AN: Okay, this is my first SPN fic, so… I apologize for any suckiness. I really wanted to write something, so I asked for suggestions. Thanks to tumblr's deans-your-sign-cas for the idea of AU Sabriel High School and 2014!Cas x Dean. I hope you enjoy the story! If you have any constructive criticisms, feel free to lay it on me. :) Thanks to my friend Laura for beta-ing! (Also, yes, the title is a Foo Fighters song. I hate titles. I think they're cheesy. But that seemed to be fitting enough.)

"What… What happened to you, Cas? You used to be religious, love God... You were a good kid. You wanted to go to Harvard! I come back after six years, and you're covered in tattoos, having tons of sex, getting wasted and high on a daily basis. You were the good one! You were the one who kept me in line! And now you're a… a fucking…" He couldn't find the words. Dean just raised his arms, gesturing to the strung-out mess before him.

A deep scowl came over Castiel's face. His eyes, which had once been so soft, so innocent, were full of drunken anger. Tattoos coated his bare arms and the scent of stale beer and marijuana still permeated off of him. The young man stumbled to his feet, clinging to the wall for support. With a cry, he attempted a hard punch at the green-eyed man's jaw. Due to Cas' inebriated condition, however, Dean was able to easily side-step the strike.

Cas stumbled several feet, barely able to keep himself up. Regaining his footing, he slowly turned around to look at his friend.

"You… you left me!" he yelled, voice cracking. His bright azure eyes were glistening, full of unrelenting anger and hurt. "It was bad enough when Dad left. It was bad enough when Mom started drinking. But you told me that you would never leave. You told me that you would always be there for me, that you were my best friend. So, how was I supposed to feel when you just up and left without a word?"

The brunette's voice was choked, and Dean could see he was on the verge of tears. A pang of guilt thudded in the man's chest, and he had to look around for a moment, look anywhere but at the face of the broken mess in front of him. Cas wouldn't allow that, though. He advanced quickly, grabbing Dean by the front of his shirt and shoving him into the wall of the living room. Rough hands grabbed Cas's wrists, but he didn't try to yank him off. He just stood there, looking down into eyes that seemed to be just brimming with hate.

"You… You were my, my best friend, Dean. You were my only friend. And then you just left." The anger was slowly draining from his voice, replaced by anguish. "I was alone. I had nobody. I didn't… I didn't even have a phone number to call you at. You just left me completely alone. And I will never forgive you for that."

With a harsh shove, Castiel pushed Dean away and took a few steps back. A couple tears leaked out of his eyes. As if refueling his anger, they caused him to scowl and roughly force them away. He stared at the man whom he'd used to rely on for everything. The man that used to comfort him and tell him, "Things will get better. It sucks now, but you still got me." With that thought in mind, the drunk brunette turned, stumbling out of the house while Dean slid to the floor, burying his head in his hands.