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"Gale Hawthorne."

A million questions race through my mind, but I bite my tongue, holding them back. Instead, after a deep breath, I ask him the important question.

"What does he want with us?" I ask, using every ounce of self-control to keep myself from screaming.

"Oh, nothing much," Aaron says nonchalantly, examining his fingernails. "Just a quick conversation is all."

I feel my body grow hot and my fingers clench into fists as anger overtakes my senses. If I could, I would lunge at Aaron, and tear his face to pieces with my fingernails. However, the guard still has a grip on my arm, getting tighter as I get angrier.

"Wait, so you're saying that we were kept in that prison cell just so that he could have a damn conversation with us?" I hear Peeta ask. I look over at him and see he's also seething with anger. "Bullshit!"

I don't have time to be surprised by Peeta's use of language. The next thing I know, we're being shoved across the room as Aaron steps out of the way, disappearing behind us. In the darkness, the guards find a door along the wall and open it, pushing us through it. Instead of following us inside, they just close it behind us, leaving Peeta and I alone.

There are no lights in whatever room we've been put into, so we're completely suspended in darkness. I feel Peeta find my hand in the dark, not wanting to lose me. I grip his hand desperately, suddenly afraid of whatever is going to happen next.

I feel my heart almost leap out of my throat when the floor begins moving.

"Peeta!" I gasp, trying to move towards him in the darkness as I feel myself moving away from him. The sound of churning machinery echoes off the walls, no doubt being what powers the moving floor.

"Katniss!" I hear him cry out. For a moment, my hand unlinks from his. Soon after, though, I hear his panicked footsteps, followed by a thud next to me.

My hands fumble in the darkness, grasping onto his arm when I find it. He takes my hand in response.

"I was being carried off in another direction," he says breathlessly. "But I jumped onto your pathway in time. Oh, god, I thought I'd lost you."

I pull him closer to me in fear that he'll be pulled off again. "Well, we're together now. Let's just make sure we don't get separated," I say. Then, in a quieter tone, I continue, "Where do you think this thing is bringing us?"

"I don't know, but I think-" He cuts himself off when we get slammed into a wall. Our shoulders collide with hard, cold concrete, making us wince. Luckily, though, it seems that the floor has stopped moving.

Keeping a grip on Peeta's hand, I feel against the wall. "Let's see if there's a door around here," I say.

We walk a few yards to the right, feeling against the wall when we find a door. I grab the handle and turn it, happy to find that it isn't locked. Light bursts through the door, momentarily blinding me as my eyes transition from darkness to sudden illumination.

I step through the door, Peeta walking right behind me. We enter a small a room, the walls and floor colored a pure white. There are only three things in the room- a large white bed, a silver toilet jutting out from the wall, and a brown table. On the table is an envelope, presumably holding a letter.

Silently, we walk over to the table, and see that our names are written on the front of the letter. Peeta picks up the envelope and tears it open, extracting the letter and folding it open.

It consists of only two sentences, and one signature:

Be ready to meet at 10:30 am tomorrow. A clock has been provided on the wall above.

-Gale H.

I look up and sure enough, a wall clock sits above our heads, letting us know that its 9:00 pm.

I back away from the table, suddenly feeling dizzy. I feel my whole body start to tremble and collapse on the bed behind me. Bringing my knees up to my chest, my hands fly up to cover my face as I concentrate on my breathing, which has become fairly erratic.

It's only a few moments later when I feel Peeta sit next to me, his weight dipping into the duvet.

Cautiously, he places a hand on the back of my neck, unsure of what to expect. "Katniss?" he says in a quiet, soothing tone. "What's wrong, love?"

"It's all just too much," I choke out through my hands before they finally flit away from my face. I wrap my arms around my knees, slightly leaning into Peeta to let him know I'm not going to lash out. "All of this. Everything. We were supposed to be in the Capitol, getting ready for the trial. And our wedding! And look where we are instead- some mysterious facility with moving floors under the captivity of Aaron and Gale. I just don't understand…" I shake my head taking a deep breath before continuing. "I don't understand how he could do this," I whisper. "Sure, he was jealous, and angry that I left him. But, still. He was my best friend; I've known him my whole life. I never thought him to be so… so devious and cruel even if he was angry. It's just… just not right."

"I know," Peeta responds. "I mean, I understand. I didn't know him as well as you did, but I saw him. I saw him giving game to starving children. I saw him looking after his siblings, helping his mother in every way he could. I saw him looking after you, with one of the fiercest senses of protection I've ever seen." Peeta shakes his head as well, fully wrapping his arms around me as I lean into his chest. He places a kiss on the top of my head before continuing. "There's definitely something not right," he mutters.


The next morning, I wake up in Peeta's arms, and I almost think that we're at home, safe and sound in our bed. When the walls' blazing white color meets my eyes, though, I remember what a horrible situation we're actually in.

I sit up in bed, careful not to wake Peeta so that he can have a few more minutes away from our current dilemma. I look at the clock and see that its 10:00 am, indicating that we still have half an hour until our…meeting.

I pull out the elastic of my braid, running my fingers through it in substitution for a comb. Luckily, it's warmer in this room than it was in our cell, plus we have a bed with a duvet and pillows. So we were able to remove our heavy coats and jackets, which now rest on the table where the letter was. We're still wearing the pajamas we put on two days ago in our hotel, and I can almost feel the grime and sweat that has built up on my body from lying in that cell. Right now, though, that's the least of my worries. I don't think Peeta minds that much either.

Peeta wakes up a few minutes after me, and then all we can do is wait.

The clock ticks closer and closer to 10:30 am.

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