing thought from his head, remembering that he still had another text to read. Closing out of Sebastian's text, he found the next unread message.

FROM: Kurt

TO: David.

In a Dalton uniform? Hmm. Navy blue

would look handsome on you.

There's that WORD again. Why does everyone think I'm handsome? I'm not! David could barely think. He felt his cheeks grow hot under his skin and his breathing sped up at the thought of Kurt smiling at him in that uniform. Looking him up and down as Kurt examined him in his new uniform. Giving him his very cute approving smile. That loving smile… Maybe the same smile he gave Blaine…NO! I will never be nothing more than just a friend to Kurt… That's all I am…A friend…

Helet his head fall, his eyes dropping to screen of his phone, debating whether or not to answer either of them back. He fought against the lump in his throat before hitting reply;

TO: Kurt

FROM: David

Well, maybe we can meet up after school

on Monday. At the lima bean?

To…you know…catch up?

At first, David hesitated before hitting send. After a few short seconds, David turned his attention back to Sebastian.

TO: Sebastian

FROM: David

Handsome…? I'm not handsome. Not even that good looking. You said that yourself. 100lbs over weight remember… I bet I'll look ridiculous in that uniform…

David brought himself down on that last text, but he knew he was right. He knew he wasn't that attractive. Especially not as attractive as either of them…

He had barely had time to his Send before his phone rang again. He was almost too tempted to just put his phone back and ignore it but he decided not to.

TO: David

FROM: Kurt

Sure. Blaine has boxing after school anyways

so it'll just be me and you. I'll text you

Monday, mid-afternoon during my free-period

with a time I can meet up with you,

Okay? I'll talk to you then.

Just Kurt and I…Wait. Boxing? Blaine…boxes?

David didn't want to even fathom the thought of a 5'8" singing, bowtie wearing nerd beating the living crap out of him if he tried to make a move on his boyfriend. The idea made him shutter. He was pulled from his moment of horror by the familiar ring of his phone. Aren't I the popular one tonight.

TO: David

FROM: Sebastian

Don't you even dare bring yourself

down like that, David Karofsky.

You are a very handsome, very sexy

guy and anyone who is lucky enough

to have you as their boyfriend better

hang onto you like their entire world

depended on it.

Look, I know what I

said and I still don't understand

why I said it…

David had just about lost the ability to breathe after reading Sebastian's text. S-Sexy? What the hell?

David just gave up; right there and then. He literally turned off his phone, nearly slamming it down on the side table before trying, key word, trying to fall asleep. He had enough for one night. He rubbed his eyes, running his hand through his hair and gave a frustrated sigh. Maybe a good night's sleep will clear his head just enough to give him time to think about transferring to a new school and moving to a new house…Wait

The Move!

He had nearly forgotten about his change of address. He didn't mention it to either guy. He sighed, ramming his head deeply into his stiff hospital pillow. Already, but not for the first time today, David's head began to bang with the familiar pain of an on coming headache.

The car ride wasn't as long as he thought it was going to be but the silence between father and son wasn't exactly reassuring.

Most of David's clothes were already packed by the time he got home from the hospital but his items of importance; laptop, music, pictures, etc. where sitting with him in the front of the truck, tucked tightly between his knees and the dashboard. Once in a while, he would glance back in the side mirror at his car trailing behind them, attached to his dad's truck hitch.

The truck remained silent most of the ride, every now and again, his father would open his mouth, tempted to say something, but the thought would quickly dissipate and the truck would resume its silence.

Soon, the unsettling peace became too much for David, so reaching for the radio, he turned it on, only meeting the disheartening lyrics of Simple Plan's "Perfect" playing through the trucks speakers. David nearly lived through one chorus before he turned it off. He couldn't handle that right now.

Another twenty minutes and David and his father found themselves parked outside a small two story townhouse. It was in the middle of the small suburbs outside Westerville where kids played outside every night and neighbors knew each other like best friends. It looked like a quiet little neighborhood; Oak trees lined the sidewalk and road, bushes and flower gardens at every house. A few of the neighborhood kids where playing a game in a small yard between two of the houses. It seemed too calm, too serene here for David.

He continued to gaze out the window, not noticing his father cutting the truck's engine and stepping out of the truck. David quickly regained his senses. He reached for his bag and stepped out of the truck. His father had already unhitched his car and was backing it up and parking it on the street. He only paused momentarily, watching his father, before grabbing his two suitcases from the truck bed and putting them down at his feet. His eyes remained on the concrete drive, staring at his feet when he saw his father's sneakers come into sight. He brought his head up, and caught his father's sight. His eyes shun with the unforgiving sign of sadness. David could sense the contagious feeling of sorrow that was engulfing his father. Reaching out, He grabbed his father in a strong hug, almost not wanting to let go. He felt like a small child, scared his was loosing his parents…well his only parent for good.

"C'mon Davie, It's not like this is going to be permanent. This is just gonna be for a short bit." David felt the grief in his father's breaking voice. The words only broke David's heart even further.

Pulling back away from his father, He felt a stray tear leave his eye but he wiped it away quickly, trying to hide his pain. David gave a momentary look back at the house behind him before looking back at his father. His father was holding up a spare key in his hand before he passed it onto David. The continued to stand there for a few more moments before his father started back for the truck.

"Wait. Aren't you coming in with me?" David felt a singe of panic run down his spine. His father only shook his head. "I have to get back. Your mother…Well She still isn't 100% up for this idea. She still needs convincing. Besides, Cameron should be home shortly to help get you settled, okay?" David could only nod to acknowledge his father. "I'll be by often to see how things are going and you have a phone. Email always works too, Davie." Mr. Karofsky smiled, reaching for the truck door. "I'll see you again soon son. I love you." He almost seemed crushed as he entered the truck. He didn't want to pull away. He wanted to stay and comfort his son. He felt like he was abandoning him. "I love you too Dad." David forced out, trying to damnedest not to cry. He watched as his father backed out and pulled away, disappearing down the street. He swallowed thickly before turning back towards the house.

It took him a minute for he finally got the door open. Just stepping inside the door, the house seemed more comforting than he had expected. He half expected it to be a dingy little, one person house, but he felt like he was walking into a home instead of a house.

The house was lit only but the open windows. He ventured into the foyer, leaving his shoes at the door and took at few steps into the living room. He placed his bags on the couch, his attention completely taken by all the numerous pictures at littered the walls. Many of them where of two women; a tall, thin fair skinned redhead and a shorter, burlier brunette. Often the pictures featured the two doing some type of activity but a few where single pictures of only one of the girls. One in particular caught David's eye in an instant. It was a picture of the shorter brunette in full out police uniform. She stood tall with a wide, proud smile on her face. Written on the frame in very neat handwriting were the words 'My Knight in Shinning Armor'.

This must have been Cameron's girlfriend. Dad did say she died in a hate…crime…

He continued to gaze at all the pictures before heading upstairs, leaving his bags in the living room. Soon he came across a door with a sticky note with 'David's room' written on it. He slowly turned the knob and found himself in a surprising welcoming room. This was more of a boyish room with dark colored walls, a full sided bed, a large TV and two night stands. He walked into the room taking in every sight around him. The bed was to his right as he walked in, much like his room at home. His TV sat off in the corner and long with a large computer desk beside it. Adjacent to his desk, behind the door, was a double door closet, large enough for all his clothes plus double. In the corner, beside his bed was a large, body size mirror. He didn't know whether or not to keep it there. He didn't think long on the thought. He was just happy he was in a place that wasn't judging his. A large smile spread across his face.

Glancing around the room once more, he turned his back and slumped down onto his new bed, relaxing for the first time in a long while. He laid down, closing his eyes and tried to focus on the quiet that filled the room.

Maybe this won't be too bad…

He didn't hear the front door open or close. He didn't hear someone come up the stairs. He didn't notice the figure standing in his doorway. He finally got the feeling someone was watching. He slowly opened his eyes, facing the mirror that was facing the doorway. David nearly had a heart attack from the sight in the mirror. Standing in the door was a short, burly brunette, completely dressed in a police officer's uniform.

She cocked an eye brow as he watched David spring to his feet, a hand clenching his heart. He just stood there, breathing heavily as she took a step into the room. "You alright kid? You look like you've seen a ghost."

David tried to stutter out a few comprehensible words but it all came out in a sudden blur of noise. This only made the woman laugh at his poor attempt to understand the situation. "Let me guess, your dad didn't mention I was a cop, huh?" She only came closer to David who seemed to be frozen to his spot.


"C-C-Cameron?" He finally got out an understandable word.

A wide smile spread across the woman's lips.


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