Nine Years Ago

"Father; I refuse to be a bride of Dracula. He already has three perfect ones. They're more beautiful than I am" I yelled. "Eva; you will benefit the count more than you realize" my father answered. "He's a monster and that's all he'll ever be" I replied, running to my room. I quickly grabbed a sack and packed some clothes as well as any and all necessary items I could manage to carry. "No more discussion Eva. You're moving to Castle Frankenstein to live with the count until after you are bound to him" my father instructed. "No father and I've had enough of you trying to push me around" I said, grabbing my new cloak.

"Where will you go" my father asked. "Where you'll never find me" I answered, fastening the bag to my back where it wouldn't injure my wings. My name is Eva Sanchez and I was gifted with wings for my sixteenth birthday thanks to finding a red feather. "You will be found Eva" my father threatened. "No; I won't" I replied, stroking the feather. Very soon; my beautiful blood red wings emerged and I took off, high into the clouds. I was finally free and never would I ever have face becoming a cursed bride of Dracula.

I traveled for many days and nights until I finally had to land. Looking around; I stroked the feather and my wings disappeared. I saw a church and that's when I figured out where I was. I had landed in Vatican City of Rome, Italy. Slowly; I ascended the steps of the church and quietly slipped inside. I hadn't been in a church since my mother died when I was ten. Still; I knew what to do. I crossed myself and said "Bless me father though I haven't been able to come to you. I seek thy council for help." Just then; the window to the confession box opened.

"Bless you dear Daughter of Eve; I am Cardinal Jinnette. What troubles you at this hour my dear" the gentleman in red asked. "My name is Eva Sanchez Cardinal. I need help for my father wishes to sell me for evil" I replied. Cardinal Jinnette asked "Who has your father intended to sell to you?" "Count Dracula" I answered. "Come inside at once Eva. There is an open guest room downstairs. Please follow me" Cardinal Jinnette instructed as the whole confession box opened. "Is this the headquarters of The Knights of the Holy Order" I asked, looking around. "It is my dear. Please; come and you can get settled and I'll see that you get something to eat and you can rest. Can I ask you something though" Cardinal Jinnette asked. "Of course" I answered as I followed him down the passage.

"Is that one of those feathers that can only be seen by those worthy of them" Cardinal Jinnette asked. "Yes; it is. The feather that is found gives its owner wings of that color" I answered. "Have you any idea why your father really sold you" the cardinal asked. "No but the only time I actually did see the count; I overheard the Count say something about me being the carrier of some kind of antidote" I answered, opening the door that we had stopped at.

The Cardinal finally said "I shall have a servant bring you some tea and a late supper. You are probably really hungry and then someone shall be in to see if you are injured and, if it's alright, take a blood sample and find out what kind of antidote you are the carrier of." "I'll do anything to know the truth sir and I know women are typically not allowed in the order but I am highly skilled. I want Dracula dead" I answered. "Your training begins tomorrow. Now; your meal has arrived so please eat and rest. Pleasant dreams" the Cardinal told me and left. I ate the meal, cleaned up, and changed into some sleeping clothes.

When I was finally left alone after being checked; I laid in the bed for awhile. I had no clue what was going to happen. I could only pray that I would never be found by my father. This was only the beginning though and I had no idea that I was about to meet the man that was meant of me.