Author's Note-I decided you all needed to know the circumstances surrounding why Ziva was there and why Tony blames Gibbs. So I've decided to add another chapter.

Tony and Ziva laughed joyfully, the sound filling the bullpen.

"So, do you wanna maybe...?" He trailed off, suddenly so unsure of himself.

"Yes?" She pressed carefully, noting the glint in his eye.

"I don't know, maybe, get a drink? With me? Maybe?" She smiled and his heart soared.

"Why Tony DiNozzo, are you asking me out?" She asked playfully. Tony chuckled.

"I guess I am. Is that okay?" Ziva laughed gently.

"Yes." She replied softly. "I think that is acceptable." Finally, I might get a chance to cross a couple of things off Tony thought as he leant down and kissed her cheek lingeringly. Ziva felt her pulse and breathing rates increase. All too soon Tony pulled away and reached for his back pack.

"Do you wanna meet me there or are you okay for me to drive you?" She smiled intimately.

"I am perfectly happy for you to drive me Tony." They shared a soft intimate smile but only seconds later the moment was broken by Gibbs' harsh tones.

"Ziver, I'm glad you're still here." Tony glared at his mentor, hoping he'd get the message that he needed her that night. "I need you to do something, one last job before you can clock off for the weekend. Ziva sighed.

"Of course Gibbs." She put her backpack down on her desk with more effort than it needed. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to follow him." He replied, passing her a photo of their suspect.

"Does that have to be her Gibbs?" Tony interjected tensely. "Can't McGeek do it?"

"He'll spot McGee a mile away. You best get going Ziver, he just checked into his hotel." With that he was gone, entering the lift without another word.

"I am sorry." Ziva sighed picking up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. "Another time?"

"Don't apologise Zi, it's not as if you volunteered, and let's be fair, he didn't really give you much of a choice did he?" She shook her head sadly.

"No." She looked at the ground. Tony gently lifted her head to meet his eye.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked gently.

"It is just; I was really looking forward to spending time with you. Silly, no?" He shook his head.

"I was looking forward to it too." He sighed and cupped her face in his hand, stroking her cheek with his thumb. "But hey, that's the way it goes sometimes. How about we have a movie night tomorrow? I'll even buy the popcorn?" She laughed.

"You are spoiling me DiNozzo."

"You're worth it, David." She met his eye suddenly at his barely audible words. Her heart was in her throat, her palms sweaty, and she had a sudden urge to kiss him. Instead she bit her lower lip and breathed deeply.

"I guess I should be going." He nodded, stroking a wayward curl behind her ear.

"Walk you out?"

"You be sure to call, if you need anything." Tony repeated for the third time while he leant over her door as she slid behind the wheel. "I'm not overly keen on you following this guy without back up, but Gibbs is right, he'd spot anyone else a mile off." She smiled.

"I will be fine. I will even call you when I get home if it will make you feel any better." He nodded and she laughed. "Okay, now I really must be going." She started the engine as Tony shut her door. He waved her off until she was out of sight before getting into his own car and driving home.

More than an hour later, Tony's phone buzzed on the coffee table. He paused the movie and checked the caller id.

"Ziva, that was quick." He chuckled until he heard her rapid laboured breathing filtering down the line.

"Tony." She croaked. "His hotel." She whimpered as pain started to engulf her but she knew he needed that information in order to find her.

"Okay, I'll be there in five." He kept the line open while he ran to his car and sped off, all without stopping to get a coat or shoes.

"Ziva!" He cried as he left the car open and unlocked, running across the street to fall beside her. Blood was seeping from her abdomen and her eyes were starting to roll in her head. "An ambulance might have been a better call Zi." He chastised gently, taking her hand. He called an ambulance quickly watching her face the entire time.

"Tony..." She gasped, squeezing his hand weakly.

"I'm here Zi. I'm not going anywhere." He replied, pushing down harder on her wound.

"Promise...promise me you will...not...blame Gibbs for this." She moaned in pain, writhing slightly on the cold ground.

"Shhh, don't speak darling. It'll be okay. Just hold on." She gripped his wrist with her spare hand, holding tightly now with both.

"Tony, I am scared." She whimpered again, her grip loosening.

"Hey, hey, hey no need to be scared Sweet Cheeks, the ambulance will be here soon and then we'll get you stitched up good as new." She didn't respond as her hands slipped from his. "Ziva?" His voice was shaking from fear as he looked into her eyes. The sparkle that he knew and loved slipped from her eyes as the life slipped from her body. "Ziva? Ziva! No, no, no, no, no, Ziva please! Don't leave me!" He sobbed just as sirens rounded the corner. "No!" He screamed. He knew there was nothing they could do. She was gone. It was over. Ziva David was dead and he never got a chance to say how much he loved her.