Amelia paced frantically outside the Parfan throne room.

Her dear Uncle Christopher had been completely understanding of the situation when she explained it, and he was eager to help out Zelgadis, who had once aided in uncovering a plot to kill his brother and himself.

Despite his willingness however, there was a lot that had to be done to regroup their men, and they first had to have a talk with the Seyruun royal counselors.

They had been much less sympathetic.

After a lot of tricky diplomacy and a bit of rank-pulling, Amelia and Christopher had finally convinced them to hold a trial to determine the fate of the former prisoner.

Despite this allowance, the council was in no mood to dismiss Amelia's engagement.

That wasn't up to her.

So she paced from one edge of the carpet to the next, torn between her fury over the council's stubbornness, and her worry over how Zelgadis was doing.

She had heard nothing about his current situation, and only knew that he and her father had left the dungeon.

Now she and her Uncle stood outside the massive doors to the throne room, waiting for her father (and hopefully her friend as well) so they could get on with the trial and discuss what was to be done.

"Amelia, for Heaven's sake, you're wearing me out just by looking at you!"

The Princess stopped in her pacing and turned towards her uncle.

"Sorry Uncle Christopher, I'm just so nervous! Where are they? What's taking so long? What if something –,"

"Niece, relax!" Christopher said imploringly, his hands raised toward her. "I'm sure there's no problem. Your father is more than capable of handling the situation."

Amelia stopped fidgeting, but her face remained scrunched in worry. "But… I just… hate being so useless." Her shoulders slumped and she turned away, trying not to fidget with her uncertainty.

Christopher smiled understandingly and walked over to place his hands reassuringly on her shoulders.

"Amelia, you're not useless – not at all!"

She looked up at him dubiously.

"But there is a time and place for everything, and right now it's your father's responsibility to handle things."

At that Amelia frowned, staring at the carpet in frustration.

Christopher frowned back with worry.

"I know you don't like this waiting, and I'm proud of your desire to help, but for now you must let things play out until that time when you can step in and lend a hand."

His face softened, and he lifted a hand to pat her lovingly on the head.

"And besides, Justice is with us, and your friend Master Zelgadis! Everything will work out, you'll see!"

As she listened to the optimism in her uncle's soft-spoken voice, Amelia couldn't help but brighten somewhat. Perhaps Justice had been hiding her face for a while, but she would come through in the end!

Amelia had always believed in Justice, and now in her current state of doubt she found it a comforting friend to cling to.

Giving her uncle a Seyruun bear hug and a muttered 'thank you', Amelia turned and headed toward the wall next to the doors of the throne room, settling down into a lavish, cushioned armchair.

Yawning wide, she all but fell onto the arm rest, her eyes shutting instantly and mind drifting off as sleep overtook her.

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