"Where am I." "Alphonse,Ling,Winary,Colonel Mustang,May,Scar." There was no answer. "What is this place." A boy with a blonde hair,a metal arm and leg, woke up in a myestrious place his name was Edward Elric. "Hmm let me see the last thing I remember I was in a fight with pride and wrath then suddleny everything went,dark." "And now I'm in this place, hmm." "This world dosen't even look like mine, never seen cars like these before."

"These buldings are huge, but there destroyed , this whole city looks destroyed." Ed grabbed his red coat that was laying on the ground he put it on. Then he heard movment. "Whos there." "hello." there was no ansewer then out of nowhere Ed was hit on the head with a sheild knocking him outcold. The the sheild was red,white,and blue, and holding the sheild was a man but he wasn't normal, his flesh was decayed, he had no lips, he had razor sharp teeth. His eyes were milky white. He was dressed in red,white,and blue. With a big (A) on his zombie started to drag Ed. The zombie said " I wonder what the others will think of having shrimp for dinner."

Avengers Masion

"Uh my head." Ed started to regian focus after being hit in the head with a sheild. He tried to move but he couldn't he was tide up. "Uh where am I" he groaned, he opend his eyes to find himself starring a man with a purple costume on. "Ahh" Ed screamed the man was decayed, his eyes milky white, he had razor sharp teeth. "No use trying to fight it" another voice said. He looked to find the zombie who strucked him, to munch of Ed's suprise all of the people around him looked the same. Decayed,sharp teeth,milky eyes.

" To ansewer your question of where you are" a zombie with a red suit on and blue gloves said. "Your at the avengers masion", "who are the avengers" Ed said out of confusion. They all were slient, when Hawkeye said. " You must be kidding me earths mightest heros, now earths mightest zombies." " Sorry never heard of you" Ed said. Hawkeye said "you never heard of Colonel america the u.s president."

Colonel diddn't say anything. " I'm sorry I never heard of this u.s or avengers I come from differnt realite where there only tow countries I know." Xing and Amestris". Ed said while still strugling with the straps. He was on the dinner table all the zombies had plates mouths drooling. "Hmmm" said Hank pym a differnt realittie. "ENOUGH TALK HULK WAN'T FOOD" a green giant shouted out. "Food" said, " we are going to eat you" Hank said while smirking. The zombies began to reach towards Ed. Ed saw that his hands were free he clapped them together and transmutited a cylinder shaped wall around him. Then he untied himself he clapped his hands agian and transmutied smoke everywhere, the zombies couldn't see anything.

Ed jumped out of the window, he cutt across the front yard and jumped over the gate. "Keep running" he said to himself Ed ran into an alleyway and was grabbed by a mysterious figure. "What the hell" Ed said trying break free from the stranger. "Shhhh it's me Ling" "LIng oh thank goodness " " is this one of your freinds a voice said. It was a man dressed in red cloths, he had a purple cape and purple armor, he wore a bucket shaped helmet. "Who the hell is he" Ed said. "He's a resident of this dimesion I saved him from a hoard of zombies trying to eat him", " greetings my name is Eric leshner but you can call me Magneto." "I'm Edward Elric state Alchemist but you can call me Ed." " Nice to meet you Ed." " So Ling have you seen Al, May ,Winary,Mustang or Scar" " HI EDWARD MY LOVE a voice said scarring Ed shitless, it was May Chang and her pet panda," me and Magneto found here when we was srounded she saved our lives." Magneto interuppted " Are you people from a differnt realittie of that young Reed Richards". " No Ling said we come from a world ruled by greed,lust,envy,pride,gluttony, and wrath"Ling said. " Ling tell me how you met this guy." " Okee-dokee we should walk and talk I think we'll be sittng ducks for those things." They started out of the alleyway so I met him.

Flash back

Magneto manged to crash the sheild helicarrier somewhere outside of the queens. The explosion was so loud it attracted every zombie in the city. Magneto was burryed in rumble. When he climbed out the wreckage he was faced down with a horde of undead beings, led by Colonel America. " Hmmmm I can taste your meat now." Wolverine mused while sharpening his claws. Magneto got to his feet and started to run he did not have enough strengh to take them all on. " Why do they always run ?" Spider-man said, magneto ran into an alley, he came to a cross section in the alley one wrong turn could lead to his doom. He went left ( Poor choice). Magneto ran came to a halt, it was a dead end.

He turned around and saw the horde creeping towards him like a wounded animal, Magneto began to summon all the strengh he had. He began to fly,around and saw the flying zombies. He looked around and saw a huge hand coming towards him. "Oh Shi-, magneto couldn't finished before he knew it he was back down to the earth. He tried to get up but he couldn't hulk had grabbed his arms, Iron-man grabbed his legs. " Ya know it didn't have to end this way"Reed richards said while smiling, "all you had to do was accept th hunger gospel , and here I thought we could work together to spread it to differnt worlds showing people the final step in evoloution." "Also if you didn't run we could have gave you a painless death it would have been quick and swift." Colonel said while drooling in anticipation.

"Sucks for you dad" Quick sliver said while his sister the Scarlet Witch giggled. " We could have been a whole family again."Magneto started to cry he let his kids and Charles Xaiver down, he let them all down. He closed his eyes accepting his fate the he saw the once former heros converging on him. "Hold on right there a voice said. He opened his eyes, they all looked on a nearby appartment bulding and saw a boy and a girl. The boy was wearing kung fu shose his hair was black and in a poney tail. He had a sowrd slung over his back , his eyes were squinted , he was asian. The girl was young maybee like 6,7,8,9. She had beatiful eyes, she had the same asian features as the boy she was waring tradional chinese royal attire it was pink. The strangest thing was she had a pet panda the size of a fist.

They both jumped down in the middle of the horde kicking hulk and Iron-man out of the way. Releasing the man " thank you" magneto said. "your welcome"they both said in unison. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU"! Wolverine shouted at the two strangers. "The names Ling", " and I'm May" "together were Lingmay", "wait a minute Ling are names don't go together", " ohhhh thats right my apoliges", they started to chuckle before getting serious again. " All I see is more food."Snorted Giant-man. They started to advance on them, "May do wan't the honor" " Sure why not". She drew a circle with a symbol on it and stuck kunis knives on the edges then she threw a couple infront the zombies she put her foot on the circle. There was a large explosion, when the dust cleared they were gone.

"" STUPID PEOPLE HOW COULD YOU LET THEM ESCAPE!" Giant- man bellowed. They were all irratated, they all went back to time square to regroup replain. " How can I ever thank you magneto said they were in a alleyway. Don't sweat it this is what we do on a normal bases.

End of Flashback.

"wow" said Ed while hoping over a boulder. "You guys sure had fun" "we need to find the others I 'm worried about Winary, and Al, Mustang I could careless".

Thats chapter 1 I hoped you enjoyed it chapter 2 they catch up with Al and winary, but we find out pride and wrath are transported to this universe to. All hell is about to break loose.