"Shit. Could you have picked a better day to be human, Cas?" Dean shot a glare over at his friend even though none of this was Castiel's fault. And what fault may it be? They were stuck in a glass elevator, like the one out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and there was a mime standing in the corner with his hands on his face while he made his lips form into an O shape. Dean rolled his eyes and punched the glass.

"Dean... I... I don't think you should do that," Castiel looked nervously from Dean's hand to the glass. "What if it breaks?"
"Shut up, Cas." His angel looked down, hurt, and Dean had to suppress the need to go hug him. You've already lost him once. His thoughts made him huff out in annoyance, and he stared out the window. "Great. So what now?"

The mime walked over to where Dean was standing, and with a big smile, looked out the glass with his hand to his head like he was looking for someone. Dean rolled his eyes and looked back at Cas. "Are you... are you sure you can't mojo us out of here?" The mime looked at Dean quizzically, but Dean just ignored him. The pained face that struck Castiel gave a big blow directly to Dean in return.

"I'm sorry, Dean. I'm just a baby in a trenchcoat now." He mumbled the last part, biting his lip in the process as he repeated what Dean had once said to him.

The mime made a motion of crying and Dean shot him the worst look he could ever give. "Cas, you're not worthless..." Dean stumbled for words, hesitating. After a minute of Cas keeping his head down, Dean stepped across the elevator in one swift motion, taking Castiel's lips against his own. The mime widened his eyes, and Dean flipped his middle finger up. It was awkward, and sloppy, but Dean felt at ease. It was a better kiss then he had ever had... maybe because, chick flick moment aside, maybe he loved Cas. Maybe this was right for him.

When they broke the kiss, Cas stuttered like he had done something wrong. Dean's lips curved up, and he pinned Castiel against the wall. "Shh. You're my best friend – nothing has ever been or will be your fault." He kissed Cas briefly and looked into those bright blue eyes.

"But Dean-"
"How many chick flick moments do you expect of me, man?"
"Dean! Somebody's watching us!"

Dean looked over and sure enough, the mime was staring right at them, making kissy faces. Dean narrowed his eyes, and walked over to the mime, raising his fist. But he stopped when a hand touched his shoulder, and his mind reeled back to a moment when the two had first met.

"Dean. It's alright."

Dean whipped around, so caught up in reliving what memory he had, that he almost smacked Castiel's head against the glass while devouring him. "I wasn't there... I didn't save you..." Dean began into Cas' lips, but Castiel only interrupted him.

"You tried, Dean. It wasn't your fault that I took more then what I was given. You never left my side." Dean grabbed on to the former angel's trenchcoat and kissed him needingly.

They only split a part when they heard a child giggle. "What the..." Dean looked up, noticing that the mime was gone, and they were on the ground. More importantly, a family of four was looking at them. The two kids were laughing like crazy, while the mother looked horrified.

Dean only winked at the children, and pulling Castiel closer to him by grasping his ass, he breathed against his angel's face. "Don't you ever mention that I had a chick flick moment with you and a mime in a fucking glass elevator to Sam."
"Anything you wish, Dean." And at that, Dean scooped Castiel up into his arms and shoved his tongue down the former angel's throat, much to the children's delight.

To hell with normality.