Be My Valentine

Chapter II

Jan Valentine sat at the dinner table with his family, carelessly playing with the peas on his plate. He rested his face on his hand, elbow planted firmly on the table. He took a sip of his milk, only to glare at the bland taste.

"-and then she gave us this book all about fortune telling. I can tell yours if you want mommy." Luke rambled, showing said book to Hayley.

She smiled before swallowing her mouthful of carrots, "Alright go ahead."

Luke returned the smile before flipping through the book until he got to the desired page, "Alright, it says I need your astrology sign. What's your sign mommy?"

"Um let's see, my birthday's July 14th so that'd make me a Cancer." She answered.

Jan's eyes widened at this new found information. His hand went slack causing his fork to drop onto the plate with a loud clack.

"Jan are you al-?"

"Is it true mommy?" Jan asked quietly.

"Is what true?"

"Are-are you really a cancer?" he answered, trying his best to choke back tears.

"Y-yes, what's so-?"


"Jan what are you talking about?" Hayley demanded of the now sobbing boy.

"A girl at my school is a cancer and she said that that means she's gonna die!"

"Jan, you idiot, that girl isn't a cancer she has cancer." Luke stated irritably.

"Wh-what's the difference?"

"A cancer is just a sign for fortune telling based on your birthday. That girl's cancer is a disease." He explained.

"O-oh," Jan said in understanding before turning to Hayley, "So you're not dying?"

"No Jan I'm not,"

The boy sighed in relief and slumped back into his chair. He shoveled a spoonful of peas in his mouth before scowling at the boring taste.

"Do you not like it?" Hayley asked.

"Um, no it's not that, I'm just…"

"You're just what?"

"I'm thirsty." He said.

"Well there's milk right there." Hayley said.

"But I'm hungry too, at the same time."

She laughed, "Yes, that's why I gave you food and milk."

"That's not what I mean mommy. I want, blood." He stated reluctantly.

Hayley's eyes widened slightly, 'He's already craving it; at such a young age? Luke hasn't even started to crave it yet.' She thought.

She looked at his curious eyes, his head tilted a bit to the side, his baby fangs protruding slightly from his lips.

'Has he drunken raw blood?' she asked herself.


"So, how is the cell count doctor?"

The man stared at his monitor in disbelief. The blood cells, the size of the tumor, both had reduced drastically in less than a day.

"Mrs. Stacy, has Hope had any sort of treatment or change in medication in the last twenty-four hours?" he asked.

"N-no, why do you ask?"

"The size of the tumor and amount of blood cells has reduced dramatically. While I'm not religious; from what you've just told me, this is a miracle." He explained.

Mrs. Stacy's head snapped to her daughter's laying form who stared blankly at the ceiling, fidgeting absent-mindedly with the positions of the excess of I.V's in her arms and jugular.

"What does that mean exactly? Does she have longer to live?" she asked, clutching her husband's hand tightly.

"Yes! It's too soon to say by how long exactly since we don't know the new rate at which the cells and tumor's size are growing, but at how small they've reduced to, I'd give her at least double the original time she had before."

Tears of happiness escaped the mother's eyes, "Did you here that Hope? You're going to live even longer!"

"Yay," she said in a monotone

Hope didn't have time in her thoughts to be excited. Why? Why did she have such a miracle, miracles were scarce in her life, they've always been, why now?

"My blood is stronger than humans and it can heal people"


'It was when we exchanged blood,' she thought to herself, 'He saved my life!'

The doctor's words finally sunk in her mind. It was only double her original time.

'At least, he saved it for now.'


Hayley sat on the chair next to Jan's bed. He lay staring at her, hands clutching the blanket tightly to his body. She pulled out a packet of red liquid and set it on the nightstand. She adjusted her nurse's cap before exhaling deeply and looking to the tanned boy.

"I'm taking my shift at the hospital tonight. This packet is about thirty percent blood; the rest is milk I mixed in. I don't know why you have such a sudden craving but it isn't safe for you to be drinking raw blood so early. If you want more ask Luke to mix some for you, I showed him how already. Try just to suffice on this for the night though, alright?" she said.

Jan nodded. Hayley brushed some black locks out of his face before standing up to take her leave.

"Good night." She whispered before leaving, shutting the door behind her.

Immediately after the door closed, Jan sat up and grabbed the blood pack from his nightstand and ripped off the top. He took a sip, contemplated the taste, than shrugged and finished it off. It was definitely an improvement, but still a tad bland compared to the real unaltered thing. The boy was tempted to simply get up and get a raw blood packet himself, but figured it probably wasn't the best idea with how worried his mother looked. She'd have a cow if and when she found out. Luke had ears like a hawk and was quick to tattle.

The boy sighed before hopping out of his bed, headless teddy bear in hand, and hurried out of his room and down the hall. His run had a bit of a jump to it due to the coldness of the hardwood floor. He stopped only when he was at his destination, a door covered in perfectly symmetrical and precise arts and crafts. In the center of the door the name "Luke" was written in perfect print.

Jan cupped his hand around the door knob and slowly turned it, pushing the door open in the process. He tip-toed into the room and gently shut the door behind him. He stealthily hurried over to the fluffy rug at the end of Luke's bed but was startled by a sudden voice.

"What do you want Jan?" Luke asked irritably.

Jan jumped, not expecting the older boy to be awake, "Um, can I sleep with you tonight big brother?"

Luke sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking at the younger boy, "Why?"

"It just feels lonely in my room tonight."

"Jan you say that every night mom works the graveyard shift. You know one of these days you'll have to start sleeping on your own, I'm not going to take care of you forever."

"Yes well I'm four, so forever is a while away and I don't really care right now. Pweeease!" he begged innocently.

Luke growled before throwing the covers to the side and scooting back towards the wall, "Alright come on."

"Yay!" Jan exclaimed hopping into the bed with his brother.

Luke covered them both with the covers and pulled Jan closer to him so he wouldn't fall off the twin sized bed. He closed his eyes and prepared to go back to unconsciousness…

"Hey brother, wanna know how Bear-Falamu lost his head?" Jan asked, wiggling the stuffed body in his brother's face

"Not especially-"

"Well! There was this crazy butt doctor who also did face redoing or something like that I think it's called, and Bear-Falamu always wanted to be a dragon, so he got a horn. But he wanted to be an invisible dragon so he replaced his skull with glass! But it went wrong and-"

"Jan! Shut up! You always get so annoying when you sleep in here! I've said it before and I know I'll say it again; sleepy-time is quiet time. Please learn to sleep quietly." Luke growled.

"Yah, yah I've heard it all before, I know; sheesh." He muttered before snuggling into the warmth and comfort of his brother.


"-I just don't understand it sir, why is he craving it at such a young age. Luke hasn't even started to crave yet, I'm worried." Hayley stated into her cell phone.

"Perhaps it ist not a bad zing my frauline, zey must eventually be killers no? So vhy not start now?" a voice replied from the other line.

"I suppose. I guess I'm overly-anxious. I wasn't expecting it to start so early."

"Oh don't vorry yourself Hayley, everyzing vill vork out somevay or anozer. Just don't stress, take a vacation, I know you need it."

Hayley laughed, "Yes, sir Major, oh you know I would, but if I'm not completely over-worked, I'm afraid I'm not satisfied."

"Hah! Spoken like ze fuhrer himself! I love it! You truly are his flesh and blood!"

"Yes I know," she said, the smile leaving her face, "anyway, I need to go, the hospital calls."

"Vhy of course my frauline of course! Have a good night Hayley."

"You too, Sir Major,"

Hayley hung up the phone and placed it in her purse before walking into the hospital. She hurried over to the employee time clock behind the front desk.

"Hey Hayley," the receptionist greeted her.

"Hi Jesse," she replied.

"You're in kind of late," she stated.

Hayley sighed as she slid her time card only to validate Jesse's statement, "I know. Had a little trouble getting one of the boys into bed."


"How did you know?" she answered sarcastically.

"Intuition!" Jesse laughed, "Anyway, Dr. Reynosa wants you to focus on Hope tonight. Something's drastic happened with the cancer and he wants her to be constantly monitored tonight."

"What's happened?"

"I don't know; he didn't have time to tell me. He left a report for you to read though," she answered, handing her a clip board, "so you better hurry to her room."

"Alright," she said before heading down the hall to the Pediatric ICU.


"Hi Hope! How're you feeling today?" Hayley asked, erasing the previous nurse's name from the white board and replacing it with her own.

"Fine," the four year old answered blandly.

"So I heard that you had your first day of Pre-School today, that's pretty exciting!"

"Yeah it was."

"Did you make any friends?" Hayley asked as she scanned the report.


"Good for you…" she answered, too busy trying to wrap her mind around the report to give any other reaction.

Hope looked to the nurse, who read stared at her report with widened eyes. She met eyes with the young bedridden girl.

"Alright sweetie, let's take a look at your cell count shall we?" Hayley spoke, more to herself then Hope.

She walked over to the computer monitor, hit some keys quickly, and updated the cell count on her monitor. Her eyes widened further.

"…My God."

Gone. The tumor and cells were almost completely gone. It was in her observation of Hope's blood that she found a bit peculiar to say the least. It was a certain kind of cell that she had definitely seen before but never in Hope. In fact, never in humans.

"Hope, I'll be right back." Hayley said before hurrying out of the room and down the hall towards the staff lockers.

She ran so fast that she almost tripped over her own heels. When she finally arrived at the lockers, she twisted in her combination before throwing open the door. She pulled out a bundle of waxy photos, flipping through them before getting to a specific picture. She stared intently, confirming her suspicions as she compared the two images in her head.

Hayley whipped out her phone and dialed the first number she knew by heart, "Sir Major," she said," I think we have a problem."


"Hmmmm, I see, I see. How very interesting. So ze young Valentine has found somevone close enough to share his own blood viz. Zis, ist not necessarily a bad zing. I believe zat you should let him be for ze time being. Ze young Valentine is not avare of the powver his blood possesses, let him figure it out on his own… Now don't you vorry my Frauline, everyzing vill be fine. Ja, ja, I must go now I'm afraid. I vill speak to you later my dear, farewell!" the man hung up the phone and looked to his standing companion.

"Doctor?" he said.

"Yes sir Major?"

"Have zhere been any tests conducted on ze abilities on your vampires blood?"

"No sir, zhere have not,"

"Vell conduct zhem. I believe ve may have a very individual, very passionate soldier on our hands."

"Of course, my Major."


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