Extra scene for Forgiveness

"Son?" asked Gin. Yukimura looked at his living father. "Yes, what is it?" he replied. Gin sighed, "Do...you forgive me for Sakura's death?" he said. Yukimura sat closer and put his spirit paw on his shoulder, "Of course...it was Lucy's fault and she had what was coming to her. It was not your fault. Mother told me so herself." he said.

Gin's eyes filled with tears, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have trusted Lucy like this. I didn't want any of this to happen." he said as tears fell from his face. "You died because of her and I couldn't even help you. I shouldn't have left!" He said has fell to the floor crying.

Yukimura stayed until his father calmed down, "Dad, I forgive you. It wasn't your fault I died that day. It was Shougen's fault. I chose to fight him, to protect my son and daughter." he said. Gin stopped crying for a moment and looked at his son, "You have kids? When did you...?" he began. He was interrupted when two pups ran up to him, almost a year old. "They're Miney's pups." he said. "We met about when I was a year old. She had just given birth before she fell into the river and drowned. I couldn't face her brothers after that, so I gave the pups to my foster father Saheji to raise." he said as the pups nuzzled their grandfather.

Gin looked at his son in surprise, "Before I move on to the afterlife, can I ask you to tell Weed and his mate to raise them?" he asked, tears in his eyes as he looked at his children. Gin nodded, "...I will my son. Now go, Sakura must miss you..." he said. Yukimura floated to the cliff's edge. He looked back one last time at his father, "...Farewell." he choked as he floated up to the heavens and vanished.

The next day, Gin had told them what Yukimura's last words were. Weed nodded his head as he looked at his niece and nephew. "I'll raise them with Koyuki. He'd want me to." he said. Joe nodded, "So will I." he said.

Yukimura watched from the heavens with Sakura and Miney. "Don't worry, my son. Your kids are in good hands." she said licking his face. Miney nodded, "I missed you Yukimura." she said. Yukimura nodded, "So did I."

"Would you like to meet your other relatives and your father's friends?" asked Sakura. Yukimura smiled, "Sure!"

Yukimura had forgiven his father Gin and left his legacy in his family's paws...Only time will tell if he will see his children someday and tell them his about his life...