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It was December 21st.
Tomorrow was the winter solstice.
And I wasn't ready.
Ethan had found me earlier at Greenbrier, sobbing my heart out, and he gave me his map. All of the places that he wanted to go. Alone before I came and with me after we met. I knew, I understood what he meant by giving it to me. He was giving me his plans for the future and telling me to live them for him.
But I didn't want to.
Not without him.
The tears hadn't stopped since I kissed him that one last time and didn't say the words I never wanted to say to him.
But they hung there like a curse anyway.

Then, here I was. Locked in my room, with my back pressed against the door and my knees drawn up to my chest.
I didn't want to look around the room. There were far too many memories there. When we confessed how we both felt about each other. When he had a heart attack from kissing me. When we broke up and I died on the inside.
But he brought me back.
He always could.
But how would I come back from this? I could only remember the first time he died, at the hands of my mother.
I flinched at the thought.
My mother.
But I was so distraught. I used the Book of Moons to bring him back and killed Uncle Macon. But Abraham had the book now so that wasn't an option.
Not that I would go through that rollercoaster again.

I buried myself in my bed, tucking myself into the smallest ball possible, and cried.
He couldn't leave me, this was all just a bad dream! I'll wake up soon and he'd... He'd...
I'll wake up soon and he'd be dead because he knew that his sacrifice would save me.
Not just me, the whole world, but me as well.

I rolled over onto my back as a small part of me continued to try to pretend that none of this was ever happening.
But then I saw it.
The six words that sealed his, and my, fate.

I will always love you.