Son of a Snake

Disclaimer: I, Dark Dhampir, do hereby give credit where credit is due. J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter Franchise (at the least the official, money-making "canon"), and the idea belongs to one of my favorite authors, Crossoverpairinglover. All I can claim this body of work as my own, I can make no money from it and own nothing else. If I did own Harry Potter Franchise, you better believe it would be a lot different. In fact, I am so dissapointed with how the official version of the stories run compared to fan interpretations of the stories, that I am launching a series of origional stories on Deviantart (under my username, Crazygenius1) in response. I also am currently working on another origional series call The Incubus Files, also posted on Deviantart, and soon (hopefully) on .

Author's Note: I feel I should warn you all now. J.K. Rowling has asked that fans don't write M rated fictions involving her characters. While her wishes, I have no intension of complying with them. Firstly, I think that the later books were in M rated territory anyway, so this is really nothing new. Secondly, Fanficiton is the property of the the fans not the author. If you deny people the right to express their ideas, you kill hteir creativity and you limit the scope of your own work.

I'm sorry, m'am, if you are reading this, but I feel that you are in the wrong in this debate.

Now, on with Son of a Snake

London, England-the United kingdom: 3 a.m. November 1, 1981

Severus Snape sat alone his living-room. He lived alone in a bare, dusty house in the middle of London. Usually, he hated it, but at the moment, couldn't care less about the place. He couldn't care less about anything. The girl of his dreams, his first and only true love, was dead. And it was his fault.

Her husband was dead too, which Severus felt little guilt for, as was their son.

Her son. Severus had only ever thought of the boy as Potter's spawn. Until, earlier that night, when Dumbledore had reminded him that the boy was Lily's flesh too and, under different circumstances, might have been his own child. But, now, the boy was dead, and so was his mother, and it was all Severus' fault.


The mourning man looked up and saw a House-Elf standing in the middle of his dusty, dirty living-room. It seemed to disapprove of the place.

"Mister Severus Snape, sir?" it asked in the typical high-pitched voice of its kind (Severus was horrible at telling House-Elf genders apart).

"What do you want?" he asked, annoyed at this intrusion.

"Mistress Lily wants to speak you, sir," it answered.

Just like that, Snape's whole world was turned upside down. "Lily is dead."

The Elf shook its heard. "No, sir. She's alive, and she wants to talk to you."

Snape gulped. Was it true? Had his final, desperate gambit worked? But if so, why would she want to talk to him? It was probably a trap. Then again, what did he have to lose?

"Very well," he said at last.

The Elf offered its hand, and Snape took it. Then, the pair disappeared into thin air.

Potter Manor

The place Snape found himself in was unlike any place he had ever been to before. It was . . . warm, not just in a physical sense, but in an emotional way too. It was a white and beige, with a soft carpet, a pair of comfortable-looking chairs, and something Snape hadn't seen in years-a television.

"Hello, Severus," a voice that made his heart pound said from behind him. There, sitting in a chair, holding a baby in her arms was a beautiful woman with deep red hair and piercing green eyes. It was Lily, the girl he had loved and lost . . . and then betrayed.

"Lily . . ." Snape tried to form words-questions, apologies-but he couldn't. It was all too much.

Lily gave him a small smile. "I have a bit of a problem, Severus. You see, I don't know whether I should thank you for saving my life or curse you very badly between the legs."

"Why. . . Why would you thank me?" Snape asked. "I got your husband killed?"

"But you saved my life . . . and Harry's, though I think that was an accident," Lily said, looking pointedly at him. "I recognized that spell you put on Voldemort's wand. Brilliant, by the way."

"That was enough to destroy the Dark Lord?" Snape found that a little hard to believe, despite the fact that his supposedly dead former friend was alive."

"Oh, no!" Lily laughed, a musical sound that made Snape's heart ache. "No, Severus, that spell only kept him from killing me. It was James that did it."

"He defeated the greatest Dark Wizard of all time?" Snape didn't know if he should be impressed or jealous. Impressed, he thought, I don't have the right to be jealous of him anymore.

Lily shook her head sadly. "No, he died trying to buy enough time for me to escape with Harry." She looked down affectionately at the baby in her arms. "Something as good as that, pure love, leaves a mark on those it was given to, namely Harry and me. Magic that is so essential evil as Avada Kedavra, doesn't mix well with that." Lily gave him a wicked smile, the one that had terrified so many back in school. "The greatest Dark Wizard in history destroyed himself."

Severus sighed. How did I ever allow myself to get mixed up with such a vile fool?

"Afterwards," Lily said, breaking him out of his self-pity induced trance, "Dumbledore showed up, conveniently late. He was rather surprised I was still alive, and tried to convince me to let him take Harry to live with my sister's family."

"WHAT?" Snape cried. "That HORSE? How could he think that?"

"That was my reaction. He said that Harry needed to grow up away from the Wizarding World or the fame would spoil him. I told him I could ensure that on my own, but he insisted I had to surrender all guardianship rights to the Dursleys."

"What . . ." Severus struggled to find the necessary words. "What was he thinking?" he said at last.

"He said it was for the Greater Good," Lily answered, "whatever that was. I didn't stay to find out. I Apparated here, where he can never find us."

"Where is 'here,' anyway?" Snape asked for the first time, looking around.

"Potter Manor- Godrick Hollow was just a little summer-home. This place was being renovated, still is actually, so we stayed there for a time. But that's not important."

Lily fixed Severus with a strong, steady gaze. It was not menacing, but the greasy-haired man was still intimidated; it felt like he was being examined.

"The important thing is this, Severus: can I trust you, and will you help me. Will you help me raise my son as well as James' unborn second child whom I now carry? Will you stand beside me against Dumbledore, against the remains of Voldemort's forces, and against Pureblood society in general? Will you, Severus, will you?"