Rosario to Vampire: Vampire to Valkyrie

Tsukune Aono, age 15, brown hair and eyes, an unremarkable face. Average looks, height and build…at least on the outside. Dressed in a green school jacket and tan trousers the only thing that would draw any attention to his appearance was two simple silver rings he wore one on each hand. If one looked closely you would find a shield faintly etched into the one on his left hand and a blade on the right. For the time being however he was the only one on the bus headed to his new high school. As he stared out the window his thoughts drifted to how he had found himself in this situation.

After failing all of his entrance exams his parents had been worried he wouldn't be able to get into a good school and would become an utter failure in life. At least that was until his father had found a flyer dropped by a mysterious monk for a school called Youkai Academy.

Despite being a prestigious private school-which neither of his parents had ever heard of-the flyer had stated that students could get in with only an application review. Needless to say his parents were thrilled. Their son would no longer be destined to be a failure. As he watched them dance and celebrate he smiled at their happiness. Little did they know this had all been a consequence of his decision. A decision made ten years ago.


He had been watching the girl again. As he found himself doing more and more ever since he had first seen her from his place in Heaven. He sat in an ancient oak tree and just watched the girl as she played in a field down on Earth. Though only five years old to his eyes she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. For someone that lived with angels and Goddesses this wasn't just flattery.

Moka Akashiya-as he had come to find out through his watching-had silver hair with pink streaks and bright emerald eyes above a face more beautiful than even his Goddess of a mother. How he loved those eyes! He could easily spend all day staring at their beautiful emerald color. They reminded him of a lioness he had seen once while looking down at earth. Soft and gentle when she was playing with her cubs, but fierce and hard as stone when her cubs were threatened. The girl was playing with her sister, chasing her through the field full of sunflowers.

"Son" called a deep calm voice. Tsukune turned at the sound of his father's voice. "Watching over her again?" the God asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. Tsukune blushed in response and stammered out a reply. "O-Of course Dad. S-She is…special. She should always have someone to protect her. "Tsukune looked up at his father's warm blue eyes and waited for his reply. Laughing softly his father replied as he sat next to his favorite son. "For as much as you take after your mother I think you take just as much from me. Did you know I used to do the same thing for your mother when she was a human living down on Earth?"

"Really?" Tsukune exclaimed in shock. I thought mom had always been a Goddess" His father smiled. "No Tsukune your mother was a human that was deemed worthy to become a Goddess. She sacrificed herself to save another." "Is that how the two of you met Dad?" Tsukune asked with curiosity. He had never heard how his parents had met or how his mother had become a Goddess.

"Not quite son" the God replied. "I was watching the Earth one day and just happened to come across her when she was but a young girl. Matter of fact I was the same age as you are now. I was entranced with her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Some would have called her average or plain but to I had never seen anyone more beautiful. As I watched her over the years she captured my heart with her compassion and kindness for all creatures on Earth. Not just humans but the animals and even Youkai. In fact the act of giving her life to protect a Youkai was what earned her the choice to become a Goddess."

At this Tsukune interrupted. "But Dad I thought Youkai and humans hated each other?" "They do son. Most of them did at any rate. Remember this was an age ago. The two races today are on much better terms with each other for the most part. There are still some Youkai that think humans are beneath them. Youkai are much stronger than humans and some think that this gives them the right to do whatever they wish to them."

"But that's not right Dad. Those that are strong are supposed to protect the weak not abuse them. Just because you can do harm doesn't mean you're supposed to. Violence should only be used when it is the only thing that can be understood." The God smiled at his son. He must be doing something right as a parent to elicit such a response from his son. "Why did she sacrifice herself for a creature she was supposed to hate?" "The Youkai was fighting to protect someone he loved Tsukune. Your mom decided that her life was worth the sacrifice to enable the Youkai to protect his mate. You see the Youkai was a vampire named Isshin Shuzen. A greater demon named Alucard had come to destroy him by taking his heart. Alucard meant to kill his wife, Lady Akashiya and then kill Shuzen. Alucard sought revenge for some perceived slight Shuzen had supposedly given him."

"When Alucard arrived Shuzen sent Lady Akashiya away so that she might escape and he challenged Alucard to single combat to buy her time to escape, but instead of escaping she ran to the nearest village and pleaded for help. Your mother despite being only 17 was the most skilled healer in the village and ignoring the cries of the other villagers she went to give Shuzen what aid she could."

"Did mom know that Shuzen was a vampire Youkai?" Tsukune asked. "Yes she did" His father replied. "She could never leave someone in need no matter their race. For her all creatures deserved compassion and love and she would do everything she could to aid them. So she and Lady Akashiya returned to the Shuzen castle and there they found Shuzen gravely wounded beyond any human or Youkai ability to heal. Only one thing could save Shuzen now: fresh blood from a willing human. But to do so he would have to drain the human of every last drop of blood. Your mother offered Shuzen her throat and told him to take as much as he needed to protect his love."

Tsukune was in awe of his mother's selfless actions. He never would have expected a human to be so willing to give their life for another. "Why did she do it dad? Why did she give her life for his?" His father looked at him and replied. "Because she deemed Shuzen's willingness to do whatever it took to protect his mate as worthy of giving her life for"

"And because my soul demanded it and my heart would accept nothing less." At the sound of the Goddess's voice both men turned to see Tsukune's mother walking towards them. She was beautiful even for a Goddess. Silver blonde hair framed her heart shaped face as her sapphire blue eyes looked upon her husband and son with an amused look on her face as she turned to look her husband in the eye.

"Dear didn't you promise me you'd help me with getting the other three little ones down for their nap?" The God laughed nervously "Y-Yes I believe I did dear. I just got a little carried away talking with Tsukune here. I was telling him how we met." "So I heard" the Goddess replied as she sat next to her husband giving him a light smack on the back of the head as she did so. Tsukune smiled watching his mom put his dad in his place. Not above her, not beneath her but beside her. "Well you looked like you had it under control dear" "Oh I did. But that doesn't mean I should have had to do it alone." She looked at him with a trace of irritation in her eyes, making sure he got the message.

"Sorry dear one. I won't leave you alone like that again." Tsukune's father was rewarded with his reply with a smile and his wife taking his hand in hers. He smiled softly at her as Tsukune looked on. He loved seeing his parents like this. Gods or not you could see the love they shared when they looked at each other and while he normally wouldn't mind he had something more pressing on his mind today. "Dad! Get on with the story." He exclaimed impatiently.

Chuckling softly at the interruption of their private moment his father turned to him. "Son one day you're going to find someone and you're going to learn to cherish moments like these…and that's when I'll pay you back for always interrupting." His father joked. "Get on with the story love. You're driving the poor boy crazy with suspense." Said his wife as she smacked him on the shoulder. "Alright dear one. Now where was I….Oh yes Shuzen had just given your mother her blood and he was fighting Alucard again." His father paused for a moment before speaking again in a voice so quiet that Tsukune had to strain his ears to hear his voice.

"That was when I found your mother. I had turned away for just a moment and she had come to harm. She had been hurt while I had been here in Heaven just watching. In Heaven I could do nothing but watch as my love died. So I broke the laws of Heaven and went to Earth to save her. I arrived just as she was breathing her last. With her dying breath she explained to me what had happened, how Alucard had come for Shuzen, how Shuzen had fought to protect his love, and how she had given her life so Shuzen would be able to keep fighting. After that she was still and I believed her dead. I flew into a rage at the sight of my beloved lying cold and lifeless and attacked Alucard with all the strength of my heart and soul. Even then I was only just able to seal him away."

"Seal him? Why didn't you destroy him dad?" Tsukune asked with a child's curiosity. "I wasn't strong enough then son. I was only an Archangel at the time and while I had the power to seal demons I could not destroy them. Alucard himself was a powerful demon from the deepest circle of Hell, Second only to Lucifer himself in power and cruelty. Remember that our strength comes from the purity of our hearts and souls. Alucard's power came from Hell and Lucifer himself. If he had been any stronger I wouldn't have been able to seal him."

Tsukune thought for a moment his eyes closed deep in thought before he spoke. "Dad, I'm going to keep my heart and soul pure then. So I can always protect the ones I love." The God and Goddess smiled at their son. "Good Tsukune. I'm glad for your good decision. Even Gods can go bad. After Sealing Alucard back into the deepest circle of Hell Shuzen and I returned to our mates. We were both shocked to find your mother still alive."

"Is that when you took her to Grandfather and begged him to make her a Goddess?" Tsukune asked. "Yep and she and I have been together ever since. However since I had broken the laws of Heaven I was banished to Earth for 500 years. During that time Shuzen, the Lady Akashiya and I became very close friends. Close enough in fact that he and his wife are the only ones on Earth to know my true name."

"During this time Youkai and humans came to an understanding with one another and they both vowed to live in peace. It has been so for the last five hundred years since your mother and I returned to Heaven. "Tsukune" his mother asked with a slight smirk on her face. "Is there anyone in particular you love?" Tsukune only blushed and returned his gaze to Earth. What he saw struck fear into his heart.

Moka was being attacked! By an Ork Youkai it looked like. As he watched Moka bravely placed herself in front of her sister seeking to shield her. As the Ork approached Tsukune felt his worry increase. "Dad, Mom Moka is in trouble! She's being attacked by another Youkai. We have to do something." Tsukune exclaimed. His heart was wrapped in fear for what might happen to Moka if the Ork decided to attack. He couldn't let that happen. "Son what do you wish to do?" his father asked.

"Whatever it takes to help her. I'll do anything. S-She is the one…my heart belongs to." His father smiled as Tsukune made this proclamation. "Go then and save her son but remember the consequences of your actions. You will be banished to Earth for five years and remember you haven't been trained to fight yet so you won't be able to do much to help her. Are you sure you want to do this son?"

Tsukune paused for a moment and thought. 'It was true what could he do against an adult Youkai? Angel he may be but he was still a child by any standard. He would be able to do little more then give her time to escape and even then it would only be a few moments but regardless of all of that...the one he loved was in danger.' Nothing would stop him from protecting her.

When Tsukune replied his voice was even and calm. "I'm sure Dad. I know I might not be able to do much but I at least have to try. I can't just let her die." His father and mother looked at him with concern and understanding in their eyes. Finally his mother spoke "Tsukune go then and do what you must. Take this with you." She pulled a silver ring with a shield brightly emblazoned on it and put it on his left middle finger. "This is the Heart Shield. It will protect you from harm when you are on Earth." She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. "Remember we will always be watching over you Tsukune. " She turned to her husband. "Dear one." She said softly.

Tsukune watched as his father turned to him and looked at his favorite son. "Tsukune I am proud of the decision you have made. Take this with you and use it to protect the one you love" he said as he gave Tsukune another ring. Unlike the other this one had a blade emblazoned on it that shone with a holy light. "This is the vessel for the Holy Blade Ragnell, the blade I was presented with when I was made an Archangel. Bear it well and never use it in anger or for gain. Tsukune while on Earth you will live as a human and while on your hand Ragnell will act as a limiter for your strength and abilities. It will limit your strength to that of a sealed vampire's until you take it off. Your Holy powers will then be unleashed and your strength will increase. Don't ever take it off unless it is necessary to protect another do you understand?"

"Yes father" Tsukune replied. He looked to his father and mother and smiled at them. "Just make sure Moka and I meet ok?" he asked with a slight blush. His mother laughed as she answered "Don't worry Tsukune we will and we'll make sure you are given a loving human family. Now go and save your heart."

A/N Wow...this is actually turning into a lot longer chapter than I thought it would. Yes I know the flashback isn't over yet but I felt this was a good place to end it for now. Nearly three thousand words and seven pages of type. Let me know what you think. This is my first attempt at fan fiction from a plot bunny that's been bouncing around in my head for the last couple months and I've quite literally been losing sleep letting my mind go with the story. Updates are going to be sporadic because I usually get hit with a whole bunch of ideas all at once and it usually takes me a while to sort it all out and make it into something understandable by the rest of the world. I might be open to taking on a beta as well it just depends on what I want to do with this story. This being my first and all I kind of just want to let my creativity take over and not worry too my much about characterization and things like that. Again let me know what you think.