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Reid pursed his lips as he reread the email on his phone as he sat on the bus. He had already gone through most of the stress response stages, and now had exhaustion sitting heavily on his shoulders. His whole night had consisted of packing and calling Sally repeatedly to vent out his feelings about the whole situation.

No doubt making his phone bill sky-rocket, Reid thought dully as he left the bus. He vowed to make Sally pay every dime of it.

Reid nervously entered the office, looking around to make sure he was alone. He had gotten at the office half an hour earlier, as usual, and was dressed in his every day 'old man's' clothes.

But today was anything than normal.

He held his breath and walked purposefully into his boss's office and laid down the information for his requested vacation. Reid had already sent it off to the higher ups-he hated to admit it, but Reid trusted them for a yes more than his own boss. He knew the procedure, though, and had to keep Hotch informed about when he would be in and out of the office.

Part of the weight on his lungs was lifted after the papers were placed neatly in the center of Hotch's desk. Allowing himself a small smile, Reid went back to his desk and started on his daily work.

Hotch and Rossi were the next ones in, and neither tried to speak with him, oddly making Reid happy. He sure as hell wasn't one to make conversation, and he was 97% sure any conversations he had with his team would have something to do about his sexual orientation.

Reid jumped in surprise when files were slapped onto his desk. He looked up to see Morgan grinning widely.

"Hey, fairy," he said, reaching out to ruffle Reid's hair.

The genius ducked out of the hand's way and shakily went back to filling out the reports. Morgan, completely disinterested, shrugged, drinking the last of his coffee and leaving the files on Reid's desk.

Reid stopped writing as soon as Morgan had left. He stared at the files contemplatively, his jaw clenching and unclenching. He started to reach out for the first one, but then stopped. Berating himself mentally, Reid took the files and secretly slid them back into Morgan's pile. Feeling guilty, he buried his head in the folder already laid out in front of him.

An hour later-a whole hour of snide jokes and jabs, meant to be 'playful,' of the girls trying to get fashion advice, no one even attempting to stop the curious or scornful looks-Reid was ready to have a panic attack.

His hands were shaking so bad that he couldn't even write anymore, and his stomach rolled like an ocean during a hurricane. He had to focus all of his energy on it to simply keep his measly breakfast down, beads of sweat starting to collect on the back of his shirt.

Reid's computer dinged, making him let out an undignified yip and him almost losing his coffee to the floor. Setting the mug down before he dropped it, Reid hurriedly opened his email with his ears and face on fire.

Reid sped-read his way through it, each formal word making happiness build inside of him. He had to read it through three times before he convinced himself his coffee hadn't been drugged with hallucinogenics. Yes! Strauss had approved of his time off!

"Why're you smiling so much?" Emilia chuckled, a half-smile on her face as she looked at the genius's beaming face. He was too immersed in his own world to pay much attention to his teammate, though.

Two days. Today and tomorrow. He only had two days to get everything organized and done before he was on a plane to Italy. Italy! Reid couldn't help but grin wider. He hadn't been to Italy since he was four, at his mother's family reunion! Oh, it was going to be great: he could brush up on his Italian, visit his grandmother...

Find a cute boyfriend, a singsong voice that sounded very Sally-esque added innocently.

Reid nearly choked on his coffee, making a few concerned passer-bys turn their heads. Embarrassed to no end, Reid waved off their concerned questions forcefully shoving away his thoughts. He had a feeling that the Sally in his head would no doubt make him act even more foolish if he did.

An hour before work was over, Reid was starting to get worried. He kept on glancing over at Hotch's closed door, expecting to be called into it at any time. When was he going to get the sheets back? It was driving him up the wall, not knowing if his boss would approve of disapprove.

The genius finally mustered enough courage to go right up and ask the boss. He walked with quick and awkward steps, trying to go fast so he wouldn't chicken out at the last second. He knocked twice on the door before entering the office at Hotch's permission.

"S-Sir?" Reid stuttered out, closing the door behind him.

"Yes, Reid?" Hotch asked, looking up from his work. He closed the file and set it aside, interlacing his fingers in front of him. "What can I do for you?"

"I-I just wanted to know if you had a-approved my request for v-vacation," Reid stuttered out, too nervous to sit in the seat Hotch offered to him.

Hotch's eyes were blank for a moment, and Reid could practically see the gears in his head turning, trying to remember what he was talking about. Did he even look at the papers? Reid scanned the desk, not seeing them there. Maybe they fell off-


Hotch guiltily reached down and pulled the papers out of the trashcan.

"I, uh, thought they were a joke," Hotch admitted sheepishly as he straightened the papers into a neat pile.

Pain stabbed at Reid's heart, but he made sure it wasn't written on his face.

"It wasn't," Reid mumbled, fiddling with the end of his shirt.

Hotch cleared his throat. "Are you sure you want to leave on such short notice?" he asked Reid. "That's really soon."

"You always tell us to do that," Reid said, refusing to look at his boss. "So there's less of a chance of us being stuck with another case."

Hotch nodded his head in agreement. "I'm just...surprised that you're taking a vacation. You never have before." Reid shrugged. "Do you want me to assign you a case there? We actually just got one for Italy, and I think you'd be a great asset to their police."

"I-I don't think I would be the best choice for that, sir," Reid said, imagining how furious Sally would be if he had to work.

"Why not?" Hotch said, raising an eyebrow slightly as he rummaged through his desk for the file. "You're fluent in Italian, aren't you?"

"Uh, yes, but-" Reid started to say.

"Ah!" Hotch exclaimed, skimming through Reid's papers. "You'll even be staying in Rome, where the murders are happening. Now you can't say no." The look of pain and agitation that passed over Reid's face went unnoticed by his superior.

"Yes, sir," Reid sighed heavily, taking file from Hotch. He tucked it under his arm and left the office.

Hotch allowed himself a rare smile, satisfied with himself as he got to work. He knew how Reid got when he didn't have any work to do-he would get antsy and irritable with everyone. He wouldn't be able to get out of that irritation for a week, even if he was given work. Now, Reid wouldn't have to go through that, and could probably enjoy his trip more after he was done with the case.

"What'd you talk to the boss man about?" JJ asked when Reid sat down, not-so-secretly slipping a whole day's worth of work into his stack.

"Could you not do that right now?" Reid mumbled, taking the stacks and handing them back to her. "I don't have time."

JJ shared a shocked look with Emily. "Whatcha got goin' on?" she asked curiously.

Reid shrugged demurely. "I have to do a consultation." When I'm on vacation.

"Ew," JJ wrinkled her nose in disgust. "I hate consultations." Reid most certainly knew that, since she always dumped hers on him.

"It's where I'm staying with a friend, so it won't be that bad," he said quietly, speeding through the file. He closely examined the bodies, all of which had various symbols carved into their skin.

"Is it a boyfriend?" Emily asked, grinning mischievously at him.

"It's a girl," Reid responded, already prepared for her or JJ to ask something along those lines.

"That's no fun," JJ pouted, crossing her arms. "Do you know how many stories you coulda told us if it had been a boy?" Emily pretended to swoon at the thought, fanning herself with a few case files.

Reid shifted uncomfortably, completely unamused by what they were insinuating. He knew better than to call them out on it, and just continued taking notes.

"Where is it at, anyway?" Morgan asked, reaching out and grabbing the top paper from the pile. Reid gulped and started to slip lower into his seat when he saw Morgan's eyes widen comically.


Emily and JJ gasped in horror, leaning back and glaring at the paper.

"No wa-a-ay!" JJ said in shock.

"That's so not fair!" Emily whined. "I wanna go back to Italy, but I don't have enough vacation days saved up! You're so lucky, it'll be considered working so you won't have to worry about that!"

Reid mumbled about how he would mostly be working so he wouldn't have time to actually do much relaxing, but the three of them were too busy going on about how lucky he was and what he could do.

"You have got to hook up with a hot Italian dude one night," JJ ordered, pulling Reid out of his state of unawareness. "Or more. As long as it's at least one, then it's all good."

Reid blinked a few times before he finally got it. "I'm sorry?" he choked out.

"C'mon, Spence," JJ said, "You're a hot, single twenty-seven-year-old. It should be easy."

Reid's eyebrows pinched together and he yet again tuned out their words. He really didn't want to hear about their dating advice for him. And even if he did listen to them, it wasn't like anyone would give him a passing glance-he was just a nerdy genius who wore old man's clothes.

"...cer? Are you even listening to us?"

"Uh, yeah," Reid lied, sneaking a glance at the clock and seeing that the day was done. "Hey, um, I have to go," he said gathering his things and stuffing them clumsily into his bookbag. "I only have, ah, two days to pack my things before I have to, um, leave."

"You need any help with packing?" JJ chirped. "I'll gladly give your nasty, old man wardrobe a makeover."

"It's okay," Reid mumbled, standing up. "Uh, s-see you guys tomorrow." They were all too immersed in a discussion on whether there should be a weight limit on skinny-jean wearers to say good-bye to him, but that didn't bother him.

He stood at the bus stop, fighting back the cold as best as he could. He had already missed the bus by the time he arrived, so he would have to wait ten minutes before the next one came.

When he got home, Reid went through his normal routine: work, eat, shower, work some more and then read before going to sleep. He found it odd that nothing was different about the day, even though it was his last day. Reid was ignored, as per usual now, and no one even wished him good travels or told him bye.

The day kept on getting worse: he had to get a full-on pat down, and had to wait in one of the longest lines ever to get checked in, resulting in him almost being late for his flight. He luckily made it in time, and didn't have any more incidents.

Reid sighed and started rereading his book as the plane took off.

He just hoped that the rest of his trip wasn't as bad as it started off to be.

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