Chapter 4

As Tsukune entered his homeroom class he wondered if he and Moka would be in the same class. After barely making it to the entrance ceremony he and Moka had been forced to take the only seats left on opposite sides of the gym and had lost track of each other in the ensuing chaos. After waiting for a few minutes to see if he could find her Tsukune decided to head to his homeroom hoping he would find her there.

As the bell rang and he turned his attention to Mrs. Nekonome he was somewhat disappointed to not see Moka. "Alright class. Welcome to Youkai Academy. As you all know this is a school for monsters and in addition to the standard schooling given to all youkai we also teach how to blend into human society. Like it or not humans rule the world and-"

Mrs. Nekonome turned as the door to the room opened and Moka walked in. "I'm sorry I'm late. I got a little lost on the way here." Moka replied with a slightly embarrassed laugh. "That's alright." Nekonome replied with a smile. "Just take any empty seat." As Moka turned to face the class all the guys caught a good look of her beautiful face and attractive figure.

'S-s-s-s-so HOT!' 'I've never seen anyone so hot before.' 'I will make her mine.' As Moka looked for an empty seat she shivered slightly under the lust filled gazes of the boys in the class. "Moka, there's an empty seat over here." As she turned towards the sound of the familiar voice and found that not every boy in the room looked at her like she was just an object.

"Tsukune!" she exclaimed as she tackled him in a hug. Tsukune laughed as he caught her and wrapped his arms around her waist, spinning them around to keep from falling to the floor. "I'm so glad were in the same homeroom." Moka said as she smiled and her eyes met his. "Me too Moka." Tsukune replied as he returned her smile. As she looked into his eyes Moka was surprised at what she saw there.

Instead of the lust in the other boy's eyes she saw something that made her pause. There was something in his eyes, something that told her he had noticed the way the other boys had been looking at her, and that he wouldn't let any of them hurt her. His eyes while warm when looking at her held a very fierce protective light as he glared at the other boys in the classroom. While most of the other boys cowered under his gaze a few of them returned his glare.

'This is going to be a problem.' Tsukune thought to himself as he and Moka took their seats with Tsukune placing himself between Moka and the rest of the class. As Nekonome continued with her lecture he made a note of the boys that had returned his glare. Most of them were low level youkai, nothing he or Moka even sealed would have a problem with.

"Now this school has three rules that all students will follow at all times. As humans are in charge of the world in order to hide among them you are required to stay in your human form. This is the first rule of Youkai Academy. All youkai are to remain in their human forms except in special circumstances. Like it or not humans run the world and-"

"Why don't we just eat all the humans? And rape all the pretty girls" As the boy sitting next to Tsukune interrupted their lecture. "Well Mr…" "Komiya, Saizo Komiya" "We can't. There are simply too many of them. Even if every last youkai were to agree with you we would still be out numbered ten to one." Saizo snorted in insolence. "So? We're still stronger than them. We would simply overpower them. Besides even a low class youkai is still stronger then the strongest human." Saizo spoke scornfully.

"Idiot" Tsukune stated in a flat voice. "What was that?" Saizo roared angrily. "I said idiot." Tsukune replied as he turned to face Saizo his eyes seeming to become a dark green rather than their normal brown. "Humans are much stronger than you think. Humans are some of the best fighters I've ever seen. I've even had the privilege of training under some of their very best. If they can beat me they can certainly beat you." Saizo laughed in scorn at Tsukune's words.

"Ha you think a puny human could beat a youkai? No human is strong enough to beat even the weakest youkai." "I'll say it again. Idiot. Have you ever seen a human fight to protect someone they love? Someone they truly care for? I have. Let me tell you humans may have many failings as a society but as individuals they have incredible potential to love. When someone they love is threatened they can do things even the gods believed to be impossible for a human to do."

"Boys please calm down and let me finish the lecture." Nekonome sensei said as she tried to get the class back on track. As the boys returned their attention to the lecture the tension in the air between the two boys could be felt by everyone in the room. As a result everyone was relieved when the class ended without any major problems.

"Tsukune" Moka called as she attached herself to his arm. "Let's go exploring. I want to see what the rest of the Academy looks like." Tsukune smiled as Moka dragged him off to see the cafeteria, then the dorms and all around the school finally ending up on the roof.

"So Tsukune what kind of youkai are you?" Moka asked as she smiled cutely up at him. "Well I'm not exactly a youkai." Tsukune replied "What do you mean?" 'If he isn't a youkai than what is he?' Moka wondered as she watched Tsukune as he prepared to answer her. "Well let's just say I'm special." He laughed "I'm not a youkai but I'm not human either. I left home when I was very little knowing I wouldn't come back for a long time."

"Why did you leave?" Moka asked. As Tsukune looked at her she saw that same fierce protective light in his eyes from earlier. "I had someone very important to me that I had to protect. There was no one else able to help her at the time and even though it cost me the time I would have had with my family I would gladly do it again. She is more important to me than anything else." Tsukune said as he idly played with the ring on his left hand.

"Are those rings something she gave you?" Moka asked as she found her eyes drawn to the simple silver bands. "Haha no these were given to me by my mother and father before I left home. They knew why I was leaving and though they were sad to see me go they understood. In fact my dad did something very similar for my mother." Tsukune smiled "These rings are the only things I have from home. "This one" pointing to the one on his left hand Moka noticed that it had an image of a shield inscribed on it "is from my mother. It's meant to protect the wearer from harm. It uses the love that the giver has for the wearer and turns it into energy to protect them."

"Wow. That's so cool. I wish I had something like that from my parents." Moka said "All I have is this Rosario. It seals my powers to keep me from hurting someone by accident." Tsukune laughed "You hurt someone? Even without your Rosario I bet you're still just as sweet and gentle as you are right now." Moka blushed at Tsukune's compliment.

"I don't know if you'd say that if you saw me without my Rosario. I get really scaaary when it comes off." "Mmmm well scary Moka or sweet Moka, Moka is still Moka to me." Tsukune said as he smiled at Moka. As Moka tackled him in joy at his words he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight loving how good and right it felt to hold her. For her part Moka felt that same feeling as before come over her, that while he held her nothing would ever be able to hurt her. That he wouldn't let them get close enough to do her harm.

"What about the other one?" Moka asked as they released each other both feeling a sense of loss as they let go. "This one my father made for me. He said a man should be able to protect what he loves. This gives me the means to do that." As Tsukune answered she noticed that this ring had two blades inscribed on it and while the other was plain the etching on this ring showed a gold hilts and white blades with what looked like flames running along it.

"One is meant to protect me and the other is meant to allow me to protect the one I love." Tsukune said in a quiet voice "That's the only reason I ever use them: to protect. Some say that a sword is just a weapon for violence and death but there are times when violence and death are the only things that can be understood. Besides the weapon is just an object the wielder is the one that makes it a good or bad object."

"So you're saying that the reason you fight is more important than what you use to fight with?" Moka asked. "Exactly" Tsukune replied "You fight harder to protect something you love than something you don't. You're more willing to do whatever you have to protect someone you love than some random stranger. Although if you have the ability and the will to protect someone you should. It doesn't matter if you don't know who they are. You should never turn away someone in need."

"Heh who's the idiot now?"

"It's still you Saizo. Didn't your mother ever teach you it's rude to eavesdrop?" Tsukune said as he turned to Saizo. "Ha so you did realize I was here. I wouldn't have thought you were aware enough to be able to detect me."

"Oh I don't have to be aware to be able to sense you coming. The smell is enough, have you ever heard of a shower?" Tsukune replied. Saizo growled but ignored him and addressed Moka. "Hey babe why don't you come hang out with me instead of this weakling? " Tsukune was silent allowing Moka to speak for herself.

"No thanks I'm spending time with Tsukune right now." Moka said as she grabbed Tsukune's hand and ran down the stairs off of the roof. The pair kept running until they found a quiet secluded place. Moka had her hands on her thighs, breathing hard as she struggled to catch her breath. Tsukune on the other hand was breathing lightly despite the brisk sprint the two had just performed.

"Tsukune, how are you not tired? I'm a vampire and that was a bit crazy." Moka said. "Just lots of exercise Moka." Tsukune said with a laugh. "I go running every morning, have since I was little." "Why would you do that?" Moka asked. "Because I want to be more than strong Moka. Strength like Saizo's is all well and good but it's useless if you don't have the endurance to last in a fight. Even if you aren't as physically strong as your opponent if you can outlast them you'll prevail in the end."

"And are you stronger than Saizo, Tsukune?" Moka asked with curiosity in her eyes. "Yeah I am. To be honest…I'm even stronger than you are Moka." Tsukune said quietly. Moka blushed as she asked her next question. "Are you a vampire too Tsukune?" her emerald eyes looked directly into his own brown as he pondered how to answer her. "No, I'm not a vampire Moka." Moka looked down with disappointment in her eyes. "Why so disappointed Moka?" Tsukune said in a teasing voice. Moka blushed again as she answered. "Well I was hoping you were another vampire. I used to live in the human world like you and it wasn't exactly pleasant."

"Humans can be very cruel creatures, especially when their young even if some of them do grow out of it eventually. Although in some cases they grow into their cruelty. The same can be said for youkai. I can see why you would not be fond of humans if they didn't treat you well." Tsukune said. "But for all their shortcoming and potential for cruelty they are also some of the most compassionate beings I have ever met. My mom in fact was human and with two exceptions I have ever met someone so kind."

"Who are the exceptions?" Moka asked curiosity in her emerald eyes as the two walked back to their dorms. "One is my aunt Belldandy, she is very kind, and more like another mother than an aunt really. She and my uncle Keiichi are very much alike in that way."

"Are they youkai or human?" Moka asked. Tsukune looked up as they neared the forest surrounding the academy. "They are like me although not as strong, both are willing to fight to protect the other. Their love for one another is very deep. Even my father is incapable of separating them if they choose to be stubborn. Although he really isn't the type to do that." He trailed off as he turned suddenly to look behind them as they continued they came to a clearing in the forest. Tsukune turned and placed himself in front of Moka who had moved with him.

"That's far enough Komiya. Show yourself."

"Hmph, again you surprise me Aono." Saizo growled as he appeared from behind a large tree a few yards behind them. "Again you overestimate yourself Komiya. If you were trying to follow us you failed terribly. What do you want?"

Saizo answered as he moved forward his right arm beginning to bulge. "Simple, I want her. I want to make her mine." He spoke. "That's too bad it's not your choice to make then isn't it? It belongs to Moka and only to her. So let's allow her to make her choice yes? If she wants to go with you then I will not stop her. But if she does not-"

"If she does not then I will make her. She will be my slave! Besides it wouldn't be the first time I've broken someone." Saizo said as his eyes filled with lust. "I have acquired a taste for it in fact." His eyes flashed black briefly as he turned his eyes to Moka and licked his lips with anticipation.

"If you attempt to force her then I will have no choice. I will release her true power and allow her stronger half to deal you what punishment she sees fit." Tsukune said. "Moka, what is your wish?" He asked as he turned to her. As she looked into his eyes she was surprised at what she saw.

'His eyes…their changing. I thought only vampires could change the color of their eyes when they transformed. His eyes are…blue? No youkai has blue eyes like that. So clear, so warm. They look so familiar… And what does he mean release my true powers? Only someone who truly cares for me can remove my Rosario and he and I have never met before.' Shaking her head slightly to clear her thoughts Moka answered.

"I would rather be dead than ever be yours." She spoke with such vehemence in her voice that Tsukune was mildly surprised, but he smiled at her reply. "You have her answer Komiya. Now be on your way, you are not welcome here." Tsukune said as he faced Saizo.

"Over her dead body huh? Very well…I accept!" Saizo yelled as he charged the pair his body changing into his true form. "Fool" Tsukune said softly. "I'm sorry for forcing you to fight Moka but for now it is best if I do not reveal my true form. Saizo has more than just a black heart inside of him. I promise I will explain everything to you once this is taken care of." He said as he pulled hard on her Rosario causing it to snap off.

The sky grew dark and the moon blood red as Moka's youki was released. Her pink hair turned a vibrant silver to envy the moon, emerald eyes became rubies as hard as the stone their color came from. Her body changed further as her breasts and hips became larger, her skin turning pale as newly fallen snow. Looking more like a young woman than the school girl she was Moka opened her mouth to let her voice be heard. "Fool, I have told you my choice and yet you still try to force me. I belong to one man and one man only. You are not worthy of me. Learn your place!" Moka said as she raised her leg and kicked Saizo hard in the face sending him flying into one of the trees felling it and knocking him unconscious.

"So you do remember? I was wondering if you did." Tsukune said as he smiled at Moka. "Or at least this part of you does. I'll have to see if I can fix that."

"Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to awaken me?" Moka said as she turned to Tsukune. "What makes you think you are worthy of me?" Tsukune laughed as he answered. "You know who I am Moka. Your other half and I met this morning and once before. The rest of your questions will have to wait. I have a demon to take care of first. As for why I am worthy of you…you told me yourself that your heart was mine and mine along. As I promised your other half I will explain once this is handled." He said as he turned to where Saizo lay his eyes flashing blue. "But for now-Show yourself Lust. A being of heaven commands it."

Moka watched as Saizo rose from the ground, rather the body of Saizo. His eyes unlike before were pure black and his voice darker and somehow seductive. The black aura flared around him, the trees withering as the dark energy drained their primitive souls. "Ha so you could feel my presence. I had hoped to avoid one like you but still, just because you are a being of heaven doesn't mean you can defeat me boy. I am as ancient as the world itself."

"Age does not grant wisdom Lust. Youth does not mean inexperience or weakness. You would be surprised at my strength." Tsukune said as he turned to face Moka, keeping himself between her and Lust. "Put this on for me will you? You're going to need it in a moment. I have no wish to do you harm Moka-chan."

Catching the object thrown at her Moka was surprised to find that it was the ring from his left hand. 'The one meant to protect' She thought as she slid the ring on her ring finger on her right hand, humoring him. It shone white for a moment before returning to its normal state. 'Why would he give this to me? And why would he call me Moka-chan?' "You had better explain everything once this is all over." She said to him as he turned back to Lust.

"Don't worry Moka-chan, you have my word I will. Now to deal with you." Tsukune said as he released his true strength. The sky became a clear blue and a bright sun blazed overhead as his body was enveloped in pure white light. Moka closed her eyes against the blinding light as it rushed outward from Tsukune's form. The silver band on her finger grew warm as the light washed over her. Moka opened her eyes to see the light around her. The ring pulsed gently as she looked on in wonder. The light had swelled around her, held back by the shield coming from the ring.

The light slowly faded leaving Moka gasping in awe as Tsukune's true form was revealed to her. Fiery blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky had replaced his normal black and brown, pure white clothing covered most of his form but Moka could still tell that underneath was a body fit for a god. His hands were no longer empty as they had been before but held a pair of matching blades that shone like white fire. "Now do you remember Moka-chan?"

But she had no time to realize what Tsukune had said as he moved forward almost faster than her eyes could follow. His own white blades met the black blade of lust as the two fought. 'No this isn't a fight. Tsukune is much stronger than Lust despite his advantage.' Moka thought as she watched the two.

Lust towered over Tsukune, yet despite his advantage he could not even throw him off balance. His strength was greater then her own. She could feel the force of their blows even from ten yards away and knew that even one of them would be enough to kill her. 'What is he? Lust said he was a being of heaven but that cannot be true. They don't exist….or perhaps they do.' She thought as a long suppressed memory rose in her mind. A boy with eyes like the sky and hair like fire…the day that she and Kokoa had been attacked in the field…the boy that had protected her….he had said his name was…Tsukune.

Her eyes widened with realization as the memory came back to her. She cried out his name as she remembered. "Tsukune!" Her cry was greeted with a laugh from him as he answered her. "At last you remember Moka-chan. I was worried you had forgotten about me. Although this time around I intend to be of more help to you then I was before. Now to end this so that I may keep my promise to you, all of you." Tsukune moved inside Lust's guard and drove his blade through his heart.

Lust screamed out in agony as he was forced out of Saizo's body. Moka watched in awe as the dark shadow that was the demon Lust was driven from his host and fled into the sky.

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