Red Alert 3: From Our Command

Summary: The Three Commanders. Commander Andrew Garret, Commander Alexei Yeltin and Commander Akasaka Takanori. After the war, these three remaining leaders must take their war torn countries and bring it to peace. Based on Allied Victory.

Chapter One: The Allied Nations.

Commander Andrew Garret relaxed as the Allied Carrier left Yokohama Harbour and headed back towards America, home sweet home. As he sat on the deck, he thought of the recent events after the war. Almost immediately after returning from the Peter and Paul Fortress in Leningrad, he had been assigned to oversee the occupation of the Rising Sun and had, against his hopes, been drawn into another conflict. Although he had managed to subdue the uprising, and with Prince Tatsu and the Shogunate remnants -with two exceptions- in prison, he was finally free to go home. He had not seen his beloved New York for a long while now and was anxious go get back.

"Did you hear?" Andrew overheard a group of sailors talking. "There's going to be another election soon."

"Really? Who's running?"

"I heard it's that scumbag who was Akerman's Vice President."

That perked his ears. Andrew was still surprised that the former Vice President was still in politics. Not after the Sigma Harmonizer scandal.

"Not that guy! I can't stand him!"

"Well, no one else is running, so..."

As the crewman left to continue with their duties, Andrew stroked his chin thoughtfully, as he had always done when he was considering his next move. His assistants knew that that gesture would mean a major offensive was coming. That was how he had managed to take down Premier Cherdenko and Krukov in Leningrad, after all. The former Vice President had really messed up America. Lacking the strength of his predecessor, he had continued to rely more and more on Futuretech to the point where he was horribly hurt from the Sigma Harmonizer scandal.

Suddenly, there was an announcement on the ship's announcement system. "Commander Andrew Garret, to the Bridge please, I repeat, Commander Andrew Garret, to the Bridge please, there is a call for you." the voice of Lieutenant Eva, his trusty assistant, announced.

Wondering who that possibly could be, he broke his chain of thought and headed towards the ship's main tower. Entering the bridge, the Captain saluted him.

"At ease, Captain." he said before answering the call. To his pleasant surprise, it was Commander Giles, his good friend and partner in the battle known as "the Great Bear Trap".

"Ah! Greetings commander." Clearing his throat, Giles continued. "I hope you have been doing well. Now, I know you've been having a stressful time in Japan, so I just wanted to invite you to a party of sorts I'm holding in Brighton Beach."

"Ah, Brighton Beach. Those were some very good times, Giles." Andrew said with a grin of the times he and Giles fought back the Red Navy.

"Definitely. I'm holding a book signing." At this, Andrew raised his eyebrows. "Book?" "Oh, I wrote a book." Giles said. "Of course, I will present a copy to you when we meet. Field Marshal Bingham, as well as our old friends Warren and Lisette, have already agreed to come. Commander?"

"You can bet five carriers I'll be there." Andrew said with a grin.

"Excellent. Hope to see you in Brighton Beach." With that, the communication line shut off. Turning, Andrew said to the Captain: "Turn this ship from America to Britain. We're going for some R and R."


"Ah, Commander! How absolutely lovely to see you!" Giles greeted him as Andrew disembarked the ship. As they entered the car that would take them to the hall, they discussed everything they had been doing since the war, meeting up as if they were old friends – in a sense, they were.

As the car stopped, Andrew and Giles got out and entered the party hall. They were immediately noticed by their three old friends, Field Marshal Bingham and Commanders Warren and Lisette.

"Andrew!" Warren slapped him on the back good naturedly, "It's been a while! I heard you've been caught up in another mess in Japan, but you seemed to have dealt with that pretty well!"

There were a few more greetings and then a toast was called.

"To Justice! To a better tomorrow, and above all, to peace!" Bingham declared, and everyone drank their whiskey. Setting his glass down, Andrew turned to Giles. "So, what's this book you were talking about?"

"Ah! Here." Giles handed him a copy of a book. On it was the Allied symbol of an eagle. Andrew looked at the book, raising his eyebrow.

"The Great Bear Trap: How the Allies defended the free world using freeze rays, attack dogs, trained dolphins, invisible tanks, teleporting bombs and laser beams."

"I do hope you'll enjoy it." Giles said. Andrew, somehow, doubted he would not.

"A-hem." there was a polite cough, and the commanders turned to Field Marshal Bingham. "I have something to discuss with you all." Andrew could not fail to notice the Field Marshal's tone was a bit less cheery. "As you all know, I'm getting old. It has been an honour to serve during the war, but now, I believe that it is time for me to go."

"Sir," Giles asked, "Surely you don't mean..."

"Yes I do. I am retiring, and with that, the position for Field Marshal of the Allied Nations is vacant." Bingham turned to Andrew. "Commander, I was hoping that you would accept this post."

Andrew paused for a moment. "...I am honoured that you have chosen me as your successor. However..." he sighed. "I cannot accept the post. I have something else in mind."

"Oh? Do tell." Lisette asked, her interest perking.

Andrew took a look around. Among his friends, it would be these former comrades that he would entrust the secret to first. He took a deep breath and decided there would be no going back.

"I plan to run for President of the United States of America."

There was a stunned silence among the circle of comrades, then Bingham nodded and smiled. "That's an excellent goal. I cannot think of anyone better to lead America."

"So, what will happen to the post of Field Marshal?" Andrew asked, thankful that his Comrades supported him.

"I suppose it will be up for Field Marshal Bingham to decide from among us three." Lisette answered, looking at Giles and Warren. Andrew smiled. He knew that all three would be fiercely competitive, yet would all be in good spirit.

"Another toast then," the retiring Field Marshal called, raising his glass. "To Commander Andrew Garret, the next president of the United States!"


It was two months later. With his military life behind him now, he waited anxiously in the White House. Akerman's Vice president had used all sorts of dirty tactics, including attacking him for his military background, claiming a commander was not fit to lead America in a time of peace. However, he had remained firm and did not let those attacks faze him. Remaining firm, just as he had against the Soviets and the Japanese, he had worked to gain the civilian's trust, just as he had gained the trust of his soldiers during the War of the Three Powers.

His determination payed off.

"Mr. President?" Eva, his new secretary, called. "They're ready for you."

"Thank you." Andrew said, Straightening his tie and accustoming himself to the civilian black suit instead of the Allied Blue uniform he was so used to, he headed out to a cheering crowd. He had given speeches before, but to an entire nation... this was a new experience.

A new challenge. Just like becoming a commander was a new challenge.

He remembered the time he had been a trembling new commander who paled before Krukov's determination, and how he had still managed to lead the allies towards pushing the Soviet Union out of Europe.

He remembered the time he had, along with the rest of the world, been at awe at the sudden might of the Empire of the Rising sun, and had still managed to defeat them.

He remembered his sorrow yet resolve when he was forced to battle President Akerman at Mount Rushmore.

He remembered his final battle in Leningrad, and his joy when Krukov and Cherdenko were finally brought to justice.

And he knew that he would remember this moment, as well as the times after it, in the years to come. And he knew that, thanks to the efforts of he and his comrades, those years would be years of peace.