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Chapter Seven: Confidential Instances


Orb Union: Athha Estate


Pause. Rewind―STOP. Play again.

They were arguing. They had an understanding. They had calmed down. He said something annoying. She got defensive. She ranted and raved to her heart's content. He kissed her―hard―and that shut her up.

'And what an effective way to shut me up,' Cagalli thought wryly, her mind was a little bit hazy and preoccupied with something more―mind-blowing.

If someone saw them right now, a pandemonium would have happened.

After the resounding click of the double doors, Shinn moved like a soldier with a mission. He crossed the room in quick strides and blindly maneuvered his way on the nearest surface that he could find. Cagalli had her arms and legs wrapped around his upper body. When his knees touched something firm, Shinn lowered his body on it, with Cagalli lying under his taller frame. He was on top of her, his narrow hips cradled between her toned legs. From the time they entered the chamber until they reached the settee, their lips remained glued and connected, kissing with abandon.

Cagalli was quite aggressive, and Shinn was just as eager as her, returning her aggressiveness two-fold. Without breaking their lip-lock, her wandering hands reached his front, unfastening the buttons of his hooded cardigan, and then clumsily removed it from his body. Her hands had somehow slipped under his shirt and were now resting against the rippling muscles of his back.

Shinn released her lips from his, moving his mouth down to her neck, peppering its smoothness with kisses. While his mouth was attached to her slender neck, his hands unfastened her navy representative uniform, removing them from her body along with her silver closed heels. Cagalli was left only with her navy sleeveless top and the matching nude underwear set on her body.

Eager to be out of whatever excess clothing on them, they temporarily moved apart from each other. Shinn removed almost all of his clothing and shoes hastily with the help of Cagalli, until the only remaining article on him were his black boxer briefs and socks.

Discarding his last sock, Shinn seized Cagalli by the waist with her arms and legs wrapped around him, moving them on her massive bed. When Shinn sat near the edge, the two resumed their passionate lip-lock. Cagalli sat comfortably on his lap, right on top of his growing arousal.

Shinn rested one of his hands dangerously on her bare inner thigh, while the other slithered underneath her sleeveless top, caressing and teasing the waistband of her low-rise panties. Cagalli pushed him from her, so that she could grab the edge of her top and pull it over her head. Without the covering that hindered him from his prize, Shinn skimmed his hands against her back, until they reached the clasps of her brassiere. Shinn busied himself removing the barrier between his chest and her soft twin mounds, bouncing softly as the fabric finally released them.

Cagalli showered his jaw and neck with kisses, tempting him more and more. They captured each other's lips again in a lustful kiss, heightening their passionate frenzy. It was torture and bliss for Shinn, his hardened member was aching with need for release. Cagalli broke their heated kiss with a gasp, when he started rubbing slowly his covered hardness against her wet covered core. Cagalli moaned in delight at the wonderful sensation. He pulled her closer to his body, feeling each other's warmth.

Shinn pressed their lips together for another hungry kiss, his tongue darted out, lightly licking and enticing those delicious pair of softness to open wider for him. He made sweet love to her mouth, while his hardness grounded even faster into her wet covered core. He could feel her panties dampen even more through his boxers. They released lustful groans in between kisses, as her heated core grounded against his trapped hardness.

Shinn removed his lips from her and grunted in pure pleasure, his impending release was building to an uncontrollable state. He bit her right shoulder, and then peppered her neck and chest with nips and kisses.

Cagalli raked her hands through his raven hair, when he moved from her chest to one perky breast and covered a hardened peach peak with his mouth, sucking and licking it like a tasty treat. Releasing the peach tip with a pop, Shinn moved his face higher, until his mouth was barely a breath away from hers.

Cagalli was delirious. She could feel her release building inside her. Her cheeks were flushed as she gasped for more. Cagalli pulled him tighter against her, riding his very hard cock with eagerness and enthusiasm. She was breathing heavily, biting her lower lips to keep herself from screaming wantonly to the heavens.

"Fas―ter," Cagalli whimpered against his lips, holding his neck for dear life as she rubbed against him vigorously.

Shinn responded with as much enthusiasm, guiding her heated core against his. He grunted, determined for their powerful and fulfilling release. The only sound in the room was her panting breath mixed with his. Their tongues battled with increasing urgency. Their flushed and sweat covered bodies slapped together with every movement. Shinn was almost there and he needed her intoxicating release to push his own completion. He slid his hand towards her sacred core and moved her damp panties to the side, stroking teasingly her nub, before pinching it to stimulate her release.

And release she did.

"Sweet Haumea!" Cagalli gasped out loud, tightening her hold around his neck. She shuddered in pleasure, her aching core contracting rhythmically with her orgasm. Her essence flowed abundantly, some were leaking from her soaked panties.

Shinn grunted with his own mind-blowing release, still rubbing his twitching member into her heat. He had traces of her essence on his hand. His heart was pounding in his chest, as she panted softly into his ear. He continued his rocking motion for a few more times, until his manhood slowly softened to its previous state.

A minute or two passed where neither of them moved, save for the rise and fall of their chest, breathing in and out to collect themselves.

"Cagalli," Shinn whispered to the woman sitting on top of him, rubbing his hand against her back, while the other one was on her hip. "Cagalli," he whispered again, shaking her still form.

Shinn moved his head from her neck, smoothing her long messy hair. "Cagalli? Are you still awake?" Shinn called her attention again. The response that he got from her was a very soft snore near his ear.

The raven-haired man chuckled softly. Shinn held her, as he stood-up and carried his precious cargo to the side of her bed. He tucked her half-naked form under the sheets.

Shinn went inside her large bathroom, wiping away the remnants of his satisfaction on his boxers. Fifteen minutes after, Shinn slid down beside the slumbering blonde princess.

"Sleep. You need it," he whispered above her. Shinn kissed her head, and then surrendered to his own sleepiness and tiredness..


Sun rays fleeted between the window and sliding glass drapes. Father sun happily shined its early brightness among the citizens of Orb. Inside the chamber of the mistress of the estate, two figures could be seen lying on a king-sized bed. The taller and firmer figure between the two was on his back. His right arm pillowed his raven head, while his left rested on his bare and toned abdomen. The only part of his body that was covered by the sheets was the portion below his navel up to his shin, leaving his feet uncovered. The raven-haired man was unmoving beside his sleeping companion.

Twenty minutes later, the slumbering form of the second figure moved groggily as her amber orbs fluttered, chasing away her sleepiness. When she fully opened her glassy eyes, her gaze automatically shifted towards her alarm clock on her bedside table.

'Hmm...7:28―yawn...?' Cagalli thought sleepily.

Cagalli was lying face down on the left side of her large bed. Since Cagalli was positioned in a way that she was facing her sliding glass door and windows, the amber-eyed princess was unaware of what was happening behind her.

The blonde princess sat up from her lying position, pushing her body away from her bed. Due to that action, the sheet covering her body softly slid down, until it rested on her waist. Cagalli was about to remove her feet away from the comfort of her sheets, when she shivered unconsciously. Cagalli frowned when she felt her chest tightened against the coldness of the air. She shifted her gaze to her chest, and then squeaked in surprise. She saw her bare chest and her peach-tipped nipples hardened reactively to the cold air.

"What a very nice way to wake-up. Are your nipples that excited to greet me this early? I feel honored, Lady Athha," a masculine voice drawled behind her, his amusement was very obvious to Cagalli.

Cagalli gasped in mortification, roughly pulling the sheet to cover her bare chest. She swiveled and faced the half-naked man sitting upright beside her.

"Don't tell me you're shy now because as far as I remember, you were moaning my name quite loudly last night. Good thing your late Grandfather Athha had built this estate with thick walls, or else, innocent little Ade would be scared and scarred for life," Shinn continued his teasing. His mirth was evident in his eyes.

Cagalli reddened considerably. Her embarrassment flaring as she scowled angrily at the smirking ruby-eyed man.

"You arrogant jackass of a BRAT!" Cagalli screeched, holding clumsily the sheet to her chest with her left hand, while her right pummeled him with the nearest pillow that she could reach.

Shinn was laughing uncontrollably, shielding his body from her incessant beating and intent to cause him bodily harm. Of course, he was not affected at all.

When Cagalli got tired of her furious bashing, she threw away the pillow she was holding, and then reached for his left ear.

"Ow! My ear!" Shinn exclaimed in pain, but Cagalli ignored him and continued her torture.

"Shinn Asuka! Open your ears and listen to me carefully," Cagalli pulled his ear towards her, "You will not tell one soul on what had transpired between us last night, and that includes your sister Mayu-chan's grave―may her young soul rest in peace. You keep your mouth shut or else...or else―"

"What? You'll spank me―" Shinn sniggered slyly, and then grimaced in pain when Cagalli pulled his ear harder, "―SHIT! Athha, that hurts!"

"Shut up!" Cagalli interrupted him in mortification, "Just don't say anything about what happened last night, even though we didn't go all the way―That's an order! You got it?!" She ended demandingly, tugging his ear for the last time, before releasing it.

Shinn massaged his ear to sooth it, scowling at the blonde woman beside him. "You don't have to remind me, Lady Athha. I don't want others to know about what happened, too."

"Wha―? Why?!" Cagalli sputtered, before she could stop herself from reacting. Even though she said that she did not want for other people to know, she was quite insulted that Shinn was also adamant in keeping their secret.

"People will make fun of me for doing those things with you," the raven-haired answered nonchalantly, as if his answer was obvious and self-explanatory.

"What are you implying, brat?!"

Shinn scoffed in annoyance, though his eyes were laughing mischievously at her flushed face. "First of all, you are older than me by two years―that's corrupting a minor by the way. Lastly, others might question my masculinity for finding release with someone who is manlier than me."

"WHY YOU...!"

With that battle cry, Cagalli launched another beating at Shinn. She took the biggest pillow that she could carry in one hand, and pummeled him with it. The two playfully attacked each other, trying to beat and best the other. A few minutes of laughing and insulting, Shinn and Cagalli slowed down. They laid their backs side by side on the bed. The rising and falling of their chest were very noticeable.

They were silent for a while, until Cagalli talked.

"Thank you," Cagalli said out of nowhere.

Shinn faced her and quirked an eyebrow.

"Thank you for staying with me and supporting me all throughout these years," Cagalli explained more, "I would not have lasted these past four years, if not for your presence." Cagalli smiled with appreciation at him.

Shinn took the hand that was not holding the sheet and said, "I aim to please, Lady Athha," Shinn kissed her knuckles, "...in more pleasurable ways than one."

Cagalli blushed, and then growled at his impudence. "CHEEKY BASTARD!" Cagalli exclaimed, roughly shoving her knuckles that were still pressed against his lips, causing Shinn to yelp in discomfort.

Shinn laughed

"Wait 'til I tell Lunamaria―"

Shinn halted his laughing. "Athha! Don't you dare," he threatened with narrowed eyes.

"And what if I do dare, Shinnie-kun?" Cagalli asked sweetly, batting her eyes in mock innocence.

With that statement, the battle of pillows and sheets commenced again. Since Shinn was stronger, he was able to overpower Cagalli. After their childish behavior, they stayed lying down on their backs, basking in the comfort of their silence.

"Hey, Shinn." Cagalli faced the younger man beside her and asked, "This is random and I'm curious. Let's be honest here. You have to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. Uhmm..." Cagalli hesitated for a bit, "Did you ever feel anything special for me, other than dislike and friendship for these past years?"

"Honestly?" Shinn started, staring intently at her amber eyes, "I feel something special for you. You are one of the most important people in my life now, aside from Ade. I can firmly say that I will sacrifice my life for you in a heartbeat. No ifs and no buts. Since you accepted me in your life and changed me for the better, I promised myself that my loyalty will be forever yours and no one else. Do I love you? Yes. I love you, Lady Athha...without a doubt―"

Cagalli's breath hitched. His answer was unexpected. Her heart was pounding painfully inside her chest. It was like everything around her froze with that one statement.

"―but..." Shinn trailed off.


"...I am not in love with you."

Cagalli exhaled with a big whoosh, laughing loudly in great relief.

"Whew! Perfect answer, Shinnie-kun. Absolutely perfect! You scared me there, you idiot!" Cagalli slapped his shoulder with more force.

Shinn stared at her in amusement, eyebrows raised at her odd behavior.

"I have been honest," Shinn started to speak, "So now, let me tell you something important that you should know," he said.

Cagalli gave her full attention, waiting for him to tell her anything.

Shinn stared seriously at her and said, "Lady Athha, cover up. I can see your breast and peachy nipples happily pointing at me."

The blonde princess gaped at him in astonishment and mortification.


Later on, the two talked about random things, while lying side by side. They were teasing and laughing, until Cagalli's alarm chimed, telling them that it was 8 o'clock in the morning already. The two lazily moved off the bed and picked their discarded clothes on the floor. Shinn wore back his wrinkled shirt, black jeans, and shoes, but opted to hand carry his gray button-up hoodie and socks. He tried to straighten his disheveled appearance, but it was futile. Since Cagalli would be taking a shower in a while, she wrapped her bed duvet around her and held it on her chest to cover her semi-nakedness.

Cagalli walked Shinn to the door. Shinn went out and then faced her. Cagalli did not step out, but waited for him to say something.

"See you later, Lady Athha," Shinn said, grinning at her.

"Yes, see you later," Cagalli replied. She hugged him for a brief moment, before releasing him, "Thank you, Shinn," she kissed him on his cheek, and then stared at him in gratitude, "Thank you for last night and this morning. I really appreciate it. I'm not that stressed anymore."

Shinn ruffled her bed hair, and then winked at her. "I aim to please, my lady," he responded playfully.

Cagalli laughed, pushing him to go or he would be late. Shinn waved lazily at her, before walking out of the Royal Suite. Cagalli chuckled to herself, shaking her head. The amber-eyed princess went back inside her chamber, closing her bedroom door with a click.

Cagalli and Shinn might think that this morning was wonderful, and that their unplanned rendezvous would be their own dirty little secret.

Unfortunately for them, they were not alone. There was an unknown third party that saw their interaction, and misunderstood what transpired between the blonde princess and her raven-haired bodyguard.

If they were more attentive to their surroundings, they would have seen the pair of wide eyes peeking between the slightly opened Prince Chamber doors, and heard the soft gasp of disbelief from their silent spectator.



Orb Union: Safira Isle

"Cagalli, please open the door! How will you enjoy your post-birthday weekend if you refuse to change your clothes?" Lacus persuaded, pleading for the stubborn blonde princess to come out and try what they had bought for her.

All of them, except Cagalli, had changed already into their beach attire. The men, the Hawke sisters, and Ade were enjoying the warm heat of the sun and fresh summer breeze. Even Murrue, Mu, and Captain Andrew were already outside, lying down on some beach recliners, basking on the relaxing atmosphere.

Lacus was wearing a white cut-out monokini swimsuit, exposing her slim waist. The upper portion of the one piece was halter style in thin straps. Wrapped around her body and styled like a short strapless dress was a blue and floral chiffon sarong to cover her up. Her long pink hair was styled into a loose and low side-bun with two yellow orchids attached on it.

"NO WAY!" Cagalli exclaimed from the other side of the room, her voice was muffled by the thick bathroom door. "I REFUSE DAMN IT!"

Shiho sneered in front of the closed door, both hands on her waist. She had been standing outside the bathroom with Lacus and Miriallia for 25 minutes, waiting for Cagalli to change into her swimming attire. They were pleading for Cagalli to try the swimsuit that they chose for her or in the case of Shiho, demanding and threatening her to change in it.

"CAGALLI!" Shiho growled impatiently, "OPEN THE BLASTED DOOR RIGHT NOW AND CHANGE ALREADY! I refuse to endure wearing this infernal pieces of scrap they call swimsuit alone! If I have to wear this for five long hours, might as well WE endure this agonizing experience TOGETHER!"

Hands still on her waist, Shiho pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes in distaste on her own outfit. It was chosen by Lacus and Miriallia. Underneath her white hoodie beach cover-up was a navy blue two-piece halter swimsuit, with a wide top strap tied around her neck and a boy-shorts bottom with a white belt around it. She tied her long and straight brown hair together in a high ponytail.

"CAGALLI!" Shiho exclaimed again, "CHANGE NOW!"

"NO!" Cagalli shouted back in indignation.

It was already the third week of May. Kira and Cagalli had celebrated their birthday with their close friends. Since their birthday landed on a weekday, they opted to have a private dinner in an exclusive restaurant with selected friends. A week before their birthday, the Orb Council suggested for a birthday ball, but Cagalli refused because they were already busy in preparing for the Peace Treaty Celebration, and a birthday ball would be just an added work for them.

Because of that simple birthday dinner, Lacus decided to surprise them with a post-birthday weekend vacation at the beach. She booked a two days and one night trip in an exclusive mini beach island. Lacus had to rent the whole island for their usage. Inclusive in the beach island package were: a fairly large rest house; unlimited food and drinks; on-call attendants and beach guides to help them; and other beach facilities for recreation.

By Saturday morning, the eleven young adults, plus little Ade, Murrue, Mu, Captain Andrew, and Piggie boarded Lucrezia, a yacht owned by the Royal Family of Orb. At 8:30 in the morning, the group arrived at Safira Isle, and then settled their belongings in their assigned rooms.

After touring the rest house and some parts of the beach, they decided to go out and enjoy the white sand and blue water. Most of them were already outside, except for some who were detained inside due to Cagalli's stubbornness.

While Lacus and Shiho were taking turns in forcing Cagalli to open the door, Miriallia was leaning her back against the wall beside the door, smirking in amusement at her three friends. She was wearing a two-piece turquoise-colored bandeau bikini, with halter ties attached together at the center of her top. To cover her up, she wore a white and sheer button-up shirt with long sleeves.

Miriallia was about to help her two friends when the bedroom door opened and Ade's head appeared, peeking inside. The little prince beamed happily when he saw her three aunts. He opened the door wider so that he could get in, showing Murrue standing behind him in an orange sleeveless and knee-length summer dress.

Ade ran and approached each of her aunts to hug them.

"Murrue, what are you two doing here?" Miriallia inquired after hugging Ade, who went to Lacus and Shiho to hug them, too.

Murrue smiled mischievously at them and said, "I thought you need more reinforcement to convince our stubborn princess. So I brought the only weapon that can persuade her to do anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything and everything."

The three women turned their heads at the grinning dark blonde-haired little prince standing before them. He was wearing a yellow sleeveless hoodie top with a big anchor design at the center of it, and a dark navy blue and yellow shorts for his bottom. Situated on his nose was a pair of white kid's sunglasses. Around his neck was a surfer beaded necklace given to him by his Uncle Dearka.

"Well..." Shiho stared at the little boy in front of her, "What are you waiting for, little munchkin? Use your cuteness and super adorable powers to convince your hard-headed mommy, so that we can go out of this room already."

Ade beamed, before knocking on the door that separated his mother from them.

"Mommy?" Ade called her mother from the door.


"Mommy!" Ade called once again, this time a little bit louder.

"Baby...?" Cagalli replied cautiously. "What are you doing in here? I thought you were with your Papa Shinn and Uncle Kira?"

"I was waiting for you. You promised that you will help me build a sand castle, but you did not come out. Auntie Pinky said that you have to change into an ap-apro... apro-pit... apropit clothes for beach so that you will not get dirty," Ade answered innocently.

"Appropriate clothes, sweetie, not apropit," Lacus gently corrected the little boy.

Ade nodded his head. "Yes, apropit."

Murrue smiled at the young boy, while Shiho and Miriallia softly giggled at his cuteness, trying to pronounce a difficult word for his age.

"Mommy?" Ade called again when Cagalli remained silent at the other side of the door. "Can we play now? I will wait for you to change into these pretty clothes that Auntie Pinky bought for you."

"Alright, baby boy. We will play now, but I will never change my clothes, so step back so that I can open the door," Cagalli answered.

Ade frowned at his mother's answer. He turned his head at the three women behind him, and then turned back his gaze on the door. "Why?" Ade asked in confusion.

"What is it baby?" Cagalli asked again from the other side.

"Why will you not change your clothes? Did you not like what Auntie Pinky and Auntie Mir bought for you?" Ade asked persistently.

"Baby, I am not comfortable wearing them," Cagalli's muffled answer.

"But WHY?!" Ade whined in confusion.

"Baby, I just don't like the clothes that they bought for me―"

"But I chose them for you! I helped Auntie Pinky and Auntie Mir in choosing the colors. Didn't you like what I chose for you?" Ade continued his questions, pouting in front of the door, arms crossed petulantly against his chest.


"Did you not like what I chose for you, mommy? I thought you will like them. I thought you will be happy," Ade said almost pitifully. They could now hear a trace of disappointment on his voice.

Cagalli remained silent at the other side of the door.

Behind the sulking little prince, the four women were hiding their grins behind their hands. At this moment, they were very sure that Cagalli would be surrendering anytime soon. If there was anyone that could force Cagalli into submission, it would be her precious son. A few seconds later, they heard Cagalli unlocked the door, and then opened it enough for her arm to come out, silently telling them to place her beach attire on her hand.

Shiho and Miriallia silently gave each other a high-five, while Lacus place the paper bag containing the beach clothes on Cagalli's outstretched hand. When the blonde princess closed the door, the three younger women were squealing silently in triumph, while Ade smirked at Murrue with his thumbs both up.


"This place is paradise!" Dearka exclaimed in delight, surveying the island. He was smiling widely, with his hands over his waist as he breathed in the calming effect of the sea breeze.

Dearka was topless, exposing his muscular and tanned upper body. He was wearing striped white and pink board shorts, with a single violet stripe design. He had his sunglasses on his head, and his surfer beaded necklace around his neck.

"Will you shut up, Elsman," Yzak snapped, who was resting on a beach recliner behind the smiling blonde loon he called his 'best friend'. "You have enough time to savor this place, so close your big mouth and move away from here. Better yet, move away from ME."

"Yzak, my grumpy man! Didn't I tell you to leave your negative vibes at the Athha Estate?" Dearka looked behind him and chastised the platinum-haired man like he was a bratty child. "Today is Kira and Princess Cagalli's post birthday celebration and you are grumbling like a spoilsport. This day is for fun and relaxation. Chillax and live a little, Joule!"

"How will I relax if you keep spouting nonsense?" Yzak replied sarcastically.

Yzak was wearing a striped turquoise and navy blue board shorts with a yellow stripe design in it. He was also topless, exposing his slightly muscular pale upper body. He tied his platinum hair into a low ponytail to keep it away from his face.

Kira sighed at the arguing duo. "When will the two of you stop? You guys are giving me a headache," he muttered to himself, kneading his forehead in exasperation.

Kira was sitting on another beach recliner beside Yzak. The amethyst-eyed Ultimate Coordinator was wearing a plain sky-blue drawstring board shorts. He was also topless, showing his slightly tanned chest and back. He was lean and a little bit muscular than Yzak, but far from Dearka's body structure. His sunglasses were behind him and around his nape.

The three continued their playful banter and conversation, while waiting for their other friends. Not far from them, Mu and Captain Andrew were resting on their own recliners, under another wooden canopy. Piggie was resting near them. Each beach wooden canopy had three recliners and a small table. All in all, there were seven wooden canopies within the area.

"Hey, guys!" Athrun greeted when he approached his friends.

The emerald-eyed Zala was wearing a black beach board shorts with white designs. His fair upper torso was bare for everyone to see, showing his lean and muscular physique. He had a brown straw fedora hat on his head. Tied around his left ankle was a surfer beaded anklet.

Attached beside Athrun was Meyrin, her arms looped around his left arm. Behind them was Lunamaria, wearing a two-piece, pink and black, polka-dots design bikini. Her bikini top was halter-style, with a metal ring to hold the middle part of the top. Her tie-style bikini bottom had metal rings, too. She wore a striped black and white, tight, zip-up jacket to cover her top area, leaving her bottom bikini exposed.

Athrun stood in front of his friends, while Meyrin and Lunamaria sat side by side on the third recliner beside Kira. "Where are the others?" Athrun asked them.

"Do you really have to ask?" Dearka replied jokingly. "Mir, Lacus, and Shiho are busy forcing Cagalli to wear her swimsuit. They had been doing it for the past 20 minutes. And we know how stubborn Cagalli is when it comes to wearing something feminine, especially something feminine and sexy. Good luck to them!"

The four men laughed heartily as they remembered Cagalli's hard-headedness. Meyrin and Lunamaria stared at each other, and then shrugged their shoulders, staring back at their laughing friends.

Meyrin was wearing a two-piece, red and white, polka-dots design bikini. Her bikini top was halter-style, with thin straps wrapped around her neck. There was a ribbon on the middle part of the top, as well as on both sides of the bikini bottom to hold them together. She wore a sleeveless wrap cover-up with red, pink, and white circle designs to cover her swimwear. She had a cream-colored, straw, beach hat on her head.

After laughing, Athrun looked around him, and then asked his friends. "How about Shinn and Ade, where are they?"

"Mir called Shinn a while ago. She said they need his assistance about something. We don't know what it is about," Dearka supplied.

"Ade's with Murrue," Kira answered next, sniggering, "They went inside to help the girls convince Cagalli to change. Murrue thought that Ade has a greater chance in persuading Cagalli to change into her swimming clothes than the girls."

"If that is the case, then I'm sure anytime now they will be on their way here. Ade is Cagalli's number one weakness. Heck! I think most of us are wrapped around Ade's little fingers. Yzak here―" Athrun pointed at the scowling platinum-haired, his emerald eyes were shining teasingly, "―can attest to that. Right, Yzak Joule? All he needs to do is show his palm and you give him a gilla coin right away."


This time, Meyrin and Lunamaria joined the laughter as the boys made fun of Yzak.

They were about to continue their conversation, when they were interrupted by a childish voice, shouting from the distance.


The six of them turned their heads and saw little Ade running towards them, holding something green that resembles a shirt. Not far behind him, they could see Murrue, Lacus, Miriallia, and Shiho walking leisurely after him.

"Hello everybody!" Ade exclaimed happily, leaning his side against Kira.

"Where's your mother, Ade?" Kira asked his little nephew, encircling his arms around his little body.

"Mommy is with Papa Shinn," Ade chirped.

"Huh?" Athrun, Dearka, and Kira said at the same time, while Yzak raised an eyebrow.

"I said Mom―" Before Ade could repeat his answer he was interrupted by the arrival of the other girls. Murrue waved goodbye and left to proceed to where Mu and Captain Andrew was resting.

"Hello, gentlemen," Miriallia greeted them. She went beside Dearka, wrapping an arm around his waist. Dearka kissed her head as he put his arm on her shoulder.

"Hello, ladies. What took you so long and where's the stubborn princess?" Dearka asked them.

"She's on her way," Shiho answered vaguely, while she sat beside Yzak's lying form.

"What do you mean?" Kira asked, fishing for more explanation.

Lacus sat beside Kira, patting his arm and said, "Just wait and see, Kira."

"And how about Shinn?" Athrun inquired, "I thought he was with you. Where is he now?"

"Papa Shinn is with mommy, Uncle Athrun!" Ade informed him excitedly, giggling behind his hands.

The men was about to ask the ladies more questions, when they heard a loud shrilling voice from the distance.


All of them swiveled their heads towards a very comical sight, or in the case of Athrun, Lunamaria, and Kira, a very upsetting sight. Lacus, Miriallia, and Shiho laughed out loud, when they saw Shinn approaching them with a smug look on his face.

The same with the other men, Shinn forewent his shirt and wore only his beach board shorts, showing his lean and firm physique. The upper part of the shorts was white, and the rest was dominated by red and some black designs. The women admired his athletic body, as his muscles flexed while carrying Cagalli.

The ruby-eyed man was holding a struggling upside down Cagalli over his shoulder. From their view, they could only see Cagalli's long legs and perky heart-shaped butt in the air, clad in a turquoise-colored bikini bottom. Shinn had wrapped his arms around her thighs to secure her properly.

"ASUKA! PUT ME DOWN YOU CAVE MAN!" Cagalli screamed with all her might, thumping Shinn's back with her fists in both anger and embarrassment.

"Will you behave, Lady Athha? I might release you accidentally with all your struggling," Shinn calmly informed her. Unbeknownst to Cagalli, Shinn was smirking behind her back in amusement.

"DON"T YOU DARE RELEASE ME SHINN ASUKA!" Cagalli threatened him, while still struggling on his back.

"Will you please decide what is it that you really want, Lady Athha? First, you told me to release you, and now, you don't want me to release you? You are confusing me, my lady," Shinn stated slowly.

Cagalli punched his back. "SHINN! DAMN IT!" She screamed at him for the last time, drooping tiredly. She got tired of screaming and moving in her upside down state.

Athrun did not know if he should be extremely angry at Shinn, or overwhelmed with what Cagalli was wearing. Athrun could feel his high-blood pressure increase, when he saw Shinn Asuka's malicious hands stretched all over Cagalli's smooth skin, strategically placed on her shapely thighs. He was trying to conceal the obvious grinding of his teeth and his rigid and tense stance.

'Fucker...' Athrun muttered inside his head, his eyes slightly narrowed into slits towards the younger Coordinator.

But then, Athrun's murderous train of thought halted when Shinn lowered Cagalli on the ground, and the aforementioned woman faced them in all of her two-piece glory. There was no other woman who could affect him this much. He was breathless. Athrun Zala was a total goner. No one and nothing could stop him from falling in love with this beautiful woman in front of him all over again.

The boyish Princess of Orb was wearing a two-piece bandeau bikini top and hipkini bottom. It was a front closure bandeau top in tie-dye colors of black, red, green, orange, and blue. A bow was tied on the front to hold the bandeau together, emphasizing the top of her breasts and cleavage. Her bottom was a turquoise-colored low-rise hipkini. The hipkini had loops on each side to anchor her bikini bottom on her hips, displaying her hipbones and her flat and very sexy abdomen. Cagalli's long blonde hair was free and messy, but it only added to her allure.

'Damn...' Athrun drawled lasciviously in his mind, slowly admiring her tempting body from top to bottom.

"WHAT is happening?!" Kira exclaimed heatedly, rousing Athrun from his perverted thoughts. "And what are you wearing, Cagalli Yula Athha?!"

Cagalli put her hands on her waist, tapping her foot on the sand impatiently. "Blame your girlfriends!" She snapped. "They forced me into wearing this―THIS shameful and scandalous piece of scrap! I was able to refuse them, but nooo―they had to use my baby boy on me and I had no choice but to concede reluctantly. I can't disappoint my adorable baby!" Cagalli almost whined in defeat.

Lacus, Miriallia, and Shiho laughed at her triumphantly.

Cagalli scowled at them. She stared expectantly at her female friends and asked, "Well? Where's my cover-up?"

Shiho pointed at little Ade. Cagalli looked at his son, who was leaning against Kira and said, "Baby?"

Ade stared at Shiho, and then at Miriallia, and lastly at Lacus, who nodded at him. The little prince handed the green clothing that he was holding to his mother.

"Thank you, baby." Cagalli smiled at him, before wearing her cover-up. It was a very loose green t-shirt. She draped one sleeve on her shoulder, while the other was loosely hanging on her arm, exposing her bare left shoulder and the top of her breast.

Lacus stood up and clap her hands to get their attention. "Now that everyone is ready, let us unwind and enjoy our weekend," the pink-haired chairwoman announced cheerfully.

"WAIT!" Little Ade yelled, startling them.

The little prince scampered towards his mother, staring up at her with his round dark green eyes. "Mommy," Ade tugged her cover-up, "You shouted a bad word a while ago. Give me one gilla coin please," he asked cutely, showing his palm at her.

Everyone chuckled at the persistent little boy. No bad word could pass through little Ade's hearing range and be forgotten.

Yzak only smirked at the dumbfounded Princess of Orb.


After lunch, everyone stayed at the beach. They were either relaxing or enjoying their afternoon with their own activities. Yzak was reading a book. Dearka and Lunamaria were playing Frisbee against Shinn and Shiho. Miriallia was busy taking stolen snapshots of her friends and the scenery. Meyrin was lying face down on a beach mat, taking a nap and sunbathing at the same time. Lacus was with Murrue and Captain Andrew, enjoying some refreshments. Mu saw a hammock tied between two trees and decided to sleep there, Piggie was resting near him. Kira and Cagalli were playing kiddie dodge ball using a beach ball with little Ade as their 'it'. Athrun went surfing a little bit far from them, wherein the waves were much larger to surf.

Ade was laughing too much as he ran from one side to the other, avoiding the beach ball that was thrown by Kira and Cagalli.

"Catch!" Kira yelled at Cagalli, as he threw the ball over their heads. Cagalli caught it, while Ade ran to Kira's side, jumping and waving his hands at his mother.

For a few minutes, the game continued with this kind of pacing. Kira and Cagalli would throw the ball over their heads, giving little Ade a false sense of security that they would not hit him yet. Four more throws when the ball was in Kira's possession again. He had a gleam in his amethyst eyes, staring alternately between Cagalli and little Ade. Kira paused for a few seconds, before throwing it hard towards little Ade. Fortunately, little Ade was an observant and alert kid. He was able to dodge the ball on the last second.

"YAAAY!" Ade was dancing around, doing his adorable version of victory dance. "I WON! I WON!"

Kira grabbed little Ade under his arm and hugged him. "Good job for evading the ball, squirt! I'm proud of you," he told the young prince.

Cagalli approached the two and hugged them both. She kissed little Ade's cheek and said, "Congratulations, baby boy. You're Uncle Kira is right. We are proud of you."

The three had a three-way hug, until Miriallia called them from afar for afternoon snacks.

Kira signaled to Miriallia that they would be on their way. Kira looked at Cagalli and Ade and asked, "Let's go?"

Ade turned his head around, looking for something, and then frowned. "But how about my beach ball?" Ade pouted at them.

The twins turned around and surveyed the area. Cagalli saw something round and blue rolling a few of feet away from them.

"I saw the beach ball. Don't worry I'll get it. Just go back with Ade and I'll follow soon," Cagalli told her brother, pushing him towards the canopies.

"Are you sure?" Kira asked, "You can bring Ade back, while I get it for him."

"It's alright, I can get it. Go back now. Shoo!" Cagalli pushed him again, waving her hands in a swatting manner. "Go! Now!"

"Alright! Alright! You don't have to be pushy," Kira grinned at Cagalli. He stared at the little boy on his arms and said, "Come on, squirt. I can hear your tummy growling in hunger."

"IT'S NOT GROWLING!" Ade announced indignantly.

Kira only laughed in response.

While her brother and her son went back for snacks, Cagalli jogged towards the rolling beach ball. When Cagalli was almost near it, an unexpected strong wind blew the ball faster and farther away from her, carrying it to the sea. The beach ball landed to a much deeper part of the sea. It was swallowed by the strong waves, before it appeared again. Since she promised Ade to get it for him, Cagalli had no choice but to wade through the waves.

The blonde princess took off her green cover-up, revealing again her bikini clad body. She waded and swam through the water, until she reached the floating ball. She had all her attention on the ball that she failed to notice the figure swimming quickly behind her. Smiling in relief, Cagalli grasped the ball in her arms. When she was about to turn around and swim back, an unknown figure appeared out of nowhere in front of her, causing for her to scream in fright.

As she calmed down, Cagalli was able to identify the source of her distress. It was a very wet Athrun Zala with all of his blue and emerald glory.

"SHIT! ATHRUN!" The amber-eyed princess slapped her ex-lover's shoulder in surprise. "You startled me! What are you doing?! You just appeared and popped out unexpectedly. My goodness, hamster-brain!"

Athrun wiped the excess water from his face and laughed at her. "Well..." Athrun drawled, grinning sheepishly, "I was on my way back to the shore when I saw you, so I decided to have a little fun and surprise you."

"Idiot!" Cagalli slapped him again, but this time on his chest. "Do you want me to die of heart attack?!"

Athrun only chuckled in response.

The two of them were now floating on a much deeper part of the sea. Athrun could not even touch his foot on the sand. They were floating farther from the shore due to the strong waves in this part of the beach.

"By the way, what are you doing here?" Cagalli asked him, still holding the beach ball.

"I was surfing, remember? This area has bigger and stronger waves good for surfing. I left my board at the shore―" Athrun pointed to where he left his surfing board, "―before I went back here and decided to scare you a little."

Cagalli huffed. "A little? You scared me a little?! You scared me big time, hamster-brain!"

Athrun chuckled and raised both of his arms in surrender. "Okay! I am sorry!"

Cagalli only pouted, hugging the beach ball to her chest.

The two of them were floating silently. This was the first time, after almost three weeks, since they were together alone. After their passionate incident inside the mini conference room, Cagalli was determined that she would not have any 'alone' time with Athrun―ever. But it seems like the Gods wanted her to suffer and push her towards Athrun at all cost.

"Sooo..." Cagalli trailed off.

"Uhhh..." Athrun said at the same time.

The two were too distracted that they failed to notice the incoming two big waves rolling towards them. Unable to prepare, Athrun and Cagalli were swallowed by it. Seconds later, Athrun appeared from the water. He wiped his face to clear his eyes from the salty water. He swiveled his head from side to side, turning around, looking for his missing blonde ex-lover.

"Cagalli?!" Athrun yelled, wading around. "Hey, Cagalli, where are you?!" He looked left and right. "Cagalli!"


"I'm―cough cough―I'm he―cough―I'm here!" Cagalli appeared behind him with a splash, sputtering and coughing. "Haumea! What was that?!―cough―I wasn't able to prepare!"

Athrun whirled around. He encircled his arms around her body, hugging her in relief and worry. Athrun rested his head on her shoulder, inhaling her sweet and strawberry-scented neck. He tightened his hold on her, wrapping one arm around her waist, while the other was around her shoulders.

"I thought you drowned!" Athrun gasped, before kissing the side of her head.

Unnoticed by Athrun, Cagalli stiffened in his arms. She did not hug him back, nor moved her arms from her sides. Her cheeks were red from coughing and from blushing at Athrun's unexpected gesture.

Cagalli was about to push him away from her, when she felt something wrong―no―not wrong, but something different.

'What was that?' Cagalli thought in confusion. She moved slightly to her left and felt it again. Not yet satisfied and clarified on what she felt a while ago, Cagalli moved again, this time to the right. And there―she felt it against her chest.

'Shit! Is that―' Cagalli gasped in her mind, anxious on what she had discovered.

Mind made up, Cagalli moved closer to her ex-lover, confirming for the last time what she discovered from the start.

Unbeknownst to the blonde princess, when she moved to the left, Athrun had felt and confirmed what was against their chest. He failed to react immediately due to his shock, indecisiveness, and dare he say it―excitement.

Athrun swallowed hard. Their awkward but much welcome predicament had made his mind blank. His senior head up there shut down for a moment, while his junior head down there was slowly working up and becoming excited.

'Oh God!' Athrun thought as he swallowed again hard. His breath hitched every time he breathe in and out, brushing his chest against her soft twin mounds. 'No!' Athrun corrected in his thoughts, 'Not only soft, but also bare. Her soft and bare twin mounds―against his also bare chest. Oh God!'

While Athrun was busy with his realizations, Cagalli was getting nervous and mortified.

'Sweet Haumea! Is that his nipples brushing against my own?' The amber-eyed princess thought hysterically, 'But how come?! I am wearing my bandeau―' Cagalli subtly grazed her fingers to the side of her breast and felt nothing, '―Nothing?! OH MY GOD! NOTHING! I have nothing on my breast!'

Mortified to an extreme level, Cagalli roughly pushed Athrun away from her, forgetting that she had nothing on her to cover her bare breasts.

"ATHRUN!" Cagalli yelped in embarrassment.

In reflex, Athrun looked down and immediately regretted it. Well, he did not really regret it because he was more than delighted and excited on seeing again what were once his. What he regretted was the situation that made it possible for him to see them again. He did not want to embarrass Cagalli further, which could cause an awkward atmosphere between them.

'Zala! Look away!' Athrun coached himself, but his eyes won't move away from the perfect view before him.

Cagalli was breathing heavily. Her uncovered breasts were moving tantalizingly with her heaving chest. For Athrun, they were still the most beautiful pair of breasts that he had ever seen. They were the same round and perky breasts that he loved to fondle, as they made sweet love years ago. Her peach-tipped nipples aroused his memories of seduction with the woman before him, as he licked and sucked those precious pebbles into his mouth. They were the same and at the same time, a little bit different. Her beautiful mounds were much fuller now. The sight before him was too erotic to handle, as beads of glistening water slid down the expanse of her chest.

Cagalli took another deep breath, and then stared at Athrun. Athrun was just floating there. His emerald eyes were darker than ever, staring intently at something. She shivered at his intense look. Cagalli followed his gaze and gasped loudly, appalled at his blatant and perverted behavior. The blonde princess immediately raised her hands to cover her bare breasts from his hungry eyes, crossing her arms against them.


When he heard her scream, Athrun pulled away his eyes instantly, before he totally lost his last semblance of control and pounce on the half-naked woman in front of him. He blushed for getting caught salivating at the sight of her perfect breast. But try as he might, Athrun could not stop his eyes from staring back at Cagalli's erotic picture, cupping her breasts to cover them up.

Cagalli saw his stolen looks. "DUMB ASS! DON'T LOOK!" Cagalli screamed again, turning around, her back now facing him.

Athrun stared at her bare back and sighed. He inhaled slowly, and then exhaled a big whoosh. "I'm sorry, Cagalli. I didn't mean to err―look and disrespect you. I'm sorry," he said sheepishly.

"Didn't mean to..." The blonde princess muttered to herself, not believing one word that he said. "Just help me find my bikini bandeau top!" Cagalli demanded over her shoulder, still covering her breasts with her hands.

"What?" Athrun responded, clueless.

"Help me! Swim around and look for my bikini top! I can't walk around without it!"

"Why?" Athrun asked, confused.

"What 'why'?! What do you want me to do then, walk in there TOPLESS?!" Cagalli shrieked, horrified at that thought.

Athrun raked his hand through his wet locks and look knowingly at Cagalli. "Princess, were you not wearing your green cover-up a while ago? I saw it at the shore when I left my surfing board there."

Cagalli blinked at him, her plump lips parted in an 'oh'.

"Remember now?" Athrun asked teasingly.

Cagalli snapped her mouth shut, and then turned away from him, wading back to the shore. As she reached the sands, she slipped her green cover-up on her body. She stood still for a moment, before facing Athrun and sticking her tongue out at him, and then stomped her way back to their friends.

Athrun blinked at Cagalli's retreating back, until she disappeared. He was standing alone, chest deep in the sea, when he saw something floating to his right. He remembered it was Cagalli's bikini bandeau top. Before he knew it, he let out a small chuckle, and then he was laughing uncontrollably, holding his sides. When he was done and had calmed down, Athrun reached for the piece of clothing, and then turned towards the open blue sea and smirked widely.

Staring at the bandeau on his hand, Athrun then announced to the sky above, "Damn! I really love you're cuteness, Cagalli Yula Athha!"


It was a chilly and beautiful night. Ade was already asleep inside his room, with Piggie sleeping at the foot of his bed. The little prince had been very tired of their day activities. Murrue, Mu, and Andrew were inside the house, having their own coffee session at the veranda. The rest of them went out and stayed at the beachfront for quality bonding time, as Dearka insisted.

The young adults were staying in an open and circular beach tent, with no walls and supported only by ropes and wooden posts. The tent was all white, with white tied curtains, a thin circular mattress for them to sit on, and some plush pillows. Surrounding their tent were eight fire bowls to keep them illuminated and warm. Lacus had asked the caretakers of the resort to prepare it ahead of time, thinking that everyone would like to relax outside if given a time.

They formed a circle around the mini table inside the tent. Dearka got bored after an hour of talking, so he suggested for them to play a game. Everyone agreed, except for Yzak. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to join because Shiho asked him to participate.

The group prepared four 750 ml bottles of tequila, one 15 ml shot glass, a saucer filled with salt, a bowl of sliced lemons, and random flavored bags of potato and prawn chips on the table. Dearka also got his tablet computer. When everything was ready, Dearka started explaining the game.

"This―" Dearka showed his tablet computer to his friends, "―is a new application that I got from our dear friend, Sai Argyle. It is called Ice Breaker Evolution: Special Edition. According to him, this will be released next month. Since we are good friends, he had given me a trial version of it," he introduced proudly.

"This game is supposed to be exciting because..." Lunamaria asked warily.

Dearka huffed in exasperation. "It is exciting and interesting because it is an adult game. It is a little bit similar to the 20 Questions game, but instead of us providing the questions, the application would provide the adult content questions," he explained mischievously, while emphasizing the words adult content.

Before anyone could react, Yzak yelled his concern. "Are you barking mad?!" Yzak hollered distastefully. "Of all the games, you are proposing that we play this perverse game of yours?!"

"Hey! Just because some questions are a bit sexual, it doesn't automatically mean that everything about it is perverted," Dearka defended, hugging his tablet computer to his chest, shielding it from his crazed best friend.

"I agree with Dearka," Shiho sided with the blonde Coordinator. "I think asking questions such as 'first crush' and 'most embarrassing moment' are quite childish, right? If you ask me, questions with adult content are far more thrilling and appropriate for our age."

"Second the motion!" Cagalli supplied right away, raising her hand in agreement.

"Cagalli!" Lacus and Kira gasped, quite appalled at her blatant response.

"What?!" Cagalli reacted defensively. "We're adults! We are not that innocent anymore. Besides, why do you look so scandalized? I'm the one who is single here, with no one to do the horizontal mambo with."

Shiho decided to intervene. "Why don't we vote for it?" Shiho proposed. "Those who are in favor and willing to join Dearka's game please raise your right hand," she asked, raising her right.

Dearka and Cagalli immediately raised their hands. Shinn, Athrun, and Miriallia followed next. At first, Kira, Lacus, Lunamaria, and Meyrin were hesitant, but then, they surrendered and raised their hands in agreement.

Yzak was the only one who did not raised his hand. He scowled grumpily at them, knowing that he was outvoted and he can't do anything about it.

"Excellent!" Dearka declared, rubbing his palms together. "Let's get this game started!"

The blonde Coordinator dipped the shot glass upside down into the saucer with salt, covering its rim with the salty seasoning. He poured tequila on it, and then placed it at the center of the table.

"There are thousands of random questions in this application," Dearka started explaining, "We can play as many rounds as we want. One question per round. Everyone is required to answer the given question, no exceptions. The questions are picked by automation. A designated round master will read the question loudly for everyone to hear. After reading it, the person sitting to his left will be the first to answer and then so on and so forth. We will only proceed to the next round, after the round master had given his own answer."

Dearka cleared his throat, and then continued, "The round master will touch this green button here―" He showed the button on the tablet touch screen, "―so that the question will appear for him or her to read," he added.

"And the shot glass?" Athrun inquired.

"Before answering the question, each player is required to drink a shot of tequila. We have 15 ml of tequila per shot to keep us sober for a much longer time. After the player provides his answer, he or she will serve the next shot to the next player," Dearka informed them, "Drinking will loosen our inhibition, causing us to spill more truths as the game progresses."

Everyone was silent, slowly absorbing the rules of the game. When he thought that everyone was ready, Dearka grabbed their attention.

"Since I was the one who suggested this game, I will act as the first round master," the blonde Coordinator told them excitedly. He lightly tapped the green button on the touch screen, waiting for the question to appear.

The eleven of them arranged themselves around the center table. The seating arrangement from Dearka towards his left was: Dearka - Miriallia - Shinn - Cagalli - Lacus - Kira - Athrun - Meyrin - Lunamaria - Shiho - Yzak.

A question in bold white letters appeared on the screen. Dearka read it silently, and then frowned in displeasure. "This is quite simple and anticlimactic for our first question," he grumbled in disappointment. He cleared his throat and read it loudly for his anxious friends to hear, "At this moment, who among the players do you trust the most? Give one name only."

The rest of them sighed in relief. They were not quite ready yet to answer an embarrassing question for their first round.

Dearka slid the shot glass to Miriallia and said, "Remember guys, please be honest with your answers. We are very good friends here. We deserve nothing but the truth. Any revelation or secret that will be revealed tonight will stay within the eleven of us only. For the sake of everyone, if you can't keep a secret, please leave the circle right now."

When no one moved from their seats, Dearka smiled at his auburn-haired girlfriend and said, "Bottoms up, sweetheart!"

Miriallia tilted the glass into her mouth in one go, and then slammed it on the table. She took a slice of lemon and sipped its juice into her mouth. "Ugh! Where did you bought that tequila, Dearka? It's quite strong!"

Dearka only smirked in response, while the others chuckled at Miriallia's scowling expression.

When she recovered, Miriallia answered the first question. "The person I trust the most is Dearka." she answered.

The ladies cooed, while Dearka grinned from ear to ear. Dearka signaled for Miriallia to pass the glass to her left and said, "It's your turn now, Shinn."

Miriallia dipped the shot glass upside down on the saucer to coat its rim with salt, and then refilled it with tequila. She passed the glass to Shinn, who took and drank it in one go, before sipping on a slice of lemon.

"Lady Cagalli," Shinn answered simply.

Cagalli nudged his side with her elbow and teased him mercilessly. "Oooh! You're so sweet, wittle Shinnie," Cagalli cooed tauntingly.

Shinn blushed and hissed at her to shut up. The women giggled at the bickering blonde and raven-head, except for Lunamaria, who was staring impassively at them. Athrun and Kira had narrowed their eyes at the ruby-eyed male.

"I trust Shinn with my life," Cagalli supplied with no hesitation, after she received the refilled glass from Shinn and took it in one shot.

Shinn subtly smirked, touched with her answer. Kira growled lowly under his breath, slightly annoyed of the closeness between his sister and her bodyguard.

Athrun's emerald orbs turned a few shades darker. His eyes were narrowing to a dangerous level. He tried to conceal his vexation to everyone. Unfortunately, he failed in hiding it since a raven-haired male caught the raging look that was directed at him.

Lacus slowly drank her shot of tequila, and then answered, "Mine is definitely Kira."

Kira tenderly squeezed her hand and smiled lovingly at her. "I trust you, too, Lacus," the amethyst-eyed Coordinator said, after he drank his shot. Kira gently kissed her soft hand, and then squeezed it again with his.

Cagalli's expression turned a little bit sour at her brother's cheesiness. "Geez! Please lower down the sweetness level, Kira. I might vomit on the spot, if I see more of your idiotic love-struck face," the blonde princess complained in mock displeasure, though her amber orbs were twinkling in happiness for her brother and pink-haired friend.

Kira's only response was throwing back a potato chip at Cagalli. Kira prepared the next shot, and then passed it to Athrun.

"It's Kira," Athrun answered, after he took the tequila shot in one swig. Beside him, Meyrin was frowning in disappointment. She thought that he trusted her more than anyone, since she was his soon-to-be-wife.

When it was Meyrin's turn, she blushed as she timidly provided her answer, "Uhmm...I trust my beloved Athrun because I love him so much."

Hearing the red-headed female's answer, Athrun and Cagalli winced mentally. Athrun felt guilty because he could not give back the love that she had freely given to him. Even how much he tried to teach his heart to fall in love with Meyrin, he could not do it. Cagalli tried to ignore the growing jealousy inside her heart. She was convincing herself that she had no right to feel hurt and jealous. Whatever she and Athrun had years ago, it could never be brought back again―or so she thought.

Lunamaria moderately drank the tequila shot, and then placed it gently on the table. "I trust my sister, Meyrin."

"Yzak," Shiho answered immediately, after placing the empty glass on the table.

Yzak grunted, as the strong drink passed through his throat. He slammed the empty glass on the table and snapped, "Dearka."

Athrun, Kira, and Shinn sniggered at his answer. Yzak might be annoyed at Dearka most of the time, but they all knew that the platinum-haired man treasured his friendship with his blonde best friend.

"Aaaaww!" Dearka placed his hands above his heart, with an idiotic puppy-dog expression on his face.

"Shut-up!" Yzak snapped at the blonde male.

Finally, it was Dearka's turn. The first round of the game would end with him. "Please don't get offended Mir, my sweetheart, but my answer is Yzak," Dearka told his girlfriend apologetically, giving her a pitiful puppy-dog eye.

Miriallia shook her head in understanding. "Don't worry sweetheart, I'm not offended. I won't use it against you," she responded, playfully flicking her boyfriend's forehead with her finger.

"Round One Completed! Not bad for our first round, eh?" Dearka asked his friends

"Not bad at all," Lacus agreed. Everyone smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Hn." Yzak grunted. He refused to acknowledge the knowing smirk that Dearka was sporting.

Dearka passed his tablet computer at Miriallia, since it's her turn to be the round master. She tapped the green button on the screen and a question appeared on it. When Miriallia silently read the question, her eyes widened dramatically. She had opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of the water. She tried to say something, but her voice was stuck on her throat.

Lacus, Shiho, and Cagalli stared at Miriallia in concern. The others were curious, and at the same time anxious of what had caused for the auburn-haired woman to react that way.

Dearka touched his girlfriend's shoulder to get her attention. "Hey Miriallia, sweetheart. Is something the matter?" He asked her softly.

Miriallia swallowed with difficulty, and then shook her head, silently telling him it was nothing. Miriallia cleared her throat several times, before reading the second question in mortification.

"How...o-often―" Miriallia stuttered, and then cleared her throat quite difficulty, "―how often do you―arrrgh―this is very embarrassing! Of all people, why do I have to read this mortifying question?!" She ranted her frustration.

Everyone was confused at Miriallia's violent reaction. They thought that the question could not be really that bad, right?

Miriallia inhaled a big gulped of air to calm nerves. Her cheeks were flushed in extreme awkwardness. Miriallia quickly read the question in one breath, not minding the commas and the other marks in the sentence.

"Please pardon my request, but can you repeat the question, Mir? This time, please read it slowly," Lacus politely requested.

The auburn-haired Natural sighed in despair. "How often do you masturbate in a week?" Miriallia slowly read the question. Her cheeks were very flushed in embarrassment.


Even a dropped pin could be heard due to the abrupt quietness of the group.

"IDIOT!" Yzak hollered his displeasure.

As expected, the first one to react violently was Yzak. The incensed platinum-haired was half-way throttling the blonde bastard he called best friend into suffocation, though he could not proceed to his intent because his beautiful and strong fiancé had held his back shirt to stop him. Fortunately for Dearka, he was quick enough to evade his angry best friend and moved out of his way, hiding sheepishly behind his auburn-haired girlfriend.

"C'mon, Yzak! Will you lighten up?" Dearka said, while hiding behind an amused Miriallia, who had recovered from her embarrassment. "Masturbating is a natural occurrence to us human being. Teenagers masturbate, adults masturbate, we masturbate. Heck! Even kids as young as three to five years old masturbate―well, of course, they do it with no malice and due to curiosity. But back to the main point, it is a natural thing in our life and there is nothing to be ashamed of it. How often you masturbate―so what? Just answer the question and be done with it," he explained in a matter-of-fact way.

Yzak had already stopped his struggles, but remained scowling on his seat. Shiho was rubbing his back to calm him down, while she tried to hide her chuckles from her still slightly vexed fiancé. Dearka might be a happy-go-lucky type of guy, which irritated Yzak to some level. But when the blonde would have his somewhat serious and insightful moments, Yzak would surely listen to him, albeit grudgingly.

When everyone recovered from their shock and embarrassment, Dearka went back to his seat, as they resumed their game. Before answering, Shinn gulped down the tequila that Miriallia passed him.

"Once every day," Shinn answered after clearing his throat, his emotions were masked under his serious facade, hiding his embarrassment for everyone to see.

The women were blushing at Shinn's answer. The men, however, were trying to mask their sniggering. They failed miserably.

Shinn cleared again his throat, passing the refilled shot glass to Cagalli. "You're next, Lady Athha," the ruby-eyed male said to the woman on his left.

Cagalli took the shot in one swig, before slamming the glass on the table. "Three or four times, depending on how stressful I am," Cagalli answered, narrowing her amber eyes to her male friends and her brother. Her sharp look were warning them to shut-up and avoid commenting lewd jokes―or in the case of Kira, one of his you-are still-young-to-do-that tirades―or they would face her wrath.

Beside the blonde princess, Shinn covered his smirk with a cough, when he saw how Kira's face turned paper white to strawberry red.

Meyrin was observing Athrun, who was lost in his own thoughts. She knew that when he was in this kind of state, he was relieving something from his past. She remembered seeing this expression from Athrun during the Second Bloody War, when feelings of nostalgia would overcome him, especially his moments with Miss Cagalli. Meyrin frowned at her discovery, but masked it with neutrality to avoid getting the attention of others.

Cagalli passed the refilled glass to her left and Lacus drank it in one go. She was blushing, keeping her eyes down on her hands. "Oh! I'm...I do it once or sometimes twice a week," she answered timidly.

Kira raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips, fighting with all his self-control from grinning lewdly at his blushing fiancé.

"That's good," Cagalli piped up, nodding her head.

Lunamaria looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean?" She asked for clarification.

Cagalli smirked. "It means that my younger brother dear is performing his 'lover duties' to Lacus quite spectacularly for her to only pleasure herself once a week." With that statement, everyone was laughing at Lacus and Kira's red faces.

"Alright! Stop it! It's my turn," Kira announced, after the laughter subsided. "Once every other day," Kira provided quite calmly, after all the embarrassment that he and Lacus experienced a few minutes ago.

Athrun took the next shot from his best friend and drank it. "Once every day―" Athrun answered, while he was refilling the shot glass for Meyrin, "―But lately, I sometimes do it twice a day," he continued, though this time he was staring directly at Cagalli.

Cagalli raised an eyebrow in challenge at his daring look. 'What are you playing, Athrun Zala,' Cagalli thought suspiciously. She narrowed her eyes at him, before shifting her gaze at Meyrin.

Meyrin was oblivious to Athrun and Cagalli's silent exchange. She was busy staring at her five months fiancé with mixed awe and appreciation. She bit her lower lip and inconspicuously slid her eyes lower to his body. Before her eyes could reach its target point, Athrun nudged her hand gently with the shot glass, interrupting her unchaste behavior and imagination.

"Wha―t?" Meyrin stuttered. Everyone was staring expectantly, waiting for her answer. "Oh! Sorry," she voiced out. She drunk her own shot and then answered, "Uhmm...three or four times a week."

Meyrin prepared the next shot a little bit clumsily, spilling some tequila on the table. "Sorry!" Meyrin squeaked in embarrassment, and then handed the glass to her sister. "Here, nee-chan."

Lunamaria thanked her sister, and then answered after drinking her shot, "Two times or three per week."

"Twice or thrice," Shiho said it nonchalantly, while sliding the refilled tequila shot to her fiancé.

Yzak glared at Dearka, who was challenging him with his violet eyes to drink the shot and answer the question. Yzak sneered at him, before drinking it in one go. "Every other day," Yzak snapped, slamming the glass on the table.

"Every day, once or twice," Dearka boasted, when it was his turn to answer. He was grinning smugly at his male friends.

Round Two of the game was completed, after Miriallia provided her answer.

"Twice or thrice a week," Miriallia stated in a calm manner.

More rounds and tequila shots, the whole group was enjoying the game, including Yzak. There were embarrassing questions, some innocent and simple questions, and the rest were a little bit mature and sexual. The group had fun and was laughing at each other's answers. It was actually an enlightening game for them. They were able to know something new about each other.

It was during the 10th Round that a Privilege question had appeared. Since Shiho was the round master for this round, she could ask one of them a random question.

"Look, guys! I can ask one of you a question," Shiho showed the screen tablet to her friends with the Privilege statement.

Privilege: You can ask a random question to any player.

"Good! The first Privilege question for the tonight. To whom are you going to throw your random question?" Dearka asked Shiho excitedly.

Shiho stared one by one at her friends, tapping her chin with her finger in contemplation. "Hmm..." Shiho stared back and forth at Kira and Cagalli, before stopping her brown orbs at the blonde princess. "Are you game in answering a random question by yours truly, Princess Athha? I'm just curious about something," she challenged.

Cagalli's amber eyes widened, pointing a finger at her own face. "Me? Sure. Shoot! Give me your best shot, soon-to-be Shiho Joule," Cagalli accepted confidently. She drank the shot that Shiho prepared for her.

Shiho threw a crumpled tissue at her, after hearing the 'Shiho Joule'. Cagalli poked her tongue at her in retaliation.

"Okay, here is my question," Shiho started. She stared at Cagalli with genuine curiosity and asked, "Of course, we knew how you and Kira found out that you were siblings. Hypothetically, if you and Kira were not blood related at all, would you even consider dating him or see yourself attracted to him?"

Kira, who was about to swallow the chips in his mouth, choked and had a loud coughing feat. Lacus thumped his back, and then gave him a glass of water to drink.

"Shi―ho!" Kira gasped after emptying the glass of water. He was rubbing his aching chest for relief.

The rest of them were staring at Kira in mixed concern and amusement. Most of them thought that Shiho's question was very interesting. To be honest, they were curious about Cagalli's answer, too.

Cagalli was staring at Shiho with wide eyes, and then in a split second, she burst into peals of laughter. She was holding her stomach, as she laughed to her heart's content. "Oh My Lord! It is the funniest question that I have ever heard in my life."

Shiho was puzzled. "Cagalli? Are you―"

"No! Wait!" Cagalli exclaimed, wiping the tears in her eyes. "I will answer it! You just caught me of guard. I just never expected that question," the amber-eyed princess clarified, "It never even crossed my mind that I will be asked one day about that."

"So...?" Dearka trailed off, waiting for her to speak. He was leaning forward, so that he could hear her answer.

"Actually..." Cagalli trailed off, while she turned her gaze at her blushing twin brother, "Before we learned about us being siblings, I had this special feeling for Kira." Cagalli turned her eyes back to her friends and said, "Now that I think about it, I can firmly say that Kira Yamato was my first major crush."

Athrun and Lacus raised their eyebrows simultaneously, their curiosity rose to a higher level. Compared to the rest of them, Athrun and Lacus were some of the few people who saw how Kira and Cagalli interacted with each other during the first war.

"Hmmm. Let's see," Cagalli trailed off, thinking about something. She shifted her gaze at Athrun and asked him, "Athrun, remember that time when we escaped Orb and boarded Kusanagi by means of the Kaguya Mass Driver? I was inside my quarters then, and you and Kira found me crying and inconsolable. If I'm not mistaken, the both of you thought I was very emotional because my father died, right?"

"Yes..." Athrun answered, unsure of what she was hinting on. Of course, at the back of his mind, he had an inkling idea on what she was about to share to them.

Cagalli looked at her friends and grinned sheepishly. "Of course, I was crying because my father died to save our nation and our people. But aside from that reason, I was also crying because I found out that the person whom I like the most was actually my brother―my twin brother to boot!"

Lunamaria and Meyrin were gaping, staring back and forth at Kira and Cagalli. Yzak, Shinn, and Miriallia raised an eyebrow at Cagalli's revelation.

Dearka looked at Kira and asked, "Did you know about this?"

Kira shrugged his shoulders and said, "Cagalli told me about it after the first war. We wanted to clear everything up, so that we could start our new sibling relationship."

"Wow! That was enlightening," Shiho stated, surprised of what she heard.

"Yeah. And to answer your question―" Cagalli continued, "―Yes. I would consider dating him if we are not blood related, since I almost considered it a few years ago."

Athrun and Lacus knew that there was something special about how Kira and Cagalli treated each other during the war. In their minds, they were thinking that it was a blessing that Kira and Cagalli were siblings. Athrun and Lacus were sure that if they were not related, Kira and Cagalli would be together romantically now.

After Shiho's question, they had been playing the game for almost three hours now. For every round, they became more honest and detailed with their answers. Most Coordinators soldiers had high tolerance in alcohol, so Athrun, Yzak, Kira, and Shinn were on a buzzed state only, but still alert. Despite of being women, Cagalli, Shiho, and Lunamaria were able to tolerate their alcohol much better than the almost dozing off Miriallia, Lacus, and Meyrin. Among them, Dearka was the one who was hyperactive and loud.

Now, it was Athrun's turn to read the 18th Round question. Athrun grinned as he read it loudly. "What was your age when you experience your first sloppy second base and with whom? Note that sloppy second base in general is fondling, touching, stimulating, kissing, licking, and sucking anywhere above the waist―especially the chest area, breasts, and nipples―either over or under the shirt of your partner," he drawled lazily, his eyes were sparkling with naughtiness and interest.

Meyrin was the first to answer. She sat up straight and slowly drank her shot, though there were minor spills of tequila from her mouth. "I hav―en't exper―experienced that base yet," Meyrin answered with minor slurring of voice. She had that depressed and disappointed expression on her face.

Lunamaria flushed, drinking her own tequila shot. "Seventeen," Lunamaria answered. "Uhmm. It was with Shinn," she provided softly, avoiding any eye contact with her ruby-eyed ex-boyfriend.

Shinn turned his head away, acting like he did not hear anything. Seeing his reaction, Cagalli elbowed him on his side and smirked at him. Shinn scowled at Cagalli, scooting away from her.

It was Shiho's turn. "Fiftee―oops! Sorry, I forgot," Shiho stopped in mid-answer because she forgot to drink her shot. "I was fifteen. He was my classmate and we were playing 7 minutes in Heaven. We got carried away."

"Who was HE?!" Yzak demanded.

"You don't know him," Shiho snapped back at her demanding fiancé.

"I don't care! Who is he, Shiho Hahnenfuss?!"

"Stubborn ass," Shiho muttered under her breath. "His name was Jiro. Happy now?!" She huffed, crossing her arms against her chest.

"Quite," Yzak declared smugly.

"Stop it, lovebirds!" Dearka reprimanded them, waving his arms wildly. He thumped his best friend's back quite strongly and informed him, "It's your turn now, Yzak my man! Stop stalling!"

Yzak pushed away Dearka's arm from his back and scowled. "How will I answer if you keep on thumping my back?!" Yzak gulped his shot and snapped, "Twenty. Shiho."

Yzak refilled the shot and gave it to Dearka. "Here! It's your turn―"

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Dearka shouted, halting any of their movements. They were surprised of his unexpected outburst. "Yzak's first experience of sloppy second was at the age of 20?! TWENTY?! What the hell!"

"Will you keep your big mouth shut, Elsman?!" Yzak growled at his loud best friend, hitting his blonde head with his knuckles. "I'm not a man-whore like you! So don't make a big deal out of it!"


Miriallia massaged her minor headache, before pinching Dearka's ear and twisting it towards her. "Dearka Elsman! If you don't behave right now, I won't let you near me for one month," she threatened her whimpering boyfriend.

"Sweetheart―ouch! Okay! Okay! I'll behave. Promise," Dearka whimpered pitifully, holding his injured left ear when Miriallia finally released it. Dearka drank his tequila in one go, and then boasted smugly to his male friends, "I was fifteen. I went to an open house party and met a woman three years my senior. I think her name was Patrice―err―no, I think it was Sharice. Yep, it was Sharice!"

Cagalli and Yzak snorted when they heard his smug answer. 'Pervert,' both Cagalli and Yzak thought.

When it was her turn, Miriallia calmly drank her shot. "Sweet sixteen with my ex-boyfriend, Tolle," Miriallia provided.

Shinn leaned his arms backward after taking his drink. "I was with Stellar and sixteen then," he drawled.

"Stellar? Wasn't she part of the Earth Alliance?" Kira inquired for clarification.

Shinn nodded in affirmative.

Cagalli slowly drank her tequila, holding the glass with her two hands. Her hands were slightly trembling in nervousness and awkwardness. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Cagalli bit her lower lip in hesitation, before answering. "Sixteen," Cagalli answered loudly at first. "Uhh..." she paused for a moment, and then mumbled her other answer.

"Come again, Miss Cagalli?" Meyrin asked suspiciously, agitated with the blonde's possible answer.

Cagalli slightly bowed her head, closing her eyes for a second. "Athrun. It was Athrun," the blonde princess stated clearly, opening back her amber eyes, although she refused any eye contact with her friends, especially him―the hamster-brain.

Unknown to Cagalli, Athrun was staring blatantly at her. He had a very small smile on his face. His emerald eyes were happy and smug. The only down-side was that Meyrin saw her fiancé's subtle, yet bright expression. Meyrin had enough of this unfairness and blatant disregard of her feelings. She was very hurt and jealous of the one woman who she could never compete with, much more win. Enough was enough and Athrun had to choose once and for all. If ever she would lose Athrun in the end, might as well bring both Athrun and Miss Cagalli down and suffer with her.

Meyrin sat stiff on her seat, waiting for this damn game to come to its end.

Kira roused the resting Lacus leaning on his shoulder. Lacus sat up starlight, and then sipped her tequila. She had three sips, before emptying the glass. "I was seventeen and it was with Kira." Lacus smiled at her fiancé, who kissed her head affectionately.

"Sixteen," Kira answered after drinking his shot. "It was with Flay."

Originally, Cagalli had no intention of making any kind of eye or physical contact with Athrun all throughout the game. It seems like the Gods were against her today. Her vision blurred due to her slight intoxication, so she had no choice but to blink her eyes for a couple of times to clear the fogginess. With that incident, she was unable to prepare herself when her vision cleared and saw Athrun staring piercingly at her. Breath caught in her throat, Cagalli was transfixed of her ex-lover's darkened emerald orbs.

"I was sixteen," Athrun gulped his tequila to calm his beating heart. He was holding the glass with much force when he put it down on the table. "I experienced most of my firsts with Cagalli," he whispered with barely hidden tenderness on his voice. All throughout his revelation, his emerald eyes were staring intently at his ex-lover's wide amber orbs.

Shinn peered curiously at Athrun. 'Aaah. He had the guts to say those things out loud in front of his fiancé,' he thought. 'Interesting. Very interesting.'

'What are you doing, Athrun? You're making things more complicated,' Kira thought, frowning disapprovingly at his best friend.

Athrun and Cagalli's tender moment was disturbed when Meyrin pulled away the computer tablet from Athrun's hand. Cagalli quickly swiveled her gaze at Shinn, silently asking him for comfort. Athrun move his eyes on the table, concentrating hard on its surface.

Meyrin was miserable. She saw that very tender exchange between her fiancé and his ex-lover. It was full of passion and longing. It was very intense. Meyrin was angry, jealous, insecure, and very hurt. She had to pull them away from their moment, so she grabbed the tablet from Athrun with force. When she pressed the green button on the screen and 'Privilege: You can ask a random question to any player' appeared on it, Meyrin decided that it was now or never.

"Athrun," Meyrin called her fiancé with much force and a hidden feeling of betrayal on her voice. She looked at him, waiting for him to meet her eyes.

Athrun stared at Meyrin with curiosity written on his face.

"Athrun..." Meyrin paused. "Are you...are you really in love with me or―" she hesitated for a second, and then took a deep breath and hardened her resolve,"―or is it Miss Cagalli―" She swallowed with difficulty, "―Is it Miss Cagalli that you are in love with all this time?"

Several pairs of eyes snapped instantly towards Athrun, waiting for him to speak up and answer truthfully.

Ruby orbs slowly moved towards wide emerald eyes. Shinn narrowed his sharp eyes, waiting for Athrun to answer the unexpected question.

Cagalli diverted her amber orbs to her lap, as she stiffened on her seat. Her heart was pounding erratically against her chest. She tightly gripped the edges of her denim jumper. Cagalli tried with all her might to stop herself from standing up and walking out from this very awkward and confusing situation.

Athrun was extremely stupefied. He was not expecting that question. He thought that they would have their private confrontation one of these days, but not this soon.

'And definitely not tonight,' Athrun thought wryly.

The emerald-eyed male swallowed with difficulty, as if a stone was clogged in his throat. Athrun gathered all his inner strength and will power to divert his emerald eyes away from Cagalli. He willed his eyes to remain connected to his fiancé's purple eyes, avoiding the stares of his friends.

"Tell me! I need to know," Meyrin insisted, her purple eyes were very determined, as she masked her fear, insecurity and jealousy, "As your soon-to-be-wife, I deserve to know the truth, Athrun Zala."


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