For everyone expecting another chapter this is a bigger disappointment than usual.

I've complained about this before, but having to release chapter by chapter is really hard for me. I have written some original stuff before, nothing that I've released, but enough to learn a couple of things about writing. For me, I need to take a while to digest an idea/chapter/paragraph what have you, and then come back and revise and revise and revise. Otherwise I get an awful plot, half baked ideas or ideas that weren't really thought out, twisted plot threads, bad character relations, contrived situations, awkward scenes, too much filler and too little actual plot.

Or in other words THE EXACT SHIT I see whenever I go back re-read earlier chapters of Symbiosis. And I can't go back and re-write earlier chapters without massive changes to everything mainly because I'd have to throw out some chapters and because y'all would be confused by the changes hidden throughout.

Of course this means big changes. I intend to throw out nearly everything. The only things I intend to keep is general settings details (what really originally inspired this fic) and characterization (which is, as far as I can tell, the jewel in the shit that draws in readers).

It'll be called Symbiotic. It'll be shorter. I'll plan out everything, write it all, and then revise it, revise it, revise it, and then release it. So don't expect anything for a year or two on that front. But it will be shorter, slimmer, and better than what's currently out.

To my long term readers, I am really sorry about this. What's worse is that I think From Dust is salvageable so that will still get updated like before. An even bigger sin is that I'll start my original stuff again, so it might take even longer.

Again I'm sorry, but I can't keep writing this story with all the problems Symbiosis already has.

Don't worry, when Symbiotic comes out Ash and Pikachu will be back.