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Four years ago: 7 months after the Second Bloody Valentine War

"Is this really for the best, my lady? Maybe we should inform Master Kira about this," Myrna said worriedly. She had been worrying for her princess for months now, and she was at her wit's end. Her beloved princess's condition should not be taken lightly.

Cagalli remained silent, her back facing the three people she trusted most at this moment. She was standing in front of a large glass window, with her right palm against the cool glass, observing the dark clouds and heavy downpour outside. Her face was expressionless, though you can see traces of fatigue if you look and observe closely.

"Please, my lady. As your brother and only living family, he needs to know about your condition. You need―"

"Your highness, I've been supporting you and your decisions for all these years that I was your bodyguard and as a soldier of the Orb Forces, but I think this time I must disagree with you," Admiral Ledonir Kisaka finally interrupted Myrna's pleading after 10 minutes of silence, "This is a crucial matter that needs to be attended with utmost care. You will need the support of your family and friends to survive and endure this. Please, Cagalli. If you don't want your friends to know, at least inform Master Kira about it," he added.

The Chief Representative of Orb remained silent and motionless. If not for her slightly trembling shoulders, the other three occupants of the room would have thought that they were talking to an inanimate object.

The fourth occupant of the room remained silent as he leaned his back against the hard wall of the suite. He was listening all throughout Kisaka and Myrna's persuasion with no luck in convincing the shivering Princess of Orb to inform her brother about her critical condition. Slowly, he reached for a thick shawl on a settee and approached the princess with finesse Coordinator ability. He draped the shawl on her petite shoulders and back to keep her warm and trembling.

Cagalli gasped inaudibly, as she felt the soft texture of the shawl on her shoulder. She appreciated the gesture and thanked the young man who gave it to her. The said young man remained at her side, though he was now leaning his broad back on the glass window, with hands inserted in his pant pockets, as he listened silently.

"Cagalli-sama, you have to understand. You are important to us. We want to take care of you and we want you to need us, too. Please Cagalli-sama this is for your own good," Myrna pleaded.

Kisaka sighed once again. Her highness was one stubborn woman. If she was headstrong during her younger years, she was now obstinate and unmovable as a mountain.

"Cagalli, please reconsider your decision. You can't shoulder and solve this matter on your own. Allow us to help―" Before Kisaka could finish, he was cut-off from his sentiments by the object of their frustrations.


Cagalli closed her eyes and breathed deeply, before facing her dear caretaker, her loyal bodyguard, and her silent companion. "Enough please," she continued in a firm but weary voice. "I understand. Seriously, I understand what you are trying to point out. But Kisaka, the second war had just ended months ago. Everybody is still at the stage of recuperating from the harshness and cruelty of war. Some are still grieving for their losses. Each nation is still on the process of rebuilding their economy. And most especially, those people who are very dear to me such as my brother and my friends who participated in the past two wars are slowly regaining and experiencing the life that they used to and the life that they wanted to have since then. Let them experience the life without the burden of protecting their people through bloodshed. Please Kisaka. Give them a break. Give Kira a break. I promise I can handle this. I'll be strong for all of us. We can make it work. So please don't tell him about this."

Kisaka sighed for the nth time. Myrna approached her weary princess and softly rubbed her back to comfort the fragile Goddess of Victory. The fourth occupant of the room remained silent, standing beside the princess and ready to assist her if needed.

"Fine. We will not inform Master Kira about it. But how will you explain your condition to them if Master Kira and Lady Lacus decided to visit you one of these months? Your weight loss and paleness are very noticeable. You can't even stand for longer than half an hour. You're trembling most of the time and you have dark bags under your eyes. Good thing your state speeches and conferences are done via video conference. And thanks to Myrna's proficiency in applying make-up, you look healthy during your video calls. And how about your state visits and peace talks to different nations? Tell me how will you handle this?" Kisaka inquired his charge.

Cagalli managed a small smile at her loyal bodyguard and second father-figure. "Don't worry. I had it all planned out since the time I found out about my condition. As the Chief Representative of a neutral nation, it is expected that Orb will be the mediator between PLANTs and Earth Alliance. A number of documented proposals from every nation who wished to be included in the Peace Treaty are expected. We can use that as an alibi for me to decline any formal invitation to parties and peace talks for at least a year or two at most. We can tell them that I am very busy in reviewing and signing these documents for approval. We can send two council members as my proxy for these invitations, so that we will not offend them. If there is a need to really talk to me and discuss essential matters, then we will communicate through video conference."

"And the matter about Master Kira and Lady Lacus?" asked Kisaka.

"Lacus will be very busy as the new PLANTs Supreme Council Chairwoman. As a newly elected politician, she needs more time in learning and adjusting to her new status in PLANTs. It will take at least 2 years for her to manage her schedule especially if there are many things to consider and needs to be done for the approval of the Peace Treaty. And for my dear brother, Kira will be busy in assisting Lacus in rebuilding PLANTs and as Head of her Elite Security. His hands are full of responsibilities as long as the Peace Treaty between the nations is not yet approved. I know Kira is a worry-wart when it comes to me so I will make sure to call him every now and then or send some email to lessen his worries. Knowing that I update him with my daily activities once in a while, he will not have the urge to visit me here," Cagalli explained.

The four of them were silent for a while, contemplating on what was the right course of action. Myrna and the young man beside the princess were silent for a while, and then sighed in defeat and support. Cagalli smiled gratefully at them. Now that the three of them were in agreement, they were waiting for Kisaka to decide the final verdict.

Before Kisaka informed them of his decision, he asked one follow-up question to his princess. "How about Athrun Zala, will you not inform him of your condition?"

There was a moment of silence. Only the strong pitter-patter of raindrops outside could be heard.

Finally, Cagalli answered, "He doesn't need to know. If Kira, who is my only brother, wasn't informed, then Athrun, who is just a friend, doesn't need to know, too."

Kisaka stared at Cagalli's determined amber orbs and finally sighed in defeat. He promised the former Chief Representative Uzumi Nara Athha that he would take good care of his only daughter. With that promise, he would remain loyal to Princess Cagalli Yula Athha of Orb before anything else. And whatever decision she would make, he will support her always.

Cagalli smiled brightly at her ever loyal bodyguard and the other two occupants of the room. As long as these three people will continue to support her, she could manage and endure this crucial moment of her life.

"Thank you, all of you!"

"Now what will be our next plan, Cagalli?" Kisaka asked his charge.

"We wait."

"Wait?" asked Myrna.

"Yes, we wait. I think we prepared enough for whatever happens to me. Only selected people were informed of my condition. So far, my weekly treatment is alright, despite of my unhealthy appearance. The medical team who will be helping me if worse comes to worst are on standby and a phone call away. I'm ahead of my paperwork, so it will be the least of my problems. I prepared weekly programmed emails for Kira and Lacus which will be sent as scheduled. Kisaka is in charge of the media and security in case a leakage about my condition will leak out. Myrna is helping me with my needs and..." Cagalli trailed off.

"And...?" Kisaka repeated.

Cagalli sighed, "And...and if ever...if ever something will happen during my treatment...and...and I will not survive it...I had prepared my Last Will and Testament with my lawyer two months ago and pre-recorded 5 videos which will be given and shown respectively to Kira, Lacus, my selected family and friends, the Orb Council and the citizens of Orb, and to...Athrun," she informed the three occupants softly.

Myrna gasped in distress as she shook her head from side to side in denial. Tears of sadness flowed down her chubby and wrinkled cheeks.

The young man beside Cagalli stiffened and curled his fists in helplessness. He averted his eyes to the opposite side to calm his raging emotions.

"Cagalli!" Kisaka was shocked after hearing this revelation. It was as if the headstrong Goddess of Victory was saying her final goodbye at them. He never thought that she prepared everything as if she will not survive this ordeal.

"What is the meaning of this? Are you out of your mind? You will survive this, so you don't need to tell us these reminders like it's your dying wish! You will make it. You have 20% chances of surviving this. The 20% is enough for you to survive because you are Cagalli Yula Athha, the Goddess of Victory who endured two Bloody Valentine Wars and remained standing."

"Kisaka! Will you please relax? Geez! Even before the Second Bloody Valentine War ended, I planned to prepare these stuffs just in case, take note, just in case something might happen to me. It is no big deal. And even if I have only 20% chances of surviving, 20 is better than zero. And I promise I will make it." Cagalli grinned at them in confidence.

Kisaka and Myrna shook their head in exasperation. Cagalli and her antics. The young man remained motionless and quiet beside the Princess of Orb. He silently vowed that he will do his best in helping the headstrong yet fragile Princess of Orb. He had so much to thank for. She helped him to slowly heal his wounds from the tragic memory of his past. She reached out and helped him to move on and to look forward for the future.

"Now that we have established everything, let us have an early dinner. I'm hungry! I think I can consume two servings of food in ten minutes," Cagalli chirped happily.

Kisaka and Myrna chuckled at their cute and child-like charge, while the young man shook his head from side to side in mock irritation.

"Come on, let's go! I'm scheduled for treatment at 7 o'clock with Dr. Akita and he required me to eat a lot for―gasp―"

"Cagalli! Are you alright?" asked Kisaka as they approached the wobbling pale young woman.

The young man behind Cagalli immediately held her arms to assist her and prevent her from falling.

Cagalli shakily rubbed her forehead while she laughed weakly, trying to stand straight, "I-I'm fine. I'm fine. I got dizzy for a moment. But I'm alright now, I can walk on my own. No need to worry."

"Are you sure, dear?" asked Myrna, worry carved on her face.

"I'm fine really. See? I can stand on my own now. Come on, let's have dinner!"

Before she could open her bedroom door, Cagalli gasped in pain, holding her stomach tightly. Before she collapsed on the cold wooden floor, the young man standing behind her immediately reacted, and caught her in his strong arms.



Myrna was crying beside her princess, holding her left hand in support. Kisaka went out to prepare their vehicle while calling the doctors that they are on their way.

Cagalli kept on wailing in pain as she held her stomach. She was coughing and gasping for air.

"I-It...h-hurts...h-hurts. Sh-shi―gasp―" Cagalli cried harder.

Before she lost consciousness, Cagalli gasped audibly and a trickle of blood flowed out from her parted pale lips as she slumped heavily on the young man's chest.

Ruby-colored orbs widened in fear as he stared at the limp figure on his arms. He screamed the first two words that came from his mouth since the four occupants of the room started their meeting.



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