Author's Note: A little JJ/Rossi idea. Will be a few chapters, but nothing too long. Review please! My first JJ/Rossi fic. *crosses fingers*

The sunlight poured through the window, shining a light on the two figures on the bed, entangled in each other. Both did not welcome this rude awakening, and neither wanted to open their eyes.

JJ let out a small groan, and squinted. "What time is it?" she mumbled a bit incoherently. She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the sun to go away.

A grunt came from David Rossi who withdrew his arm from where it'd been, around her. Sighing, he reached up and rubbed his head and then turned over on the bed to see the bed side table. "Nine am," he responded as he moved into a sitting position. He yawned before looking down at the annoyed blonde. He smirked, how dare that evil sun wake her from her slumber!

In a panic, JJ flew up from the bed and wasted no time in throwing a bathrobe around herself. "Crap! Why didn't the alarm go off?" she cursed, nearly tumbling as she tried to pull an inside sock on.

Dave chuckled to himself and let her busy about trying to get ready for a bit. He was surprised she hadn't noticed him not rushing to get ready, but he was too amused to point out to her that she didn't need to get ready. It was after she'd tried to pull her pants on backwards that he spoke up. "JJ, it's Sunday. No work today," he explained using a tone one would for a child. He grinned innocently at her when he saw the realization dawn on her.

She turned to glare at him, her blue eyes flashing. "I knew that," she muttered before falling softly back on the bed. She stared up at her ceiling, counting the lines as she willed herself to go back to sleep.

"When do you have to pick Henry up?" Rossi asked just as she felt her eyes closing.

Cursing him in her head, JJ rolled over on her stomach to look at him. "In the afternoon," she replied, kicking her feet up in the air.

Rossi raised his eyebrows suggestively, "Well, we have lots of time," he informed her trying not to laugh when he saw not only had she put on sock on inside out, the other didn't even match.

Rolling her eyes, JJ mock glared at him. "Very funny," she told him sleepily as she closed her eyes again. It was at this moment that her stomach chose to grumble very loudly.

"Oh come on," she moaned. This was her one day to sleep in and it appeared that wasn't going to happen! Reluctantly, she sat up on her knees before getting down from her bed, which was a little too high for her liking.

"Nearly fell off again, I see," said Dave with a smirk, referring to her near disastrous fall from the night before when they'd been 'busy.'

JJ threw a pillow at him, her face going red. "Shush," she muttered. Of all the embarrassing things, she'd had to fall off the bed last night. Just as they'd been getting into it. Her hands flew up to her face in an effort to hide her humiliation.

Chuckling to himself, Dave reluctantly got up from the bed too and rummaged through the pile of clothes for his boxers. "Scrambled eggs and toast? Or pancakes?" he asked as he slipped his legs through.

"Which ever is faster," a food deprived JJ whined. She quickly tied the rope holding her bathrobe together.

Once in the kitchen, Dave set to work making a delicious breakfast, while JJ sat at the table taping her fingers impatiently.

"I'm cooking as fast as I can," Rossi chuckled.

JJ smiled sheepishly and quit tapping and instead began looking at the daily crossword. It didn't take long for her to get stuck. Where was Reid when you needed him?

That's when she noticed the red light flashing on her answering machine. Curious and with nothing better to do she walked over to listen to her messages.

"You have one new message,

Hey Jennifer, it's your mother. You do remember who I am, don't you? Never hear from you. I was going to surprise you but decided to give you some warning. I'll be at your place today, and can't wait to see you. See you then. Love you, sweetie."

"JJ?" Rossi asked, turning to see how white she'd gone. "Are you okay?" He snapped his fingers together trying to get a response.

"OUT! Get out, out, out," JJ said finally snapping out of her trance. Why was her mother suddenly travelling across states to come visit her? She hadn't seen her in a couple years and had spoken to her on the phone not three days ago.

"JJ, what?" Rossi said in confusion, as he flipped a pancake in the air.

Before he knew it, he was being steered towards the front door. "JJ! My clothes," he protested, turning towards the stairs. And my breakfast, he thought, his stomach growling.

Quick as a flash, JJ had run upstairs and come back with his clothes from the night before, she tossed them in his arms. "There," she said defiantly, gesturing towards the door.

"I can't even get dressed?"

He winced as her nails dug into his bare arms and she continued to push with all her strength to get him out that front door. "Move," she pleaded.

"I'm going, I'm going," he muttered. He was very confused and she'd have some explaining to do later. His mouth almost watered as he inhaled the scent of the pancakes making their way into the living room where he now stood, about to open the front door to leave. He'd just get dressed in his car.

"Love you, bye," JJ said ducking to open the door as he leaned down to give her a quick kiss.

A bemused expression on his face, Rossi pulled away as she opened the door.

His face immediately went red, the clothes in his hands nearly tumbled to the floor, and his mouth opened in an 'o' of surprise. Because in the doorway, stood a woman, who he could only assume was JJ's mother from the striking resemblance and the message he'd heard earlier. And she was staring at the two of them in absolute horror.