"Why are you here, Yu-Gi-Oh?" Ginga asked. His stance was dramatic, eyes closed, facing away from his ex-lover, turned to where, had his eyes been open (which, as previously mentioned, were very closed. This added more of a dramatic effect.) he would have been looking at the ground over his shoulder. His shoulders were shrugged upwards, arms wrapped around himself insecurely.

"I want to have sex with you." Yu-Gi-Oh replied in his deepest, most seductive voice, dark violet eyes smoldering. He almost wished he were Edward Cullen right then, because even he could not pull off that, "Say it. Out Loud." voice just yet, but he was working on it. (Daily.)

Ginga was surprised (well, not really, because every time Yu-Gi-Oh/Yugi got horny, he jumped him [always was he in the shower for some odd reason]). He still tried to look the part, though, because he didn't want to show his insecurities and doubt. Also, he still couldn't forgive Yu-Gi-Oh for that threesome he had with his blonde friend (Joey) and the sex-crazed brunette (Tristan). Seriously, though, how did Yu-Gi-Oh expect him not to find out? His bathroom smelled of sex and homosexuality for hours afterwards, and he knew it wasn't his Brittany Spears perfu- cologne.

And when Ginga called Yu-Gi-Oh later and asked about it, he couldn't really ignore the silence that stretched for 20 minutes, or the fact that after he finally said something, Yu-Gi-Oh's explanation was that he found Ginga's hamster in there 'getting fresh' with a squirrel. Actually, he might have at least considered his reasoning, had he actually owned a hamster.

All these reasons gave the red-headed Bey-Blader all the right to have trust issues with the ever-hormonal Yu-Gi-Oh. Which is why he gave his answer quickly, while moving his stance to his normal one.

"No! You can't just bang me anytime you want! I want a real relationship!" Ginga declared, throwing his arm out (and effectively whacking his prized Pokemon lamp to the ground and smashing the glass into a million pieces). Ginga's living room was considerably darker now, but he didn't fear rape, because he gasped and pointed behind Yu-Gi-Oh (and he turned around. coughdumbasscough) so he could kick off his couch and turn on the main light source. His plan was a success.

Yu-Gi-Oh noticed, but did not comment. He licked his lips and proceeded to answer his ex-(wait, what was their relationship?). "That is more than I am willing to give you, Ginga."

Ginga did not expect this answer. So, he pulled out a knife from his back pocket (he kept it there at all times - he knew he would have to spontaneously commit suicide one day) and pointed it at his own jugular. "THEN I'LL KILL MYSELF!"

Yu-Gi-Oh thrust a hand out. "No, Ginga! I can't be blamed for your suicide!"

Ginga cried uncontrollably, and he tried to step away from Yu-Gi-Oh, but ended up slipping on a piece of broken Pokemon lamp, and jammed the knife into his neck, where he bled from the ever-pulsing large vein, until he died.

Yu-Gi-Oh fell to his knees, tears forming as he leaned over Ginga. "But... Ginga... YOU CAN'T DIE, YOU 'DA FADDAH OF MAHH BABEHS!"

And so it was revealed (to a very much dead Ginga) that Yu-Gi-Oh was pregnant with triplets. What Yu-Gi-Oh didn't know, though, was that one belonged to Joey, one to Ginga, and one to Tristan.