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Make it stop, no no...

Spencer Reid had dealt with many difficult things in his twenty-three years of life. He had coped with his mother's severe schizophrenia and the fear that he might show symptoms of it, too. He dealt with going to college and high school at an extremely young age, and the harassment of his peers. He's been face-to-face with serial killers, rapists, pyromaniacs, torturers, terrorists-you name it.

But this? Even he couldn't take it.

Reid had thought that Garcia was someone he could trust. Someone who could keep a secret when they were begged to. Apparently, though, Reid had forgotten that the tech goddess had a history of being a gossiper.

"You're seriously gay?" Emily said loudly, not caring if practically the whole office was staring.

She, along with the rest of the team, had had a little too much to drink, thanks to the bottles of wine someone had brought in. Hey, it was the end of a Monday and only a few stragglers (minus Hotch's team) remained in the office-they were allowed to let loose a little.

Does she have to be so loud? Spencer whimpered in his head.

Garcia, who was standing nearby, giggled innocently and blew him a kiss. "Sorry, baby cakes," she said without a hint of remorse. "It sorta slipped out."

'Sorta slipped out,' Reid realized, actually meant 'I happily told the second biggest gossiper in the building that you're gay. This'll be fun!'

Hotch stood outside of his office with his arms crossed, watching this exchange with his usual stoic expression. Reid felt a glimmer of hope-would his boss see how uncomfortable he was with Emily interrogating him about his sexuality?

That hope was quickly squashed when Hotch's face split into a grin. He went over to Rossi and thrust out his hand. "Told you he's gay," he chuckled. "And I believe you now owe me a total of thirty bucks."

Rossi glared at him before huffing angrily and pulling out the money from his wallet. Hotch snickered gleefully the whole time, before leisurely taking the money and practically waltzing back to his office.

"Whoa, wait," Morgan said, just joining the conversation. "Reid's queer?"

That single word was like a knife straight through Reid's heart. He swallowed thickly, trying to hold down the sob that was working its way up his throat. He didn't mean it to sound harsh, he tried to convince himself. Morgan's just insensitive. He meant it teasingly. He had to have been teasing...

"Um, c-can we please not talk about this?" Reid whispered. He brushed his long hair repeatedly back behind his ear, a nervous habit he thought he had long broken. "I-I'm n-n-not comfor-"

"Geez, Reid, you just got the short end of life, didn't you?" JJ interrupted with a laugh. It was obvious no one had been listening to him speak. "Not only are you freakishly smart and socially awkward-not to mention not-so-attractive-but you're gay?"

Reid felt ready to just bury himself in a hole as his colleagues-the people he called friends and almost considered family-laughed and made jokes at his expense. Why are they being so mean? he wailed in his head as he typed on his computer with shaking hands. What'd I do to make them hate me so much?

The whole team had been oddly harsh with Reid lately. They had stopped praising him when he figured out where the latest unsub was, or when he decoded an extremely difficult riddle that the unsub left. And they were snapping at every single little thing that he did. Morgan, JJ and Emily-even Rossi-hadn't even bothered to try and hide that.

"Aw, we're just screwin' with you, pretty boy," Morgan laughed, jolting Reid out of his thoughts. He clapped Reid on the shoulder roughly, making a light bruise form. "You know we gotta."

"You'd better stop calling him pretty boy," Emily teased, "He might start crushing on you!"

Reid touched his shoulder tenderly, forcing the tears back and smiling shakily. The smile crumpled when they stopped looking at his face. He stood up and gathered his things together.

"Where ya goin'?" Morgan pouted when he saw Reid stand up. "We weren't done!"

Reid blanched at the words. "I'm, uh, n-n-ot feeling g-good," he stuttered out lamely. "S-So I-I'm g-g-goin-ing hom-e e-ear-ly."

Reid was shocked at the stutter—that only came out with strangers or people who harrassed him. Never before had it come out towards the team. Not even when he had first met them.

No one stopped him as he ran out of the building.

The drive back to Reid's loft passed in a blur. He could barely see the road through his tears and his hands were white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. Cars honked as they passed, annoyed by his reckless driving skills, but he could honestly care less about them.

Reid didn't remember parking his car. All he remembered was exiting the underground parking lot and stepping into his apartment building.

No one was in the stairway as he took the stairs two at a time to his apartment. Trembling fingers had to try six times to get the key into the lock before they were rewarded with the door opening. Reid quickly ran inside and slammed the door shut, not caring if he startled the neighbors.

All of the lights were off, and he didn't bother turning them on. He simply threw his bag into the corner and went straight to his room. Ignoring everything else, he crawled onto the bed and curled around one of the brown throw pillows on it. Finally, he allowed himself to sob. Oh God, I hate my life so much...

His house phone started ringing. Reid didn't even look at the ID, fearing that it was one of his teammates. The call went to voicemail.

"Spencer?" a feminine voice said, high-pitched and friendly. "It's me, Sally. I was just calling to say hi, and to see how you were doing-" The voice machine cut her off before Sally could finish.

Barely a few seconds later, she called again. And again. And again. Sniffing and wiping his nose, Reid reached for the phone. Why is she calling so many times? Long distance phone calls are expensive...

"What do you want, Sally?" Reid asked, hoping his voice was calm. "I'm, uh, at work." Shit, this is my home phone. Way to be a genius.

"Spencer, what's wrong?" she asked immediately. Of course she knew he was lying. They'd been friends since he was 12.

"Nothing's wrong," he tried.

"Dude. You just forgot that you're using your home phone AND I can hear you sniffling and trying not to sob." Damn her and her perceptiveness, Reid cursed in his mind.

"I don't want to talk about it," Reid whimpered, curling around a pillow and feeling like a teenage girl. And fuck it—he could act like a goddamn teenage girl all he wanted to at the moment.


As soon as Reid heard that tone, he was spilling his heart out Sally. The girl listened silently, occasionally making small grunts of acknowledgement. When he was done, Reid simply sobbed. Sally finally spoke after he had quieted his sobs so she could be heard.

"How long has this been going on?" Sally asked in a surprisingly calm voice.

"T-the homophobia?" Reid sniffed, wiping his eyes with the palm of his hands.

"No, just the uncaring in general," she clarified.

"Three days away from two months," he whispered after thinking for a moment. "But-but it wasn't really big at first or noticeable—" He had no clue why he felt the urge to defend his teammates. He guessed it was only natural since they'd been his partners for years.

There was a pregnant pause, which Reid broke. "Did you hang up?" he asked right as Sally started to speak again.

"You're coming out and visiting," Sally said shortly. He tried to protest but she plowed on. "I don't give a fuck what you say. I know you have weeks of vacation time saved up. I'll pay for the ticket and everything. You need to be with a friend, Spencer. A real friend."

"I-I can't," he tried to argue. "I'll be so far behind in work, and what if a serious case comes up? People could die—"

"You can still technically work, I guess," Sally said, and Reid could practically hear her shrug. "That's what Skype was invented for. And emails. If worse came to worse, you could spend money on a long distance call, but that's besides the point."

"I really don't think I should," Reid fretted. "It might just make my relations with my team worse."

"Can't be worse that it already is, can it?"

He didn't respond.

"Okay, I just sent you an email," Sally said. "Go over to your laptop…" Reid almost rolled his eyes as he went over to the laptop and turned it on. "Open Firefox…"

"You don't have to walk me through this step-by-step, Sal," he laughed shakily.

"Eh, it amuses me," she said, and he could hear the shrug again.

"I'm opening it now—" Reid nearly dropped the cellphone in shock as he looked at the flight information. "How'd you get that so fast?" he screamed in shock.

"The power of the internet."

Reid stayed silent for a few moments. "You're not going to give up, are you?" he whimpered.

"Not at all," Sally said cheerily. "Your flights for this Friday. I figured that'll give you enough time to get get all of your good-byes said and the paperwork done. And I swear, if you try to back out of this I will fly out there and drag your skinny white ass back to Italy. Don't think I wont."

He let out a shaky laugh. "Fine."


"What?" Reid asked in exasperation.

"I love you, Spencey."

He sighed heavily, but the corners of his mouth reluctantly turned upwards. "I love you, too, Sally. See you soon."

They hung up, and Reid started to get ready for his trip.

Halfway across the world, Sally sniffed, tears pouring down her face as she finished tailoring her newest outfit on an extremely handsome male model.

"Sally!" said model gasped when he saw her crying, arms wrapping around her. "Whats wrong, sweetie?"

"My best friend came out and all of his teammates harassed him," she wailed, jamming a needle viciously into the desk. Everyone in the vicinity winced and went hurriedly back to work. "I swear, if I ever get my hands on them I'll castrate them all!"

"Trust me, girly," a Swedish model tisked, pursing his lips. "I would too."

"He deserves better," she groaned, toying with the ends of her ponytail. "Spencey's dealt with so much, y'know? I just wish I could just...just..." She screeched in annoyance and threw herself into a chair.

"Aw, I feel so sorry for him," another model said, pouting her full lips.

"Yeah," Sally sighed. "That's why he's coming to stay with me for like three weeks. Or until I say he can leave." She smirked slightly at the last sentence, obviously plotting something that the genius would disapprove of.

"Girl, you better be nice to him!" one of the models from before said, smacking the plotting designer lightly on the arm. He had seen that look many times before on Sally's face. "You just said it yourself he's been through hell, give 'em a break for once."

Sally frowned at him. "I can't believe you'd even suggest that I'd hurt Spencer!" she said, crossing her arms and pouting. "He's like my little brother."

He rolled his eyes. "Well, ya've had good intentions before and they ended bad. Remember the delivery boy and the stripper?"

Sally grimaced as she took the pins out of a dress. "Okay, how was I supposed to know that he had a phobia of being touched? It was perfectly logical to think that a healthy young man would like a hot stripper!"

The model turned away, preparing to go out onto the stage. "Whatever. Just try and be on good behavior, yeah?"

"Stop telling me what to do!" Sally seethed back, the needles in her mouth falling to the floor.

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